Rainbow Six Siege: The 5 Best Attacking Operators (And 5 Best Defenders)

Rainbow Six Siege has a lot of moving parts. The game has an incredible amount of systems unique to it, maps that are more complex than just about any other game out there, and enough Operators and gadgets to keep players learning for a long time.

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As of the time of writing this, there are forty-six different Operators in Siege; and each of them have their own gadgets, and some have weapons entirely unique to them. Every Operator has a time and place in which they are going to be immensely useful, but some Operators are going to excel more often than others. Here are some of the best Operators choices in Siege:


There are two dedicated hard-breachers in Siege, meaning they can tear down the metal walls that Defenders post up. Hibana is one, and Thermite is the other (with Maverick being a sort of hybrid). Both Hibana and Thermite are incredibly useful, but in the interest in keeping the list varied, only Hibana has been included.

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Hibana's ability to hard-breach from relative safety keeps her out of harm's way, and she can open more sight-lines than Thermite if that's what your team needs more than an entry point. She also has an SMG secondary, which is a bit more effective than Thermite's pistol (in most situations).


Most times, if you have a hard-breacher, you're going to need a Thatcher, Twitch, or Maverick in order to help them do what they need to do. There are a slew of Defender's that can impair hard-breachers ability to use their gadget, but Thatcher has an incredibly easy time disposing of those gadgets.

He can toss an EMP grenade from safety and get rid of any gadget that runs electronically. This isn't limited to helping hard-breachers, either; most traps can be destroyed with Thatcher's grenades, as well as a lot of cameras and (temporarily) electronic scope crosshairs.


Maverick is a relatively new addition to Siege, and his inclusion has changed the game in a pretty significant way. Maverick's blowtorch can pierce through metal walls, giving him small sight-lines into objective, or he can spend a lot of time on a wall, and, if he's left uncontested for a large amount of time, can open a hole large enough to serve as an entry point.

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Maverick can burn through the bottom of a wall to take care of a Mute jammer or a Bandit battery; the only real way to ensure he can't enable a hard-breacher to do their job is to put a Kaid Electroclaw in a place that Maverick can't reach.


Jackal is a severely underrated Attacker in Siege. He has some very effective primary weapon choices, along with the option to carry a shotgun as his secondary, allowing for some quick-and-easy breaching options.

His gadget allows him to see enemy footsteps and scan them, pinging them on the map for all teammates for a short period of time. Jackal excels at roam clearing, and if his team is coordinated, can wipe the enemy team of everything but anchors with some serious swiftness. Just keep in mind scanning footsteps can give Jackal's position away, as well.


It was a pretty difficult choice to choose between Sledge and Buck for the last Attacker spot on the list, but Buck made it on in the end. Both Sledge and Buck are great Operators who can cause a lot of anxiety for the Defenders with their ability quickly open any soft wall with their gadgets (be it a hammer or an under-barrel shotgun), and their ability to open some sight-lines above enemy objectives, cutting down an enemies ability to move around by a hundred-fold.

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Buck won out because of the fact he can do this from below, too. Buck's shotgun allows him to shoot from the floor below the objective and open up some murder-holes, whereas Sledge's hammer keeps him relegated to doing it only from above. It's important to note that they both have frag grenades as well, which can easily snag kills you couldn't have gotten otherwise.


Part of the latest content drop in Siege, Mozzie is a really interesting Operators that players are still learning how to use and how to combat. Maybe in a month, he wouldn't have made this list, but as of now, he's been causing enough trouble for Attacker's that he had to be included. Mozzie can take control of the Attackers drones (including Twitch drones), and use them to drive around and give intel just as easily as Attackers.

He can take control of three different drones, giving him the possibility of having more drones at his disposal than any other Operator in the game. At high-level Siege, drones are indispensable intel, and Mozzie's combo-use of intel-denial and intel-gathering makes him a real force. Not to mention his incredible primary weapon in the Commando 9, and his option to have a secondary shotgun in the Super Shorty.


Mute is another Operator that thrives on intel-denial. Mute gets four jammers that he can use to disable enemy drones, and when placed well, are very difficult for Attackers to get rid of without exposing themselves to danger.

Mute's jammers can also stop Attackers from using Thermite's and Hibana's gadgets, as well as jam Fuze's cluster charge, Jackal's visor, Dokkaebi's logic bomb, Lion's aerial drone, and breach charges. It's just about a given every round that Mute is going to make something difficult for an Attacker; it's just a matter of who.


There has quite possibly never been an Operator released in Siege post-launch that has had a bigger impact on the game than Mira. The entire meta of Siege changed with her inclusion and almost every strategy needed reworked in order to deal with her. Mira's Black Mirrors are one-sided, bulletproof windows that have one transparent side, and another opaque side.

This enables Defender's to get a huge amount of intel from the safety of the other side of a reinforced (or soft) wall. These windows can be shattered from the transparent side to give Defender's a murder-hole, but be wary; lose that gunfight, and you've given Attacker's the same sight-line.


Jager is another Operator that's been included because of his ability to counter a huge amount of Attackers. Jager's ADS destroys any throwables inside a certain (wide) range, ensuring that Attackers are unable to use frag grenades, stun grenades, smoke grenades, Candela's, EMP grenades, breaching rounds, and even stops a few of Fuze's cluster charges from detonating.

A well-placed ADS assortment can blanket an entire area in a cushion of relative safety, and give anchors a little more peace-of-mind.


Lesion is another Operator that has a bit of a two-fold use. His Gu Mine's are nigh-on invisible, requiring an Attacker to really be on the lookout for them in order to spot them. When triggered, they activate a damage-over-time on the Attacker until they remove the needle.

This DOT stops the Attacker from sprinting and causes some visibility problems; not mentioning that the trap triggering makes a loud enough noise that most of the Defenders can hear it, giving them intel on where the Attacker is. Over time, Lesion acquires eight of the mines, gaining one every thirty seconds.

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