Rainbow Six Siege: Every DLC Defense Operator, Ranked

DLC operators are a highlight of every new Siege season. The hype building up to each release, and finally the implementation of said operators is something many Siege players routinely look forward to. But it doesn’t always yield favorable results.

As is often the case in games like this, some operators just turn out more viable and useful than others. It usually doesn’t take all that long to determine which operators end up in which category either. While each operator takes some practice to get comfortable with, you can usually tell whether or not they’ll be viable within a handful of matches. To make things easier for you, here’s every DLC defense operator, ranked.

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14 Warden

The newest DLC operator was hyped up quite a bit prior to Operation Phantom Sight. But in the end, warden just isn’t all that great a choice when defending. His Smart Glasses are way too specific to be of any use in most situations, and most players often forgo the ability entirely. His loadout is solid but he doesn’t really have anything that gives him an edge over most of the defenders in the game.

13 Alibi

Alibi’s ability is another that seemed like it would’ve been more useful prior to its implementation into the game. A three speed operator, Alibi is great for roaming, and has a decent selection of guns at her disposal. But her Prisma’s usually don’t fool anybody, and most people only give their position away when shooting through surfaces rather than at the Prisma’s themselves.

12 Clash

In close range, one on one situations, Clash is a nightmare to deal with. But in any other circumstance, she can be handled pretty easily with some basic teamwork. What makes Clash so imposing is her massive shield and ability to slow opponents down via electro shocks. This can make one on one CQC a gamble, but not impossible to overcome given proper timing and some meleeing.

11 Ela

Quick and a good choice for players who like to roam on defense, Ela’s utility depends greatly on your playstyle. Though she’s a pretty solid option for those who like to stay on their feet, Ela hasn’t been the same since she was nerfed. Her Grzmot Mines are something that attackers need to watch out for when entering a room, but aren’t enough to make up for her comparative decrease in utility.

10 Frost

Frost doesn’t have the flashiest ability out there, but it gets the job done. Her Welcome Mat’s aren’t exactly small, but placed well can be tough to notice for rushing attackers. Instantly downing up to three attackers can be huge for a defense. Add in the ridiculous lack of recoil on her 9mm C1 and you’ve got a pretty fun operator.

9 Valkyrie

Valkyrie is most effective when used by patient and methodical players. Though she can very well anchor, Valk is also an effective roamer despite her lack of elite speed. Her Black Eye cameras are incredibly difficult to detect and can be crucial in catching one or multiple attackers off guard.

8 Kaid

What Kaid lacks in speed he more than makes up for with his three armor. While that seems pretty slow, Kaid is meant to be played as an anchor and doesn’t need to be all that fast as a result. The AUG A3 is a beauty to handle and can mow down enemies with ease thanks to its phenomenal rate of fire. His Ritila Electroclaw is pretty similar to Bandit’s ability but is more useful for split-second actions. They’re particularly useful as a last stand against hard breachers.

7 Maestro

Maestro is the ideal anchor and just gets a slight nod over Kaid for the 7 spot. Both his primary weapons are great, though the ACS12 is much more limited than the ALDA is. But the best part of using Maestro is harassing attackers with his Evil Eye turrets.

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Not only are they great for keeping track of enemies, but they’re also very useful as a secondary means of defense. Be they used as a distraction or a means of surveillance, the Evil Eye’s are what make Maestro so great to use.

6 Mira

Mira can be pretty tough to get the hang of. But once you do she can be very useful to your squad and will drive attackers nuts. Her Black Mirror can be placed through walls – be they regular or reinforced – and gives players a line of sight that attackers across from it won’t be able to access. If the opportunity presents itself, the mirrors can be shot out through the defenders' side and serve as a murder hole. This is actually way more useful on walls where one side is reinforced and the other is not.

5 Echo

If you don’t play with Echo, but have played with Echo mains, you’ll know that they love staying on cams. Given his ability, that’s not all that surprising. Echo has a great armor rating and is made to anchor the objective.

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His Yokai drones are useful for both surveillance and harassment. They’re tough to spot and can be very useful in getting eyes on creeping defenders. They can also disorient enemies and prove to be incredibly useful when defending a rush or denying a plant.

4 Mozzie

Mozzie is one of the most enjoyable defensive operators in the game. Balanced in both speed and armor, Mozzie can anchor or roam, and is best when utilizing his Commando 9. His ability to hack up to three enemy drones not only aids in hiding the objective, but in scouting out and surveying attackers as well. Mozzie functions a lot like Valk and Echo do, though his drones have much more mobility at the cost of being easier to recognize.

3 Vigil

Everyone’s come face to face with a Vigil at one point or another, and chances are it was a pretty terrifying encounter. Vigil is quick and tough to hear or scout out, making him a great roaming option. His loadout choices make it so that he can be viable from both close and long range.

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Vigil is able to hide himself from cameras and drones. That means that attackers are either going to have to get lucky with those pings or listen very carefully while moving around.

2 Lesion

Lesion is, hands down, one of the best operators in the game. Everything about him checks out. His speed and armor ratings are solid, his T-5 SMG is amazing and his Gu Mines are nearly impossible to detect and have so many uses. They’re great at giving away attackers locations, stopping a rush and dowining enemies with low enough HP. If Lesion lasts long enough in a given round, the entire objective is basically covered in traps.

1 Caveira

Unlike most operators who’ve had nerfs rained down upon them, Cav is actually still an elite operator regardless of the changes made to her. Cav is the ideal roamer. With three speed and her Silent Step ability, she can move around a given map efficiently and quietly. She’s hard to detect and even harder to take down in close range. Her Lusion is the best secondary weapon in the game and serves as a better primary option. It does enough damage to down or kill enemies with a couple of shots and her interrogations give away all attackers locations, making them easy pickings for Cav and her teammates.

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