Rainbow Six Siege: The 10 Best Skins For Attacking Operators

Skins are a great way to add your own personal touch to your favorite characters or to intimidate your enemies in Rainbow Six Siege. Over the years there have a been some really great skins for the attackers.

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Ranging from homages to other video games, thematic outfits based on the running season, or just different takes on the character each skin gives a unique look that can suit any player's preferences. While there are some skins that are permanently available in the Ubisoft store, there are unfortunately some skins that are lost until the developers decide to bring them back.

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10 Mad House Finka

This skin was available during the Chimera Operation and was a terrifying look for Finka. The skin follows the same aesthetics as the zombie-type creatures that were running around in the Outbreak game mode.

Finka’s outfit and gun are covered in blood and her eyes are dark red orbs with the iconic red spikes jutting from her skull. With this skin on it’s sure to startle any defender as she rushes in guns blazing and eyes glowing. Many fans hope this skin will come back in a future Halloween update.

9 Ghost Recon Wildlands Buck

To generate awareness for the release of Ghost Recon Wildlands Ubisfot decided to include the Ghost Recon Wildlands skin for Buck who bore a striking resemblance to Nomad. The outfit was a Canadian military windbreaker with a blue ball cap and black shades.

The resemblance was uncanny and it made for a great skin for fans of both games. It was also a great thing for Ubisoft because as each fan paid for the skin they were getting free advertising with those players running around in multiplayer matches.

8 Guerilla Blackbeard

Given Blackbeard’s history in the Navy Seals it’s more than likely he spent some time conducting guerrilla warfare operations in various countries. This outfit is Blackbeard’s Elite Guerrilla Skin and looks fantastic.

Decked out in camouflage with crossing bandoleers, jeans, helmet, and shades he looks like the kind of soldier that’s done some time in the jungles of Vietnam. It’s a great look that fans have often stated is their favorite among the Elite Skins. It’s also a great homage to Blackbeard’s Rambo days when he was first released and was so broken he dominated the leaderboards.

7 Danger Zone Sledge

Ubisoft went radioactive when they released Sledge’s Danger Zone Skin last year. With this outfit, Sledge was dressed in a radiation combat suit that was a darker tan color. With his massive sledgehammer/crowbar he looked like an absolute beast.

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Many players commented on how he would have fit right in with the Cleaner faction in Ubisoft’s other game The Division. He certainly looks like one of the brutes that was dedicated to eradicating the Dollar Flu by burning the infected and it makes for an imposing figure in competitive matches.

6 Snow Pine Dokkaebi

The Snow Pine skin or the Arctic Ops look as fans sometimes refer to it is a great style for the eccentric Dokkaebi. Dressed in arctic camouflage with a white beanie, round sunglasses and white and black face paint she looks ready to storm a bunker in the frozen north.

This skin was part of the Snow Pine bundle for sale in winter 2018. It’s a unique look that would make a great skin for assaults on the Kafe Dostoyevsky map as her camouflage would allow her to blend into the snowy terrain.

5 Watch Dog Ash

Yet another attempt by Ubisoft to generate buzz about an upcoming game was when they released the Watch Dog skin for Ash during the release for Watch Dogs 2. This outfit is practically stripped from the game with a black outfit, a rifle emblazoned with the US flag and the Watch Dog symbol. She also has the iconic black balaclava, dark shades, and a baseball cap with the Watch Dog symbol.

Unlike the hackers of Watchdog Ash is no silent warrior in the shadows. Her aggressive attack style makes her more of an attack dog than a Watch Dog, but there’s no denying she looks good in their gear.

4 Hardcore Fuze

This skin was released over a year ago and gives Fuze a hardcore appearance, even with the cute bat charm. This bulky warrior is outfitted in black and dark green tactical gear, an Ak-12 Assault Rifle, an urban camouflage helmet with goggles.

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This big guy looks great in the urban get-up and can blend into city streets or dark environments in many maps. It’s unfortunately no longer available, but one can always hope the developers will re-release old cosmetic items down the road.

3 Panzerstarke Blitz

The Panzerstarke is an elite skin for Blitz and looks incredible. Wearing black and tan combat gear he wields a large brown shield that looks like it could stop a truck. The entire outfit looks like it was made by carving out pieces of an old Panzer IV tank from World War 2 and made into armor.

Many fans have also commented that the Panzerstarke skin reminds them in some ways to the suit Isaac Clarke wore in Dead Space. Either way Blitz will look like an unstoppable tank when advancing on his enemies in this skin.

2 Apocalypse Infector Glaz

This incredible skin for Glaz was released early last year as part of the Apocalypse bundle. Known as the Infector skin Glaz looks like something out of a nightmare with his brown combat gear, headset, and the disturbing mask.

No doubt many fans were giddy to don this skin and rain down apocalyptic destruction with Glaz’s sniper skills. Like many other skins it was unfortunately only available for a limited time and fans without it are going to have to pray it comes back in a future release or Halloween special.

1 Vengeful Hibana

Speaking of a Halloween special this skin for Hibana has made at least two appearance during Halloween which makes the odds of it coming back again pretty good. Hibana is absolute nightmare fuel in this white hoodie outfit with pale skin and gaunt black eyes covered by black bangs.

Defenders unfamiliar with this look are likely to lose it when Hibana shatters a wall with her X-KAIROS and storms through guns blazing and dark eyes peering deep into their souls. It’s likely even her fellow teammates would be a little nervous seeing her slink from shadow to shadow as they carried out the operation.

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