Rainbow Six: 5 Best Maps In The Series (& 5 Worst)

Siege has a number of great maps that almost grantee you an enjoyable match. But at the same time, you can get stuck with a real dud.

Any Rainbow Six: Siege fan knows sometimes the deciding factor between a great match and a bad match is the map it's played on. With twenty different maps to play on at any given time, there are bound to be some favorites, along with some duds. The best maps typically feature the best long angles for anchors and the best rotations for roamers while the worst tend to be too big, too small, or just plain too boring. Here are five maps a majority of the Siege community loves and five more maps the community loves to hate.

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10 Best: Oregon

Based on the Mount Carmel Center in the real-life Waco siege in 1993, Oregon is an interesting map with a lot of history and plenty of room for all kinds of gameplay. With four floors, including a basement and a watchtower, roamers have plenty of room to deep roam, flank the enemy, and still have room to rotate positions if flanking doesn't go as planned. Oregon comes with a lot of soft walls and semi-soft floors to open up lines of sight for those who would rather anchor. Attackers have plenty of different routes to choose from, which keeps gameplay both fresh and balanced.

9 Worst: Plane

If a good map in Siege is one with plenty of space to sneak around and versatile gameplay that doesn't get stale by the fifth round, Plane is pretty much the worst map in the entire game. Not only is every entry point narrow, completely exposed, and easily guarded by defenders, but Glaz can easily sit on the wing of the airplane and pick off any defender on the wrong side of the plane. The map is long and narrow, which makes every engagement a repeat of the last one, and whichever team manages to pin down the enemies with an angle basically controls the entire match.

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8 Best: Bank

Like Oregon, Bank has a ton of space to wander as a roaming defender and multiple doors and windows for attackers to advance from. There are no blatant advantages for either team, as each objective site has more than one entry point. Bank does lack the amount of destructible soft walls and floors Oregon boasts, but what it lacks in destructibility, it makes up for in long angles for both attackers and defenders to hold both inside and outside the building. It also helps that it's not bad to look at and has plenty of desks to hide behind.

7 Worst: Yacht

Yacht is essentially Plane if Plane was twice as wide, came without wings, and was located in Canada instead of the UK. There are virtually no hiding places for roamers to utilize, and combined with only two outdoor cameras gives the attackers the advantage pretty much 75% of the time. The other 25% of the time, defenders are in Engine, and if the attackers don't run Thermite, they're all but locked out of the objective site save for two narrow doorways on either end of the room that defenders can puppy guard.

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6 Best: Chalet

If anyone struggled through the situations when they first started playing Rainbow Six: Siege, they are likely well-acquainted with this map. Chalet is used in Situation 10: Heavily Fortified, which allows players who aren't familiar with Siege's playstyle to get very familiar with the map's layout. It's easy to memorize, and it combines cramped spaces with an open main area, big rooms, and long hallways for both short- and long-range engagements with the enemy team. The map design itself is beautiful, and the warm, cozy interior of the chalet contrasts nicely with the icy cold exterior.

5 Worst: Fortress

Any map that gives defenders access to a rooftop that should exclusively belong to attackers is not a great map. Not only does it make spawn-peeking extremely easy for any enemy defenders, it seems a little bit like overkill on a map with a building that's already almost impossible to enter without getting blown away. Defenders almost always have an advantage because every entry point is equipped with tons of places to hide and flank unsuspecting attackers. This makes for unbalanced and potentially frustrating gameplay where the winning team is often whichever one got to defend more often.

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4 Best: House

House is a hit or miss map, and your team is usually the deciding factor. House is the smallest map in Siege, which means most engagements had in it are in close quarters. But it also makes memorization easy. Objective sites are as easy to defend as they are to attack (as long as you open up the walls and stay away from the windows in Kid's Bedroom), and multiple staircases offer some freedom for roamers to rotate to their hearts' desire. People either love or hate House, but you can't argue its simplicity and nostalgic value.

3 Worst: Favela

No map in any game has the right to be as big and confusing as Siege's Favela does. The map is chock full of tiny apartment rooms with repetitive decorations that make it hard to tell which building you're even in. There are often more soft walls than there are reinforcements, and it's easy for attackers to shoot out window reinforcements and pin defenders down inside the objective site. That is, if the attacker can even find the right window to shoot out. When you aren't maneuvering through small compartments of rooms, you're running up and down very narrow hallways that more often than not have an enemy holding an angle on them.

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2 Best: Club House (revamp)

Before Club House got its buff during Operation Para Bellum in 2018, which added Blue Stairs, Toilets, and Construction, as well as split Bar into three separate rooms and made some other minor adjustments, Club House was a so-so map. It has always had good angles for spawn-peekers, but the map was all but split into two very different sections. After the revamp, Club House is a very strong map with plenty of rotation possibilities, destructible walls and floors, and endless gameplay possibilities.

1 Worst: Tower

Tower is on almost every Siege fan's hit list. It's plenty big, but too many of the rooms are so similar it's hard to tell which side of the map you're on. Attackers who stay on the Mezzanine have an unfair advantage over any defenders who make their way out onto the second floor. It's near impossible to remember where the stairs are, which leavers attackers open and vulnerable to defenders hiding in the dark shadows of Elevator. The map may be Caveira's dream, but that's about where the dreaminess ends.

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