Rainbow Six Siege: The 10 Best Attackers, Ranked

There are tons of viable choices for players in Rainbow Six: Seige, but here's our ranking of the top 10 attackers in the game.

Rainbow Six: Siege is an online multiplayer FPS unlike any other, with a win relying on the team working together to make sure that the opposing team doesn't manage to get the drop on them. Throw in the fact that every single one of the possible characters that the players can pick all have their own special attacks, and there is a lot here that people won't find in other video games. We have decided to put together a list of all the best attackers out there, from the support characters to those that are an absolute necessity when playing a match.

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10 Finka

There is a lot of hate directed towards the newer operators, with people arguing that they would rather stick with the classics as they're the attackers that they know how to use. While we do think that the classic attackers are the ones that people want to make sure are on all of their teams, there's no denying that newer operators like this can offer brilliant support. At the push of a button, Finka is able to inject herself and her surrounding teammates with a quick boost of health, either tanking them up before a big attack or saving their lives when they're struggling against gunfire.

9 Gridlock

This attacker is able to make a huge patch of ground hostile to any defending player, which is an amazing advantage in a game that is all about defending and reclaiming space. Not only that, but any opposing player that wants to move on the ground that has been taken up by Gridlock's spikes is forced to give themselves away by shooting at them. A lot of people don't like this character, but we feel that many have yet to realize that full potential that rests within her special ability, despite how much of a slow mover she is.

8 Jackal

One of the most important aspects of Rainbow Six: Siege is being able to stay concealed from the opposing team, with players using cameras and sound to make sure that somebody isn't sneaking up on them.

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However, this attacker puts a spanner in the works by coming equipped with a headset that can see the footprints of defenders, as well as being color coded based on how recently the prints were put down. Not only that, but they can expose where the defender is, making their location known to the rest of their team in the process.

7 Ying

Unlike the usual grenades that many of the other characters can use in Rainbow Six: Siege, the flash grenades used by Ying are able to roll along solid surfaces such as the ground and the surrounding walls. They're timed explosives, meaning that the player can roll a flash grenade into position, rendering everyone within a large area incapacitated, before running in while the opposing team is defenseless. While they might get a lucky shot when they're blinded, it's more likely that Ying will get the upper hand.

6 Montagne

A lot of people shy away from this character, but a player who knows what they're doing with him can seriously help the attacking team. With a huge shield that renders all bullets shot by the defending team pointless, they can either hunker down in the defended area or make sure that their teammates don't take on enemy fire. While he may only come equipped with a pistol and move pretty slowly, Montagne can prove invaluable when used right by an attacking team. Definitely one for teams that can properly communicate.

5 Nomad

Staying cool and making sure that the players know what's going on around them is important in this game, which is exactly why this attacker tries to disorient the defending team with her special skill. By shooting repulsion grenades that can stick to any surface, she essentially places traps that will knock the defending team off their feet if they walk by them, essentially leaving them defenseless for a short period of time. Throw in the fact that this will likely make the opposing player panic, and what we have here is an important member of the team.

4 Thermite

There's nothing worse than attackers coming up against an area that has been properly defended with reinforced walls, so it's important that attackers like this end up on the team as they're the only way around it.

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Blowing in the reinforced walls of a building from the outside can essentially end an entire opposing team if they're not properly communicating to ensure that the areas remain safe. Combined with Thatcher, this man is unstoppable when it comes to placing a huge dent into the defense.

3 Sledge

This operator became somewhat of a joke not long into the history of the game, and we could never understand why, as he is perfect for smashing holes into the defense so that he and the rest of the team can start taking shots at the people inside. We're not saying there's anything that sophisticated about taking a huge hammer and smashing into the side of a building, but there's no denying that when it's done right, this man gets results. The fact that he actually has to be close to the wall, putting him in danger, is the only real drawback.

2 Ash

This is arguably the only operator on our list that people usually don't choose for her special skill, but instead like the fact that she is a relatively thin figure, making her difficult for the defending team to actually hit.

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Throw in the fact that she also moves at the fastest speed possible, and what we have here is a nightmare for a team that doesn't have pinpoint accuracy. Personally, we also like the fact that she can take out walls from a distance, her special skill coming in handy to open up a hole from afar so that the rest of the team can shoot into the building.

1 Thatcher

One of the most important things that a defender can do in a match is, well, defend, so having someone like Thatcher around is a huge boost for any attacking team. Armed with three EMP grenades that can take out any electrics within the area, this man is perfect when it comes to ensuring that the rest of his team will be able to get around the opposing team's defenses with little to no problems. We would argue that every winning team should consider having this man if they want to make sure that Thermite can do his job.

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