Rainbow Six Siege: Every Operator's Age, Height, & Birthday

One of the reasons players enjoy playing Rainbow Six Siege so much, even four years after its release is because of the variety of operators for them to pick from. Beyond their varied unique gadgets, load-outs, CTUs, accents, and general looks, each operator has a detailed biography for players to become familiar with if they so choose.

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As part of these biographies, players are provided with the operators' age, height, and birthdays. Luckily, you don't have to go out and do all the research yourself. This is the one-stop-shop for the age, height, and birthday of the twenty original operators in Rainbow Six: Siege.

20 Ash

Ash is an FBI agent originally from Jerusalem and serves as Team Rainbow's de facto leader because of the way the community has played and treated her since launch. She's a 5'7" and was born on December 24, 1983, which would make her 35 years old in 2019.

19 Thermite

Thermite, an attacker from Texas, serves in the FBI with Ash. He's often recognized by his trademark bandages wrapped around his hands, which have been burned from his own gadget. He stands taller than Ash at 5'10", and since he was born March 14, 1982, he's now 37 years old.

18 Castle

At 6'1", Castle is the second tallest operator from the FBI. As former player in the NFL, he's actually kind of short, but it works for him as an operator. He was born on September 30, 1980; he's now 39, which also makes him the oldest FBI operator.

17 Pulse

Pulse is the tallest FBI operator by just an inch; he's 6'2". He's close to Castle's height, but not quite there. However, he's the youngest operator out of the FBI. As of October 11th, he is 35 years old. That haircut certainly says Millennial, doesn't it?

16 Twitch

Twitch is both young and short in comparison to most of the other operators. She's the only female operator in the GIGN, and she's 5'6". Her birthday is just a day after Pulse's, but a few years later as she's only 31 years old.

15 Montagne

Montagne has the same birthday as Pulse (October 11) but in 1968, which makes him 51 as of this year.

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He's a "mountain" of a man at 6'3", so it makes sense that he uses a full-length shield to break into the objective before the rest of his team.

14 Doc

Doc, Team Rainbow's resident medic, is from Paris, France, and at age 42, is the oldest operator from the GIGN. He's only 5'10", which in comparison to Montagne, is pretty short. If your birthday is September 16th, you share a birthday with one of the most practical operators on Team Rainbow.

13 Rook

From Tours, France, Rook the shortest male operator in the GIGN, is 5'9", and with a birthday on January 6, 1990, he's also the youngest operator in the GIGN at 29 years old. He's not, however, the youngest operator on Team Rainbow.

12 Thatcher

Upon the game's launch, Thatcher was the oldest operator. His birthday is June 22, 1961, which makes him 58 in 2019. His height, however, isn't anything special. He stands at 5'11", which is pretty average compared to the rest of Team Rainbow.

11 Sledge

Sledge is the tallest operator on Team Rainbow at an impressive 6'4". He weighs quite a lot too, which is probably a requirement to swing that hammer around.

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He was born in Scotland on April 2, 1982, which as of 2019, makes him 37 years old.

10 Smoke

Smoke is on the shorter side at 5'8", but as far as Team Rainbow goes, he's pretty average when it comes to age. With a birthday of May 14, 1981, Smoke is 38 years old this year. He's also one of the first operators Ubisoft developed.

9 Mute

Mute isn't just the youngest operator in the SAS; with a birthday in 1991, he's the youngest operator on Team Rainbow as a whole. As of October 11th, which seems to be a very popular date with Ubisoft, Mute is 28 years old. At 6'1", he's on the taller side of the original 20 operators.

8 IQ

IQ has no problem keeping up with the men in her CTU. Not only is she the same height as the shortest male German operator at 5'9", but she's just as old as them as well. Born on August 1, 1979, IQ is 40 years old as of 2019.

7 Blitz

Blitz may be the same height as IQ at 5'9", but he's no less terrifying than he is in gameplay. Rainbow players dread the sound of Blitz's shield almost as much as they dread the sound of it flashing. Born April 2, 1980, this small ball of flashing lights is 39 years old.

6 Jäger

There's a good reason everybody's favorite roamer moves as quickly as he does. Jäger is a solid 5'11, but he's only 153 lbs., and it's pretty impressive he's as spry as he is. Born on March 9, 1978, Jäger is 41 years old. Maybe this is something to think twice about before sending him out a second-story window.

5 Bandit

Bandit may come in as a close second to Jäger as far as roaming and spawn-peeking is concerned, and if it's not because Jäger's carbine is superior to Bandit's MP7, it might have something to do with Bandit's ripe old age of 45.

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Born on August 13, 1974, Bandit is the oldest member of the GSG-9 and 5'10" tall.

4 Glaz

Glaz, the most artistic operator on Team Rainbow, is a relatively young 32 with a birthdate of July 2, 1987. He stands at 5'10", which makes him pretty tall, but still the shortest operator from the Russian CTU Spetsnaz. Chances are, you won't see Glaz before he snipes you anyway.

3 Fuze

5'11" attacker Fuze has one of the most tragic backstories out of any of Team Rainbow's operators. He played a part in the Moscow theater hostage crisis in 2002, when he was only 20 years old. Now he's 37 years old, with a birthday on October 12th.

2 Kapkan

Kapkan is one of the most useful defenders in the game with one of the most powerful traps. He's a 40-year-old Spetsnaz operator who stands at 5'11", which is the most physical description most players get of him since he likes to keep his face hidden and painted in camouflage.

1 Tachanka

Last but certainly not least, the lord of Rainbow Six: Siege himself, Tachanka, may seem larger than life. In reality, he's a six feet flat, and though he may seem immortal, he is 40 years old as of May 14th, and one of the least-picked operators in the game.

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