Rainbow Six Siege: 10 Operators With The Best Weapons

Most multiplayer games out there are all about frenetic movement and chaotic attacks. However, Rainbow Six: Siege asks players to play with precision. The teams must communicate and go for accuracy rather than just spraying and praying. It's a far more tactical game than most shooters out there, and it requires more care and attention to get through missions than most players might anticipate.

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Below is a list of the ten operators with the best weapons. This will give players a look at what characters they should be choosing if they're looking to cause the most damage with the best accuracy possible!

10 Ash

There are a lot of players out there at a professional who will pick Ash, despite not liking her special ability. Her R4-C has a great damage output, as well as a great rate of fire. With the right attachments, it can be a truly deadly weapon.

Anyone who knows how to use it can take out enemies very quickly. The M45 MEUSOC is a decent firearm as well. It has a lot capacity but its larger amount of damage makes it worth this cut in ammo. Just make sure there's someone on the other end of the bullet.

9 Twitch

While her special ability may put her far away from the fight usually, it doesn't change the fact that she has got some great weapons. When her shock drones have been depleted, anyone playing Twitch can be sure that her F2 will make short work of anyone foolish enough to get in the way.

It has an insane rate of fire considering the damage output available. For a sidearm, her low capacity revolver, the LFP586, can do a decent amount of damage. Perfect for when a player is cornered.

8 Jackal

Despite the high rate of fire of Jackal's C7E, it has low recoil. This means that this operator can put out a lot of damage without having to reduce the level of accuracy, which is great alongside Jackal's special ability.

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People who are looking to cause some damage from much closer can have the ITA12S as their sidearm. This small shotgun can punch through an enemy in a couple of shots, but it doesn't have a massive capacity so it can leave people in the lurch if they're not careful.

7 IQ

There's a lot of people out there that stay away from IQ due to her not having the greatest abilities in the game. However, this character has a couple of weapons that are definitely worth a go.

Nobody is denying that the P12 can be a little slow, but the high capacity and relatively decent damage mean that it's a great little sidearm. Her Aug-A2 can put out a lot of fire in quick succession, and while people will have to keep an eye on the recoil, any bullets that hit are going to do a lot of damage.

6 Maverick

A high capacity, a good rate of fire, and fairly decent damage put Maverick's M4 high on the list of great weapons in Rainbow Six: Siege.

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Breaching a reinforced wall and then pointing the barrel of the M4 through the hole can worry even the best of Rainbow Six: Siege players. The 1911 TACOPS sidearm available to Maverick offers a nine bullet magazine with a decent level of damage as well. Using this as a last resort can prove very fruitful.

5 Echo

Many people choose to stay away from shotguns in this game as they severely reduce the level of accuracy available to the player. While it may have a slow pump action, the SuperNova can offer the chance to deal out some serious damage.

When the enemy is too far away for the shotgun to do the job, Echo can use his sidearm. The Bearing 9 can be a little unwieldy to those who don't know what they're doing, the high rate of fire can take out any enemy that the shotgun can't reach.

4 Ela

Scorpion EVO 3 A1 is a submachine gun that many people consider to be fairly broken. While the damage may be a lot lower than some of the other primary weapons held by the other operators, the players can use the large magazine, massive rate of fire, and manageable recoil to take out a lot of attackers.

Ela's sidearm features a permanent reflex sight and has a large magazine, meaning it can prove deadly in the right hands, regardless of the low-end damage.

3 Mira

The damage on Mira's Vector .45 ACP is pretty low, which is why many players choose to go for the shotgun as her primary weapon. However, this is the wrong move, as the high rate of fire on the submachine gun is absolutely brutal.

The recoil is amazingly low, especially with a Vertical Grip. As a sidearm, the player can then choose the ITA12S shotgun. That way, if they want to get up close and personal the player can swap weapons.

2 Kaid

Many people stay away from the AUG A3 when they play as Kaid, and they would be right to! The TCSG12 is the way to go when picking Kaid's primary weapon. It has one of the largest shotgun magazines in the game, while also putting out a lot of damage.

The .44 Mag Semi-Auto is a great sidearm as well. With a low powered scope attached as standard, it offers the player a chance to do quite a bit of damage even from quite a distance.

1 Nomad

The ARX200 is a heavy hitting rifle, offering up a fairly decent amount of damage, and a great rate of fire as well. The lower magazine size can be difficult for some players, but it's a great gun when the ammo is used sparingly.

Nomad has the same sidearm as Kaid, a fantastic little weapon to have alongside the ARX200. This gun has a high level of accuracy due to the ACOG sight, meaning that this is a great attacker to have for anyone that is willing to take their time.

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