Rage 2 Isn’t Making As Much As The Original

Rage 2 is apparently not selling nearly as well as the original Rage, which didn't sell all that great to begin with.

Rage 2

Rage 2 is apparently not selling as well as the original game did, according to the UK Boxed Charts.

Rage 2 is not selling well. Is this a surprise? Not really. The original game didn’t sell particularly great to start with, and while Rage 1 received mostly positive reviews, Rage 2 is receiving some definitively mixed opinions from critics.

On top of that, the original game ended on a do-nothing cliffhanger that really didn’t engender a whole lot of desire from fans to see what happens in the sequel.

In case you weren’t around last week, Rage 2 came out thanks to the combined efforts of Avalanche Studios and id Software. Apparently not having a lot else to do at the moment, Bethesda gave their marketing network over to Rage 2 and filled a whole bunch of social media timelines to let everyone know there’s a new Rage game out there, even though literally nobody asked for a Rage sequel. Which might explain why it took them the better part of 8 years to come out with on.

Predictably, sales of Rage 2 are not very good. According to GamesIndustry.biz (who get their numbers from the UK Boxed Chart), physical sales of Rage 2 are about a quarter of what the original’s were in the first week.

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Worse, Rage 2 came out on a Tuesday, while the original Rage came out on a Friday. That means Rage 2 had three extra days to make up sales, but it still didn’t even get close.

Rage 2
via Bethesda

It should be noted that digital sales make up for a significantly larger portion in 2019 than they did in 2011, with GamesIndustry.biz quoting about 50% today as opposed to 25% back in 2011. But even doubling the numbers still don’t make Rage 2 out to be much of a money maker.

It’s impossible to know for sure, however, as Bethesda doesn’t publish their digital sales numbers. It’s not impossible for Rage 2 downloads to beat out physical discs, but it’s doubtful.

Steam numbers aren’t looking that great either. According to Steam Charts, concurrent player numbers peaked at 13,951 just after release, and have been dwindling since then. That’s unsurprising, as Rage 2 has no multiplayer and a relatively short campaign to play through.

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