Rainbow Six Siege: Every DLC Attack Operator, Ranked

From Blackbeard to Maverick, these are the DLC Attack Operators to pick or avoid, and why.

One thing that’s helped Rainbow Six Siege gain and sustain success and popularity is Ubisoft’s treatment of the game. The developer listens to the community and is constantly trying to make improvements to the game while maintaining it’s as challenging and balanced a shooter as possible. One way in which they’ve really succeeded in doing that is their release of seasonal DLC operators. Typically, one attack and one defense operator is released with a new update, and there have been a lot added since the game first came out.

So far the number is at 14 for attack operators, with Nøkk being the latest addition following the release of Operation Phantom Sight. Each operator has their own unique ability and strat, but as is to be expected, some are more viable than others. Here’s how all the DLC attackers rank when compared with each other.

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14 Blackbeard

Starting things off, Blackbeard is an operator who benefits from his decent armor rating and his two rifle-shields. Each one has 50 HP and can give players a few precious extra seconds to make their shots connect. But that’s about all these are going to give you. With the decrease in mobility being something you should keep in mind, Blackbeard is better suited for players with a steady hand and better than average aim.

13 Zofia

Introduced as part of Operation White Noise, Zofia has armor and speed stats similar to Blackbeard. She’s decently quick and will be able to take some damage south of her head. Her KS79 LIFELINE consists of two impact and concussion grenades. Zofia is resistant to concussion effects and that makes her a good option when going toe to toe with an Ela.

12 Buck

Buck is another decently quick and well armored attack operator who is particularly useful when breaching doors and unreinforced hatches and walls. His Skeleton Key attachment makes it so that he can stand his own in ranged firefights as well as CQC situations. While quick breaches are his specialty, Buck isn’t the only attacking operator capable of pulling this off – though the Skeleton Key’s ability to double as a shotgun does make it more convenient to use.

11 Lion

Lion would’ve been a good deal higher on these rankings prior to his nerf. Though his ability is still useful, it’s nothing at all like it used to be, which many players would say is a good thing given how overpowered some in the community – and apparently Ubisoft – thought it was. His EE-ONE-D reveals moving defenders by pinging them. Though not as detailed a process as it was before, it still helps keep roamers in check and can stop certain defenders from getting the jump on your teammates as well as yourself.

10 Nomad

One of the newer operators on this list, Nomad is decently quick though not a three speed operator. Both her AK-74M and ARX200 are superb weapons, though the AK does offer a larger mag size and less recoil, the high damage and fire rate of the ARX is tough to argue with.

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Nomad’s Airjabs are tough to spot if you haven’t seen her shoot them off and can be great when defusing or keeping roaming defenders out of the objective.

9 Jackal

If you’ve played Siege long enough, you’ll know how annoying being tracked by a Jackal can be. Not only does he make your position known to the entire enemy team, but your identity as well. Jackal is great at countering quick moving roamers like Caveira and Ela, and his wide selection of both primary and secondary weapons means he’ll be prepared for almost any sort of combat situation.

8 Hibana

Hibana is a great operator for players who like rushing in. With three-speed, she can get around the map pretty quick, though players will have to be weary of her low armor rating. Hibana is a great breaching option. Though her X-KAIROS pellets lack the dimensions of Thermite’s breaching charges, they offer other uses. Primarily, the ability to shoot passed reinforced walls, giving an extra line of sight into the objective. Though vision is limited, Siege is all about angles – and competent players can do some real damage with Hibana.

7 Finka

If Siege was an RPG then Finka would be the White Mage. Though not exactly the same, Finka’s Adrenal Surge functions a lot like Doc’s ability. Except her health boost affects the entire team. Finka is great for pushing in and helping out squad mates who could make use of some more HP. Her Spear .308 is an absolute dream to handle, and is one of the top reasons why you should play her.

6 Nøkk

The newest attack operator on this ranking, Nøkk hasn’t been around all too long but she seems like one of the better attack DLC operators thus far. Nøkk is basically an attacking Vigil, with the ability to sneak up on defenders the same way he does on attackers.

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Nøkk’s HEL Presence Reduction comes with some limitations, but is useful more often than not; especially when facing off against camera happy defenders like Mozzie, Valkyrie, Maestro, and Echo.

5 Dokkaebi

Dokkaebi is one of the most useful attacking DLC operators released thus far. She’s got a fantastic assortment of weapons to choose from and can be used not only to expose roamers, but give away enemies holed up within objective. By being able to both expose defenders by calling their phones, and hacking into defender cams, Dokkaebi constantly takes opponents out of their comfort zones.

4 Ying

Another operator with both two armor and speed, Ying is best used for catching anchoring defenders off-guard and clearing a path for teammates on objective. Her T-95 LSW has fantastic rate of fire, damage, and magazine capacity. Her Candelas can be deployed as normal grenades or through solid surfaces (save for reinforcements). Once they go off, defenders are basically at the mercy of any infiltrating attacker.

3 Capitão

There’s nothing to not like about Capitão. He’s quick, has a great gun and a pretty solid ability. Capitão’s PARA-308 is great for low recoil shots and can really tear through walls and barricades.

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But what’s most useful is Capitão’s Tactical Crossbow. With two micro smoke grenades and two asphyxiating bolts, Capitão is great for getting attackers in and forcing defenders out of the objective.

2 Gridlock

Gridlock is a near perfect operator, with both a phenomenal gun and amazing ability. She’s a one speed, so she won’t be moving all that quickly, but her three armor is something that will certainly come in handy. The F90 is one of the best guns in the game, offering minimal recoil and great handling. Gridlock’s Trax are great for both Bomb and Secure Area; providing a means of defending the diffuser on Bomb and a means of blocking entrances on the later.

1 Maverick

In terms of abilities, Maverick’s has proven to be one of the most troublesome for defenders. Maverick has low armor but makes up for that with great speed. Even at that, he’ll probably be stationary once he’s outside of the objective. His Breaching Torch allows him to quietly make holes in reinforcements, opening a line of sight that most defenders won’t be aware of until after their kill cam plays. It’s not completely impossible to hear, but is easy to miss for even the most attentive player. It’s what makes him the best DLC operator in the game.

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