10 Games To Play If You Like Rainbow Six Siege

Played Rainbow Six Siege until you can't anymore? Check out these 10 similar games we think Rainbow Six Siege fans will adore.

There are quite a few reasons to love Rainbow Six: Siege. Not only is it a great tactical first-person shooter with realistic but smooth gunplay and maps with plenty of destructibility, it offers players the ability to select specific load-outs and abilities attached to specific operators with heaps of backstory and personality. Rainbow has a little bit of something for every kind of gamer out there, but sometimes playing the same game over and over again gets old. This is why this list of ten games to play if you like Rainbow Six: Siege is perfect for any fan of the game.

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10 Overwatch

Like SiegeOverwatch gives players the ability to choose a different load-out and unique ability dependent upon the character they choose to play as. In the Overwatch world, each character is called a "hero," and Siege fans might even find some familiarity in the heroes named Ashe and Moira (it sounds close enough to Mira). If that's not enough, there are Ana's Finka-like Nano Boosts, Lúcio's Nomad-like Sonic Amplifier, or a number of other heroes with abilities much like Siege's operators' abilities. The main difference is how cartoon-ish the Overwatch artwork is in comparison to Siege's.

9 Apex Legends

Much like OverwatchApex Legends shares Siege's invitation for players to pick their own load-out and unique ability based on the legend they pick to play. Apex's Bloodhound tracks footsteps like Siege's own Jackal does; Mirage's holograms are likely to remind you of Alibi's. Each legend has their own voice, backstory, and reason for being in the Apex games, much like each of the operators on Team Rainbow does. Apex, like Siege, is a first-person shooter game with smoother gunplay than its battle royale counterparts PUBG and Fortnite.

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8 Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 has little in common with Siege by way of storyline and gameplay. It has a campaign whereas Siege has very limited single-player options. Instead of faceless, nation-less terrorists, the player fights against a cult based in Montana. However, both Far Cry and Siege are developed by Ubisoft Montreal and as such, have very similar gunplay. Going from one game to the other is relatively easy once you've mastered one of them, and they're both beautiful, aesthetically pleasing games. Since Far Cry is three years newer than Siege, the graphics are even more stunning, which is perfect for those who appreciate video game artwork.

7 America's Army: Proving Grounds

This game already earns brownie points for being created by the U.S. Army to act as a recruiting tool for potential soldiers. In earns even more for being a free-to-play game. Because it was created by the U.S. Army, it's no surprise it's tactical and realistic, much like Siege claims to be. It's a first-person shooter that requires teamwork and strategy to succeed. This is the kind of gameplay that plays to any Siege fan's strengths, and it's a perfect substitute for gamers who might not have the means to afford Siege or its DLC operators.

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6 Arma 2

Arma 2 may not have the best graphics quality, but the game predates Siege by six years. However, fans of Siege's leaning technique will be happy to hear that Arma introduced this kind of gunplay years before Siege did. Arma's first-person gunplay overall is pretty similar to Siege's, but Arma has the benefit (or disadvantage, depending on what kind of gamer you are) of being an open-world game rather than a game based on a collection of maps like Siege is. Arma, however, is only available to play on PC.

5 Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

This game is available on more platforms than Arma, but it's still a six-year-old game. It's an aesthetic game on a large outdoor map, but it's a tactical first-person shooter with a similar feeling to Siege. Aiming down sights is pretty reminiscent of Siege's gunplay, even if the story and gameplay itself are quite different from Siege's. However, you're still playing as a good guy fighting off an impending threat much like Siege players fight as operators in counter-terrorism units to stave off the threat of the White Mask terrorist group.

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4 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

Wildlands is another one of Ubisoft's titles in a long line of Ghost Recon games, and like Far Cry, boasts a lot of similarities to Siege in terms of gunplay and art style. Unlike in Siege, players will play in third-person mode, but Wildlands is still marketed as a tactical shooter game designed to mimick military realism. It's the first open-world game in the Ghost Recon series, so it's great for Siege fans who are looking for a little more freedom than Siege's small maps allow.

3 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

More affectionately known as CS:GOCounter-Strike is one of the most popular tactical first-person shooters of all time. This may have something to do with it being free-to-play or maybe its military realism is really what makes it so popular. Like in Siege, you play as counter-terrorists working to rid the world of certain terrorist groups. Unfortunately, unlike in Siege, you sometimes have to play as the actual terrorists as well. But the gameplay is similar to smaller maps and first-person shooting, and some of the outfits the characters wear are pretty similar to outfits found in Siege.

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2 Insurgency

Insurgency came out a year before Siege did, and the coolest part about its development is that it's actually a sequel to a mod created by Valve's Source engine community. It's realistic and has harsh difficulty levels, which is often expected of tactical first-person shooter games nowadays. Insurgency also offers a large variety of game modes that switch up the game's objectives and gameplay. This kind of flexibility is nice for Siege fans who are looking for more PVP options or want to play cooperatively with people they're sitting right next to.

1 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

There ain't no game like Rainbow Six except another Rainbow Six. Apart from SiegeRainbow Six: Vegas 2 is one of the highest-rated games under the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six umbrella. Siege is the only game in the Rainbow Six series to not have a plotline or campaign for characters to follow, so it should come as no surprise that the actual gameplay in Vegas 2 is different when compared to Siege, but the idea of Team Rainbow in general and the lore behind the game's overarching story is the same and might feel familiar to Siege fans.

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