30 Things Casual Players Don’t Know They’re Doing Wrong In Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege is jam-packed with hidden tactics every player should know.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege has been a consistently popular hit since its release in 2015. It's a game that was built up in the "Games as a Service" sort of model. The title has included new maps, firearms, and Operators since it's initial release.

Siege, or R6S as I'll be calling it, is a deeply complex game centered around the "breach and clear" gameplay style.

The defending team is usually guarding either a hostage or an explosive, and the attacking team wants to stop them in any way. Simple enough right? But the real complexity comes from just how much variability there is in the scenario. Firstly, 90% of the environment is destructible, so players can get hit from anywhere at any time. Secondly, footsteps are very precise and very loud, so every step you take gives away your position. And lastly, there are over 20 Operators in the game! From sledgehammer wielding juggernauts to sneaky little guys who can detect heartbeats, each class adds a new layer of complexity. Honestly, it reminds me of hero based titles like Overwatch or MOBA's like League of Legends. Where the introduction of a new character skews the balance and shakes the entire game up. So I've made my point that R6S isn't easily mastered. And in order to help those greenhorns who keep at it, here's my list of 30 Things Casual Players Don’t Know They’re Doing Wrong In Rainbow Six: Siege. Hopefully, you'll read this article and learn that there's a high skill ceiling in a game that, on its surface, seems to be slow and boring.

30 Just Hold Your Horses, Slow Down

In Game Screenshot

R6S is not like Call of Duty or Titanfall. It's not about wildly bombastic, high octane action.

Siege is a game that is entirely about patience, accuracy, and mind games.

9 times out of 10 the player that sits and waits for his opponent, is the one who wins. Sure there are classes in the game meant to roam around, but those are rare instances. More casual players NEED to learn that sitting on the objective is the right move. Wait for your opponent to lose their patience. Because when they do, they make mistakes.

29 Different Operators Have Different Roles

Deviantart.com Art By Bivalus

Like I said, there are classes meant to roam, and ones meant to sit still. I can't count the number of times I've seen a Tachanka running around with his pistol out. Or how I've seen a Caveira sitting around camping.

Understand the Operator that you're playing, and adjust your playstyle accordingly.

If you're not confident enough in your ability, you probably shouldn't play a lone wolf roaming character, that's just common sense. If it's so easy to understand, why am I talking about it? Because I'm so sick of the lone wolf roaming Doc's. Please just come back and heal me.

28 Use The Operator Standard Gadgets

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Sure every Operator has their own trademark gadgets and abilities, but there is also the standard gear.

Each Operator has the option to choose from a list of gadgets for both attacking and defending.

These gadgets include the drones, breach charges, and grenades. And unfortunately a lot of the time these tools are overlooked by the more casual audience. People come into Siege to play all the different unique Operators, and to use their skills. So they really only use the Operator specific tools and glaze over the standard ones. It's lamer but still, always place your barbed wire and barriers!

27 Peek Through The Keyhole

imgur.com Gallery by massiveunderwaer

This next trick took me months to learn.

When I said in the intro that R6S had destructible environments, I meant down to even the smallest details.

Even projectiles can make holes in the wall big enough for players to peek through when looking down the scope. And this mechanic is actually the barrier of entry for high-level play. Casual players MUST look out for any holes in the walls, ceilings, etc.. big or small. And when on defense, make some of your own! Peek through the keyhole, and poke at the enemies until you win.

26 Get Those Camera's Away From Me

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Information is the name of the game when it comes to Rainbow Six Siege. Knowing the enemies location for even a second is paramount to winning a round.

Ubisoft stressed the importance of taking out both the drones and cameras.

Drones are the RC cars every player has access to and can work as another camera after the round starts if placed correctly. But the map specific camera's are intensely important. Newer players, learn the layout of the maps, and where the cameras are. An experienced player defending can easily take out half a team thanks to just one camera.

25 Just Don't Play Fuze When There's A Hostage

YouTube.com Video By Jake Figurelli

Don't play Fuze on hostage maps. Just don't. I don't care if you think you're really good, and couldn't possibly Fuze the hostage. Don't. Do. It.

Fuze is an operator who's exclusive gadget is the Cluster Charge.

It's a piece of equipment that can be mounted on any surface and when activated launches a flurry of grenades into the room it's connected to. These grenades have a large impact radius and can clear a room on their own. Of course, they can also clear the hostage just as easily, and as frequently.

24 Spider-Man Envy Can Ruin Siege


So here's an odd problem with competitive multiplayer game's. Any mechanic in these games that is genuinely fun to do, is risky.

That's because even veteran players fall prey to risking a loss to have fun.

One of those mechanics in R6S is repelling. Repelling is of course when you connect a rope and climb either up or down the side of a building. In Siege, you can also climb upside down, and swing into windows. Causal players constantly suffer from getting taken out while repelling. It's boring I know, but repel only when necessary!

23 Built Yourself A Panic Room

Promotional Art From Ubisoft

You HAVE to defend the objective. It can be slow, boring, and requires a lot of patience. But if you want to win, you lock down and defend.

And one aspect of locking down is putting up the reinforced walls and barriers.

Casual players would rather set up traps or find a place to hide. But the first minute of a defense round is all about setup. The reinforcements are walls that can't be breached by normal bullets or melee. They can only be breached by certain Operators and are crucial to most games. So get comfortable, and lockdown.

22 Rook Is Almost Mandatory

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Rook is an operator that is still played on defense 90% of the time, it's a class that's pretty boring in terms of its design or skills, but twice as crucial.

Rook's ability it putting down a batch of armor that all players can equip, and a full set of body armor makes a team twice as strong.

But, it takes a couple seconds to throw on and is best equipped in the first 10 seconds. If you wait any longer, you could let a drone into the objective room or forget to put it on altogether.

21 Your RC Car Isn't A Toy

Promotional Art From Ubisoft

As I stated previously, intelligence gathering is a big part of R6S's metagame. The more enemies you can locate the better, but how you "locate" them is key.

When looking at an enemy in either the drone view or camera view, you have the option to "mark" them.

This puts a red marker over their head and teammates can see where they are. But, it also lets the enemy know there's a camera around. It's an unspoken rule that you never "mark" someone unless it's absolutely crucial. But casual players tend to mark all day every day for free points.

20 Don't Barricade Your Team Inside


Again, remember when I spoke earlier about barricading the objective room and locking down? Take that with a grain of salt.

It's important to close off the room to enemies but it's also just as important not to close off teammates.

There are maps where it's better to leave doors without barricades and other's where walls outside the objective room should be reinforced. The key sign of a newer player is when he locks the team out of the objective room with barricades. Place your defenses when it's logically appropriate, don't throw them up haphazardly!

19 The First Minute Of A Round Is Hide And Seek


Lastly on the intelligence gathering side of R6S, there's drone placement. In the first minute of the round for the attackers, they're all in control of an RC car that can explore the map in order to locate the enemy and objective.

So newer players tend to speed around in their RC cars frantically searching, or jumping around.

But what's just as important is finding an optimal spot for your drone once the timer runs out. Because you can check that drone while you're spectating after getting knocked out or in-game. Essentially it's another camera so it's super important! Hide those Hot Wheels!

18 The Real Heroes Are The Camera Crew


Rainbow Six Siege is unique in the way it allows players to spectate after they've already been knocked out. Ubisoft has changed the art of spectating.

Once a player has been eliminated, they then are only able to spectate a player, camera, or drone.

What this means is that if a match has become a 4 on 1, the 4 eliminated players can call out the positions of the enemies by keeping an eye on all camera's. Casual players ignore this aspect and hop on their phone once eliminated, but every aspect of R6S plays a role in a win.

17 Thermite Is An Essential Attacker

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You need a Thermite. If Rook is a sure-fire pick for a defender, Thermite would be the same for an attacker.

There's no situation where a Thermite couldn't be helpful.

His specialization is well, his thermal charges of course. He can breach any barrier, even if it's reinforced. But, he only gets one per round, so make it count. Greenhorn players do the exact opposite and breach the first reinforced wall they see. Sure it's helpful, but it's not nearly as helpful as it could be. And in a game where every single action counts, you need to do as much as possible.

16 Don't Use Lazer Sights No Matter How Cool They Look


Most games try to give their players as much choice as possible in their class setup. Attachments are Siege's version of this. There are 4-5 different choices for each different area of a firearm, such as a scope or a grip. One of these attachments is the laser sight.

If there was a tier list for attachments, laser sight's would be dead last.

No one hip fires in Siege, always aim, and always go for headshots. So an easy way to mark a casual player is one who is sporting that bright little laser sight like they're at a light show.

15 Barricade Above Not Below

In Game Screenshot

Another telltale sign of a casual player in most circumstances is one who uses a reinforced barrier on a floor hatch.

Hatches are in certain maps in the game and they're little destructible doors that can make for a sneaky breach or a quick escape.

Players usually try and drop down on their enemies using these floor panels since gamer's rarely ever look up. But, there's absolutely no reason to barricade a floor hatch, especially in the objective room. Enemies can't climb up through the hatch, and leaving it vulnerable makes for a quick escape in an outnumbered situation.

14 Teamwork And Communication, No Toxicity


As I said before, information plays a critical part in R6S.

But what people tend to forget, especially the less experienced players, is that it's a team game.

You could gather all the enemy locations but if you have no way to let your team know said information, you're actually hurting the team at that point. Gathering information is important but communicating that information and working with your teammates is JUST as important. No lone wolf, get all the eliminations stuff, talk it out. The better team wins, and it's only extremely rare that a good player beats a good team.

13 Play To Win, Not For Glory

Deviantart.com Art By Grobi-Grafik

Siege is an objective based game, the surefire way to win the round is to complete the objective. But because it's an FPS game, people tend to forget that.

The nature of FPS games is to rack up a high amount of eliminations in comparison to knockouts.

Beat as many players as possible, get beaten by none. But that's only for players new to this game. Gamers who understand what Siege is about will just as easily sacrifice themselves to distract the enemy while you complete the objective. And that's the mark of a true Siege veteran.

12 Be Sneaky With Your Traps

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There are a large number of trap-based Operators in Rainbow Six Siege. There are operators that place claymores, tripwires, bear traps, poison mines, and even shock drones.

There could be a trap around every corner and behind each door.

So players need to be cautious, experienced players already are. Therefore, in order to succeed as a class that uses traps, you have to think real sneaky like. Place your traps in area's you noticed you rush through. Put yourself in the enemies shoes as to where they'd be the least cautious. The difference between casual and pro is critical thinking!

11 Black Mirror May Have Ruined Siege

VelvetShell Operations DLC Trailer

Mira is an Operator that was introduced in the Operation Velvet Shell Patch. Her whole gimmick is the ability to place "Black Mirror's" on any destructible surface. These are one-way air compressed slides of glass that can be destroyed by puncturing the air canister. Casual players tend to place them directly in the objective room, and again, when the air canister is popped, the glass disappears.

That means Mira makes handy little windows for the enemy to take out their entire team through.

It's a true double-edged sword, and bad placement is a telltale sign of a newer player.

10 Glaz Is More Than A Sniper

Promotional Art From Ubisoft

Glaz is a combination Operator. People pick him and tend to only use him as a sniper class, and while that can work, it's limited. Glaz really shines when you equip him with smoke grenades. His firearm can be used with a thermal vision scope and lets him put an extra barrier of defense between him and the enemy.

With a properly placed smoke grenade, Glaz can see you, but you won't see him.

Unfortunately, newer players tend to stick to the outside and wait for people to walk by windows. When in reality an expert Glaz can breach and clear.

9 Lean With It Rock With It

Youtube.com Video By Noted

Now let's get real simple. In Siege, you can lean!

That's right, highly advanced tech...leaning. You can both lean left, and right!

Crazy I know. It's an incredibly simple mechanic but plays a large part in the higher level games. Leaning is crucial for picking off enemies around corners. It also happens to put your head at an odd angle making it hard to aim at for less experienced players. Spectating an advanced Siege player means you might get motion sickness from all the leaning. So if you're spectating someone, and you start to get nauseous, that mean's they're really good

8 When Life Get's You Down

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You'd think this one would go without saying, but you'd be surprised. Of course, since Rainbow Six Siege does it's best to be both realistic and action-packed, things are a bit larger than life.

But one thing that's very real is how much falling hurts, just don't fall!

It's not a hard rule to follow but newer players are the ones hopping off the second floor, accidentally falling off roofs, or jumping out windows. Understand that if you jump out a three-story window, it's gonna hurt! So make sure not to fall so your team doesn't waste time reviving you.

7 Bullet's Go Fast At Different Rates

In Game Screenshot

Fire rate is something that can be easily overlooked in an FPS game. A firearm could do 10 damage per projectile compared to one that does 100, but fire rate is what closes the gap.

The same rules apply to Siege, different firearms have burst, single, and full auto capabilities.

Recognize this as an experienced player and use the one that best fits the situation. Personally, I'm a fan of single shot since it feels like I have more agency, but full auto firearms are nothing to scoff at. Especially in a Siege where 5-10 projectiles can knock you out as opposed to 100.

6 There's No Option Where You're Too Slow

reddit.com/r/Rainbow6/ Art By LeanFoo

HEY! NO RUNNING! This harkens back to my point about roaming classes a bit, running really isn't necessary for most situations. Plus, Siege is a game with very specific audio cues and hyper-detailed audio quality.

Take a second in a game and just listen, you can hear every footstep.

That goes double for someone who is running. Newer players running all over the map, scuttling about, are giving away the entire team's position. So let's pretend that the objective is a pool. Take your time, cool off, enjoy yourself, and don't you dare run or I'll blow that whistle.

5 Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

In Game Screenshot

In other FPS's, the number of projectiles it takes to eliminate an opponent could be massive. But Siege wanted to keep it a pretty low number.

That said, 5-10 projectiles are still pretty high in terms of realism.

Reality would mean 1-2, but that doesn't make for much fun in a video game. But, that doesn't take into consideration the headshot. Always aim for the head, even aiming when no one’s there, train your body to aim at head height. If you hit the head and your enemy hits your body, you'll always win. Casual players aim for the body.

4 Traps Are Great As Distractions

In Game Screenshot

This next one is actually a pretty high-level play. We've talked about the gadgets, explosives, and firearms Operators use. It's widely accepted these tools do a high amount of damage in the game, and that same knowledge is also a deterrent.

For example, place a breach charge in the hallway across from you, now when you hear an enemy nearby, blow it up.

The enemy has a very high chance of investigating the breach charge for an infiltrating player. Now you've pulled them exactly where you want them and can pick them off from behind. Distraction is as good as destruction.

3 Do Your Homework, Learn The Maps

In Game Screenshot

Rainbow Six Siege, just like other FPS's, fighting games, and hero based titles, has a set catalog of maps.

Of course, new maps get added in later patches and DLC but there'll never be too many to learn.

Any player who wants to move past the casual level should take the initiative and learn the maps. Knowing a map makes a huge difference. When you learn the area, you know where cameras are, the best camping spots, the spawn locations for the objective, even where it would be best to put traps! So take the time, and study your handy dandy map.

2 Grenades Are A Double-Edged Sword

Promotional Art From Ubisoft

Grenades are the final crucial key in your Operator toolbelt. There is a wide variety in the game and each one has different applications.

It really takes a dedicated player to learn all the different uses and applications for these grenades.

There are smoke, poison, flash, explosive, even emp grenades! And each one has a different purpose and time of use. So if you see a player, then all you see is white light, you right there have a newer player. That's someone who doesn't understand grenades and tossed a flash within eyesight of a teammate. Just poor form really.

1 Please Don't Main Any One Operator

Promotional Art From Ubisoft

And lastly, R6S is essentially a hero based game. Each Operator has a unique, individual design. The more variation between characters, the more often people decide on a "main".

Maining comes from fighting games where no matter what, you always pick the same character. Please, please, don't be that person in Siege.

I understand wanting to "main" an operator, I do. But you have to play according to your team composition and how best to counter the enemy. If you're constantly getting knocked out quickly as Rook, switch it up next round. Be adaptable and you'll go far. I promise.

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