Rainbow Six Siege: The 5 Operators Worth Buying Right Away (& 5 You Don’t Need Soon)

Rainbow Six: Siege is filled with some truly great operators, including ones that have to be purchased. Some are worth it, but others can be skipped.

In Rainbow Six Siege players are given some very solid operators right out of the gate to play with. In fact, many casual players can go a long time without buying another operative, but for those who wish to play more aggressively, try new playstyles or shine in multiplayer, then there are some operators that are a must purchase using the in-game credits.

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There are also some operators that aren’t the best to buy, if ever. These operators are either so broken they barely function or there are simply better operators who perform the same tasks. The only reason you would purchase these operators is when it comes time to round out your roster.

10 Worth Buying: Maverick

Maverick is a solid attacker for his ability to breach the enemies' defenses without them noticing right away. When other operatives are placing charges, lobbing grenades, or blasting holes with shotguns he’s quietly cutting through with a blowtorch.

This allows him to be a good choice for lone wolf players or those who are leading the charge in a sneaky strike. Getting him is a little pricey requiring 25,000 renown, 600 R6 credits or the purchase of a season pass. But he’s definitely worth the price for those looking for a more subtle style of play.

9 Don’t Need Soon: Vigil

Vigil has an incredible backstory, but unfortunately, he’s not the greatest operator. He’s in his element when sneaking behind enemy lines using his ERC-7 Video Disruptor to become a ghost on camera feeds. With his high speed, he can blitz through enemy lines and get the drop on defenders.

This is all assuming he’s not spotted by a drone which is immune to his ability. His K1A SMG is a good damage dealer for assaults, but when cornered he goes down quickly with his minimal armor. Getting him costs 20,000 renown and 480 R6.

8 Worth Buying: Mira

Mira’s Black Mirror ability causes her to stand out among other defenders. This ability allows her to put one-way mirrors on any surface, reinforced included, to provide a window into the movements of her enemies while keeping them in the dark.

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Using her ITA12S shotgun she can use the mirror to get a bead on opponents and then strafe to one side to blast them before ducking back behind her bulletproof mirror to line up another shot. She’s surprisingly cheap costing 15,000 renown, 360 R6 or comes free with the season pass.

7 Don’t Need Soon: Clash

Clash is great at annoying the enemy, but little else. Her shield can make enemies pause in their tracks as they decide who gets shocked by her shield’s taser and it does provide great cover. The problem is that she’s unable to use her weapons while holding it and the enemy can knock it away with melee.

Once her shield is knocked away she’s completely exposed and will go down quickly. If working with another operator she’s an effective meat shield that can keep opponents distracted while the other player does all the work, but on her own, she’s merely a speedbump against rushers. With a cost of 25,000 renown and 600 R6, you’re better off getting another operator, she is free with a season pass though.

6 Worth Buying: Buck

Buck is an interesting operator in that he isn’t meant to strike the opponent head-on, but rather come in from below. His Skeleton Key shotgun can open up holes in non-reinforced surfaces and create murder holes. It’s also great for bypassing Mira’s Black Mirrors by obliterating the floor beneath them.

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In combat, he excels with his C8-SFW assault rifle that can do some serious damage. In close quarters combat, he can quickly switch to his Skeleton Key and put holes in his opponents. What makes this ability OP is that it’s refilled with standard ammo, meaning he can put as many holes in the walls as he wants. Renown requirement is low with 10,000 and the 600 R6 is a little steep but totally worth it.

5 Don’t Need Soon: Dokkaebi

Dokkaebi does see a lot of use a strict specialist. Her ability to hack phones to gain access to defenders cameras is golden and her Logic Bomb is great for rooting out roaming defenders. Unless of course, Mute has his jammers set up and then her abilities are practically useless.

She also has a terrible weapons loadout as if this operator grabbed whatever weapons were available without caring what they were. This means without her abilities she’s a subpar fighter. Her renown requirement of 25,000 is absurd and 600 R6 for an extremely situational operator is pricey, although she is free with a season pass.

4 Worth Buying: Echo

Echo is one of the best operators you can buy for disrupting the enemies' plans. His Yokai drones can stop defusing attempts and drop shields. A common tactic is to use the first drone during a prime moment and then save the second one for when the enemy attempts a last-ditch rush at the end.

Aside from his abilities he has an armor rating of three that makes him a spongy fighter. Admittedly his guns aren’t the best, but they aren’t the worst so he can hold his own in a firefight. Obtaining him costs 15,000 renown and 600 R6 or he comes free with a season pass.

3 Don’t Need Soon: Capitão

Capitão is a good operator for hostage situations, but not much else. The crossbow is admittedly a handy weapon, it fires quietly, can be shot through murderholes, Asphyxiating Bolts are great at driving defenders out of their holes and Micro Smoke Grenades are great openers.

The reason he’s not a great first purchase is that he’s a terrible damage dealer which is often the point of being an attacker. As said earlier he’s great at hostage situations as he’s unlikely to get the hostage killed, but he’s just as likely not to kill the defenders. His cost is 15,000 renown, 600 R6, or comes free with a season pass.

2 Worth Buying: Hibana

Hibana is arguably the most popular operator right now and for good reason. Her X-KAIROS can punch holes in reinforced walls. With three shots she can create multiple murder holes or a large entry for teammates to use.

Combine this ability with her small stature and speed give her great rushing ability. Her Type 89F is one of the best, if not the best, assault rifle in the game meaning she’s a solid blitz fighter when she’s expended her X-KAIROS pellets. With a cost of 15,000 renown, 600 R6, or as a freebie with a season pass she’s a must buy.

1 Don’t Need Soon: Frost

Trap operators are a bit of a hit or miss in Rainbow Six Siege and Frost is, unfortunately, a miss. Her bear traps can knock down enemies allowing for a quick follow up kill and her Welcome Mats would be deadly if they weren’t so obvious.

Her 9mm C1 is great for gunning down enemies caught in her traps, but useless when she’s cornered because of a bad fire rate. Frost requires her traps to be effective and if the enemy bypasses them she’s not very helpful. She costs 10,000 renown, 600 R6 or a season pass, but you’re better off saving your money.

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