Rainbow Six Siege: 10 Tips To Becoming A Better Attacker

Rainbow Six Siege is a fun game where you can play offensive or defensive. On the former side, we can teach you how to be a better attacker.

Rainbow Six Siege is a fun game that pits two teams against each other as one team tries to defend against attacks to perform a specific task while the other team is on the offensive trying desperately to stop them.

As an attacker your job is to take down the opposing team huddled inside of a building. When facing reinforced walls, traps, barbed wire, heavy arms, and thick shields there are some general things you can do to become a better attacker.

10 Early Intel

Right out of the gate it’s important to get your drone out and begin gathering as much intel about the enemy as possible. Ideally you want to find out where they’re holed up so you know where to focus your efforts. You also want to find out where the traps are, which walls are reinforced, and get a feel for the path the defending team is hoping to force your down.

If the enemy fails to destroy your drone you will have eyes and ears inside the building for the remainder of the round until it’s discovered, so use that to your advantage to coordinate attacks and give your team updated information.

9 Open Things Up

The defenders goal is to force attackers into choke points and kill zones to concentrate their firepower and make their job easier, don’t let them. Find ways to open up new avenues for your team to go through by breaching walls, take down reinforcements they’ve made, pop traps, and so on.

Worst case scenario give your team another means of attacking the enemy by shooting holes in the walls and creating other weak points. Attackers can get a lot of kills by shooting through small holes made in the drywall.

8 Come At Them From Every Angle

Once you’ve opened up some new entry points it’s time to abuse them and create more. Instead of coming down the main entry point and getting your team killed by concentrated firepower, use every angle to surprise them and split their attention.

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Breach the upper windows, shoot through the floor, knock out reinforced walls, split into smaller groups and perform coordinated attacks. Do everything you can to get the drop on them or at least keep them guessing where you’ll be coming from next.

7 Reinforcement Breachers

The defenders will have operatives who can reinforce walls and doorways so it’s important to have at least one member on your team who can undo all that hard work. Without this ability your team will be corralled down less ideal paths.

Characters like Hibana or Thermite will go a long way to giving your team options when it comes to attacking the enemy. It’s also important to note that there was a reason the defenders wanted that particular wall beefed up and having a way to remove that protection can be the key to victory or seriously disrupting the defenders’ plans.

6 Electronic Countering

The defenders have a whole mess of gadgets and traps up their sleeve that can kill enemies from afar, booby trap doors, keep tabs on their enemies, and stun opponents. Having at least one member of your team with the ability to disrupt some of these abilities is key to winning as an attacker.

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Make sure at least one teammate is assigned as an electronics counter operative such as Thatcher and Twitch. Having the ability to knock out signal disruptors or fry electronics can make your objective a lot easier.

5 Grenades Are Your Friend

Defenders typically hole up in a particular area and less experienced defenders will create small well defended boxes for themselves. As an attacker you can do a lot of damage in these situations by lobbing a grenade into the center of their operations.

Even if you’re going against more spread out veterans grenades are a great way to create holes in walls to allow your teammates yet more angles to shoot through. Even less destructive grenades like flashbangs or smoke bombs can throw the defenders off their game and create openings for your teammates.

4 Stay Alert

While the defenders are typically on the defense for the round that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of going offensive if it’s in their best interest. Expert defenders will have small fire teams responsible for ambushing incoming attackers, wandering the area to gather intel, and adding defenses to weak points you’ve created.

It’s important to stay alert and be cautious as you progress forward. If a hallway seems lightly defended even though it’s a great path forward, then watch yourself because it may be on purpose.

3 Shield Operators

As part of an attacking team it’s important to make sure there are a few people on your team that are shield operators. Having these mobile defenses to give your team cover as you move forward is necessary for success and its suicide not to have at least one on the team.

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Operatives like Blitz can provide cover for advancing or retreating forces and make wall breaches much safer. Attacking teams would be absolutely insane not to have Montagne on their team with his massive full body shield that can plug holes from ambushes and nearly fill a hallway with a slow-moving impenetrable wall for his allies to hide behind.

2 Rushing Works, Sometimes

Sometimes when the round isn’t going your way and your team finds itself crashing against the walls of the defenders over and over again it can be a good idea to shake things up and throw caution to the wind. Many one-sided battles have been turned around by an attacking team who drew weapons, threw a few flashbangs, and stormed in guns blazing.

It’s a good tactic against inexperienced defenders who will stumble over themselves trying to respond and even experts can get thrown off by the sudden brazenness. It’s not a surefire tactic and some teams may even be expecting such a move, but it works enough of the time to be a viable last ditch strategy.

1 Teamwork

Teamwork is important for any multiplayer game, but especially so for attackers in Rainbow Six Siege. You’ll want teammates who pass along info about the defenders, perform coordinated breaches, and can say when to fall back or push forward.

Being on a team that communicates well and cooperates with each other can allow a group of amateurs to turn the tables on cocky experts who are operating solo. As an attacker trying to find a way to crack the well defended nut it’s important to work with your teammates and communicate the entire round.

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