Rainbow 6 Siege Is Going Full Cowboy For New Showdown Mode, Eliminating The HUD And Prep Phase

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is taking on the US Independence Day weekend with a brand new cowboy-themed mode. While the timing might just be a coincidence, it doesn't change the fact that the game is taking on a most American setting. The new mode is called Showdown, and its new map is the old-timey Western Fort Truth. It even comes complete with new outfits to make you feel at home on the range. As for the gameplay, it features a tense 3v3 where teams won't get a preparation phase and can't see crosshairs on the HUD.

The announcement comes straight from Ubisoft, who says that this new Showdown mode is limited-time. It will only run from July 2nd to July 16th. That also means that players have just those two weeks to nab all of the exclusive gear. The most sought after pieces will likely be the Western-themed outfits. Ubisoft promises 31 themed exclusive items, including "headgear" for 10 operators. Naturally, cowboy hats are in the mix.

via: Ubisoft

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Of course, cool skins are only part of what makes a limited-time event work. Showdown will have to really change up the Rainbow Six Siege formula to become a memorable event. To that end, it seems the developers are embracing the Western theme for more than just the map.

Fort Truth will function as a 3v3 "secure area type" map. One trio attacks while the other holds the fort. What makes this Showdown unique, however, is that it won't give you the tactical options or information of modern warfare. There will be no preparation phase, with the guns being restricted to a BOSG.12.2 and a Magnum LFP586 for everyone. The HUD will also be restricted to simulate the lack of electronic displays. You won't be able to see your health or ammo counts, nor will a crosshair show up on screen. You'll have to eyeball it like a proper gunslinger.

This limited Showdown seems to already be a hit with players. Fans are drawing the inevitable comparison to Read Dead Redemption 2, which is pretty good company to keep. If you've got Rainbow Six Siege, you can log in now and get a free Showdown Collection Pack. If you don't, check out the website to see if Showdown entices you.

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