The 5 Most Powerful Rainbow Six Siege Operators (& 5 You Can Use To Counter Them)

Choosing the best operators isn't easy, but we've got some heavy hitters - and the best operators to counter them in Rainbow Six Siege.

After a rough launch, Rainbow Six: Siege has turned into one of the biggest online games on the market. Its focus on more tactical oriented gameplay allows it to stand out from other online shooters, while the community just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Whether you play ranked or casual, the game proves to be an engaging experience that requires players to think and react quickly.

One of the most important aspects of the game is your team comp. With 47 different operators to choose from, the game offers a ton of variety. From different types of guns to special abilities, there’s something to get accustomed to with each operator and their particular style of play. As is often the case, some operators are just better than others and cause headaches for opposing teams. But there’s always a counter that smart players can take advantage of. Here are the 5 most powerful Siege operators and 5 that you can use to counter them.

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10 Best: Hibana

Introduced alongside Echo in Operation Red Crow, Hibana has been a go-to hard breacher for many players from the get-go. Her Type-89 is a solid assault rifle and the Bearing 9 is one of the most useful secondary weapons in the game.

But what really makes Hibana so dangerous are her X-KAIEROS pellets. Shooting off 3 at a time, Hibana loads out with 18 pellets total. Though one set isn’t enough to completely open a reinforcement, they can easily break through Mira’s Black Mirrors or simply aid in creating multiple lines of sight around the objective.

9 Counter: Mute

Despite being a base operator, many players still find Mute to be one of the most useful defenders in the game. While the introduction of Mozzie offers players an alternative to dealing with drones, Mute is a much more versatile defender overall.

His Signal Disruptors are great for the prep phase, as they can both hide the objective and stop drones from sneaking around. They can also be placed near reinforced walls and serve as a perfect counter to hard breachers like Hibana.

8 Best: Caveira

Caveira is an operator that can turn things around in the blink of an eye, should whoever’s using her know what they’re doing. A Cav with good map knowledge, patience and who’s able to identify the right angles can be a nightmare to play against.

Cav is tough to hear as she roams, given her ability. What makes her so dangerous is how silently she moves, along with the strength of her pistol and her interrogation ability. There’s nothing worse than getting downed by a Cav and just waiting for the inevitable to happen.

7 Counter: Dokkaebi

Dokkaebi can be a very fun operator to play, but a headache for defenders. Her Mk 14 EBR is one of the better guns in the game, but what really makes her useful is her Logic Bomb ability; something that instantly reveals the location of most defensive operators via their phones.

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This is especially useful for countering roamers. Though the Logic Bomb doesn’t give you an exact location, it does give your teammates a heads up and causes roamers like Cav to lose the element of surprise.

6 Best: Blitz

Shield operators may be a little intimidating to newer players, but there are ways to deal with them efficiently. Even after his nerf, Blitz is a tough operator to deal with. A smart Blitz can easily win a one on one fight by making use of their speed, shield and special ability.

There’s nothing scarier than getting blinded by Blitz’s Flash Shield and then hearing his quick footsteps approach you. Most players either pack or run. Both scenarios play out to Blitz’s advantage.

5 Counter: Ela

Though not as effective a roamer as Cav, Ela is a very useful defensive operator who moves around quick and hits hard. Ela’s Grzmot Mine’s are useful when trying to fend off a big push, as they disorient anyone in the vicinity once they go off.

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When it comes to an operator like Blitz, who relies heavily on his ability to lift his shield while sprinting, the Grzmot’s are a great way of making sure he can’t be as effective. It gives you an opportunity to get past his shield and take him out before he does any more damage.

4 Best: Finka

Introduced in Operation Chimera, Finka has been one of the most useful and annoying operators to go up against since day one. Her ability to simultaneously help her team and herself has proven to be something defenders struggle with handling.

Finka’s Adrenaline Suge ability can be really good for pushing onto an objective. Not only that, but it can help out downed allies from anywhere on the map. It not only makes her a pain to deal with, but the entire attacking team as well.

3 Counter: Smoke

Smoke is one of the most effective area denial defenders in Siege, and that has a lot to do with his unique gadget. His speed and armor stats, along with what he has in his loadout allow for him to take-up roaming duties as well. But in terms of countering Finka, Smoke is best left on objective.

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While Finka’s Adrenaline Surge does give attackers a temporary advantage, Smoke can just as easily turn this into a negative. His Remote Gas Grenades do 50% more damage to attackers while under its effect, and can shift momentum for both sides in the blink of an eye.

2 Best: Maverick

Maverick has to be one of the most annoying operators to deal with in all of Siege – especially to those who like to anchor on defense. Maverick’s ability to burn through reinforced walls may not seem all that problematic, and while you can hear his blowtorch at work, it often comes too late.

Maverick can easily pick-off defenders on the objective. He makes it so that anchors have to constantly examine their surroundings so that they’re not picked off too easily.

1 Counter: Kaid

Introduced in Operation Wind Bastion, Kaid quickly became a fan favorite. What he lacks in speed, he more than makes up for in armor and loadout. What makes Kaid so useful is that he can simultaneously be an anchor as well as an anti-hard breacher.

His Electroclaws are pretty similar to Bandit’s Shock Wire, except much smaller and harder to shoot out. It makes breaching much more difficult, and in Maverick’s case, puts certain walls out of his reach. It doesn’t completely render Maverick’s ability moot, but helps in offering the defense some added security.

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