Rainbow Six Siege Players Are Turning Banning Racists Into An Actual Strategy

Leave it to gamers to be able to exploit an in-game mechanic for their own gains. According to a new Reddit thread, Rainbow Six: Siege is the latest title to see such a (hilarious) dynamic.

As soon as Ubisoft went live with the ability to automatically kick toxic players who write hate speech in text chat, players began using the new feature as a strategy to get those from the opposing team kicked from the match.

Picture this: Your ranked match is underway. During a moment of downtime, your teammate types something to the effect of, “Please don’t be a racist.” Coming as a surprise to no one, someone from the other team types something incredibly racist and derogatory into the chat window. Seconds later – thanks to Siege’s new toxicity management system – that player is immediately dropped from the match and banned from the game entirely for a certain amount of time, giving your team the advantage in the current match.

Proponents of the tactic laud its simple genius, with it also being noted as a way to weed out the overall toxic players who cannot comply with Ubisoft’s Code of Conduct, diminishing the experience for those who can.

Dissenting views within the Reddit post note that slurs and bad language are common vernacular, especially when it comes to video games. These views, however, are very much in the minority within the thread.

Of course, this scheme could prove costly, if one of your own teammates were to chime in with remarks in violation of Ubisoft’s rules. There could potentially be context issues with some words as well, such as words having different meanings and translations, depending on location. However, while there will likely be a few players to be banned from honestly and innocently answering those types of questions, that tactic seems like a pretty tall order for the majority of gamers.

The Siege community and its players will no doubt catch on and adapt to this sneaky technique as quickly as it was developed. Ultimately, Rainbow Six: Siege is a tactical game. Baiting opposing players into giving your team an advantage is just as tactical as everything that goes on within the game itself.

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