Rainbow Six Siege: 10 Must-Know Things About The New Operators

Another year is almost gone, and you know what that means: one more content drop for Rainbow Six Siege. The final Operation of the year, Wind Bastion, released on December 4th, and comes with a new map and two new operators. As per usual, the release of new operators puts the entire Rainbow Six Siege meta in limbo while players come to grips with the new gadgets and options available to them.

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These new operators change the playing field significantly, and a few popular strategies are going to need to go back to the drawing board. Here's everything you need to know about the Kaid and Nomad in Wind Bastion:


Kaid is the new Defender in Wind Bastion. He's another slow Defender, with one speed and three armor, giving him a predisposition towards anchoring. He has the option of using either barbed wire or impact grenades. Kaid has two primary weapons available to him: either the AUG A3 or the TCSG12.

AUG 3 – The AUG A3 is a submachine gun, with 27 damage per bullet, an RPM of 700, and a magazine size of 31. Like most submachine guns, it's most effective in closer ranges and does not have an ACOG option.

TCSG12 – The TCSG12 is a semi-automatic shotgun that fires slug rounds. It does 84 damage per bullet inside of 19 meters, dropping to 40 damage outside of 40 meters. It has an RPM of 450, and a magazine size of 10. Since this is a slug shotgun and has an ACOG option, it has some significant range capabilities; regardless of the damage drop-off, every weapon in Siege kills in one headshot.


Nomad is the new Attacker in Wind Bastion. She's two armor and two speed, making her another middle-of-the-road Attacker. She can use either Stun Grenades or Breach Charges. Nomad has the option of using one of two assault rifles: the AK 74, or the ARX200.

AK 74 – The AK 74 does 44 damage per bullet, with an RPM of 650, and a magazine size of 40. It has a little bit of a bounce to it, but it's pretty easy to manage once you've used it for a little bit.

ARX200 – The ARX200 does 47 damage per bullet, with an RPM of 750, and a magazine count of 20. I found this one a little bit easier to control, but the AK 74 has a bit more potential because of the increased magazine size.


Both Nomad and Kaid have the same secondary weapon: the .44 Mag Semi-Auto. This is quite possibly the best pistol in the game. Coming equipped with an ACOG-equivalent 2.5x zoom scope, this pistol does 74 damage per bullet inside of 12 meters, and 62 damage per bullet outside of 22 meters. It has a magazine size of 7, and it reloads ludicrously fast. You can fire this weapon pretty rapidly and the kick is manageable, allowing you to tap-fire with relative ease. In the right situation, this weapon is an absolute monster.


Kaid's special gadget, the “Rtila” Electroclaw, will be familiar to anybody who's ever played as Bandit. The Electroclaw has the same effect on Defender gadgets/reinforcements, but it has a ton of extra versatility. These can be thrown on a wall just like one of Ela's traps, allowing you to stick them in much harder to see spots. Any Defender wall/gadget will be electrified inside the radius, allowing a well-placed mine to affect more than one thing.

It's important to note that these can be placed on the underside of reinforced ceiling hatches and that they'll electrify things on the opposite sides of the wall that it's attached to, making it especially difficult to get rid of in certain situations. However, they don't activate for four seconds after you throw them out, so they can't be used as a reactionary measure against Thermite, unlike Bandit's gadget. If timed well, they can still stop Hibana's Pellets from detonating.


Kaid and Bandit work together every bit as easily as you would expect. Coordinating what each of you is going to electrify can result in a super-charged objective room. Any Defender gadget that can survive a Bandit Battery can survive an Electroclaw, including Mira's Black Mirrors, Echo's Yokai Drones, and Frost's Floor Mats. Electroclaws do more damage than Bandit's alternative, so placing them on barbed wire can cause some meaningful damage to Attackers. Placing a Frost Trap under electrified barbed wire is an easy way to snag a kill on a careless Attacker, too.


Kaid's Electroclaws fall into the category of electronic Defender gadgets, so there are a few Attackers that can make quick work of them. Thatcher's EMP grenades will destroy Electroclaws easily, so when electrifying a wall, try and keep the claw as high up as you can to lessen the likelihood of that happening. A Twitch Drone can take out Electroclaws with one shot from its taser, so as usual, make taking Twitch Drones out a priority. Finally, the Electroclaws are visible to IQ's gadget. That's not to say she can always do something about it, but she might be able to call it out to someone who can.


Nomad comes equipped with an “Airjab” Repulsion Grenade Launcher attached to her primary weapon. These are every bit as fun (or annoying, depending on what end of the grenade you're on) as they sound. These grenades can be used as traps, acting as a mine placed on a flank point to alarm you of an impending Caveira, or they can be used more offensively, fired towards cover that you know is hiding a Defender. They become active a couple seconds after landing, and they'll destroy any destructible object around, as well as throw any operator in the vicinity three meters in the opposite direction. If the other team has a Clash, the Airjab is a pretty effective way to take care of her easily.


There really aren't any significant synergies with Nomad's gadget besides good team coordination. Always ensure you're calling where the grenades you've placed as traps are, and where the enemies you're knocking out of cover are. A well-coordinated assault with a Nomad and some backup can be a nigh-on unstoppable force, but only if your teammates are on the same page as you. Otherwise, you're likely to annoy Defenders, but not much more.


Just like any other projectile, Jager's device will destroy the Repulsion Grenade in midair. They can also be destroyed by an electrified surface, like one created by Kaid or Bandit. Otherwise, there isn't much that can be done about Nomad. I would recommend making Nomad a priority target for your roamers; while Nomad can certainly handle herself anywhere in the map, she's a particular problem once she reaches the objective. Keeping her away can be the difference between victory and death.


Overall, both Kaid and Nomad are pretty useful additions to the world of Rainbow Six Siege, and it'll be interesting to see where they fit into the meta as people get used to them being around.

Kaid has a gadget that seems pretty familiar, despite being a new addition. The extra versatility that it provides as compared to Bandit's gadget is pretty indispensable, and though Kaid only gets two of these to use, each of them can cover more than one object. Kaid is going to be a pretty popular pick for those who like to play as an anchor.

Nomad's gadget, on the other hand, is an entirely new addition. I think that its usefulness for people who run around as a lone wolf is going to be limited, but for those who frequently run in a group, Nomad is going to be a popular choice.

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