Rainbow Six Siege: 5 Tips To Help You Get Better With Nokk (& 5 For Using Warden)

Rainbow Six Siege has recently entered its newest season, and with a new season comes two new operators: Nokk and Warden. One of them has a pretty familiar toolset, somewhat combining a couple of different operators into one ability, while the other has an entirely new mechanic that could occasionally trip up the other team. There are certain things you can do with each operator that's going to help sway things your way, so let's take a look at some general tips to keep in mind when playing with them:

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Nokk's gadget allows you to stay invisible from enemy cameras and dampens her movement noise. If she moves too quickly with her gadget active, cameras will be able to see a visual distortion, signifying her presence. In order to get the most use out of Nokk, it's imperative to have strong map knowledge. Knowing camera locations is going to help you get the most out of the gadget, along with knowing the general locations an enemy Valkyrie will throw their cameras.


Nokk typically shouldn't be in the same section of the map as the rest of her team. One buddy around might not be a bad thing, but she should be moving separately from the bulk of your team because Nokk's there to clear the enemy team of roamers. She should be tracking down and eliminating roamers as her primary concern, and it's easiest to do that when you're able to get the drop on the other team; it's not so easy when you're surrounded by other teammates, and so probably generating a ton of noise.


Nokk is able to be completely invisible to most cameras, though there are a couple of exceptions to this rule. Much like how cameras get a certain border-effect when Vigil is nearby and invisible, both Mozzie Drones and Echo Drones are going to get that same effect when Nokk is nearby and invisible.

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Still, there are pretty limited opportunities for Attackers to be forewarned of your presence, but it does mean you'll need to stay on your toes if the enemy team is bringing either of these operators into the fray.


Considering Nokk's role as a roam-clearer, it's generally a good idea to take a nice tour of the map in order to take care of the roamers, or at least push them into a different position, preferably into the waiting crosshairs of a teammate. This does mean you don't have time to linger in any one section of the map for too long since you'll need to cover a lot of ground, but constant movement is definitely going to limit the enemy team's ability to keep tabs on where you are for any meaningful amount of time. Throughout the entire match, it's definitely important to switch up the routes and entry points you take, that way the enemy team isn't able to lock down exactly where you're going to be before you get there.


As Nokk, there are going to be some instances that you don't necessarily want to shoot out the cameras. As a Defender, if you see a camera has been destroyed, you know for certain that an Attacker has been through. But as Nokk, you get the distinct advantage of passing a camera without the Defenders being any wiser, so use that ability as an opportunity to thoroughly surprise someone. They've been watching the camera the entire round, they know no one's there... or do they?


Warden's glasses, when activated, allow him to be minimally impacted by flashbangs, and allow him to see through smoke while he's staying still. These glasses have unlimited activations throughout the round, but they will need a few moments to recharge after each time they've been activated.

To be perfectly honest, Warden isn't going to be a huge advantage most of the time, but there are specific instances in which he's going to have the upper hand, if only because the enemy is surprised that he's able to fight back.


Warden is a counter to any operator running flashbangs or smoke grenades, but he's a hard counter to anybody specifically playing Ying, Blitz, or Glaz.

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Both Ying and Blitz are going to have a hard time initiating a conflict in which they have a distinct advantage against Warden, keeping the fight on an even playing field. Glaz is going to be a bit tricker.


Glaz is going to still be a bit of a problem, but at least Warden is going to have an easier time with him than any other operator. Both Glaz and Warden need to stay still in order to see through the smoke, meaning, essentially, whichever player stood still first is going to win the fight, which makes for a bit of an odd fight in Siege. Since we've all gotten used to fighting Glaz without the chance to see through his smoke, we've all gotten adept enough at shooting into the smoke at the area Glaz probably is. With Warden, it makes this a little bit easier, but at the end of the day, it's still going to come down to gun-skill above all.


Depending on the situation, IQ could be a bit of a problem against Warden. Just like with Pulse, IQ will be able to see Warden through walls as long as he has his gadget active. Now, Warden is probably going to have his gadget active a lot less often than Pulse is, but it still is worth mentioning that keeping a healthy distance from soft walls while using his glasses could be a lifesaver.


As mentioned before, Warden isn't going to be useful in all that many situations. But, when his gadget does pay off, it could win fights that wouldn't have been winnable with any other operator. In order to get the maximum use out of Warden's glasses, you'll need to focus on positioning above all. Hold as many hard-angles as you possibly can, in situations where the Attacker is going to get lit up the moment they stray into your crosshairs. Create scenarios in which they feel like they have to use a flashbang or a smoke grenade to get into a room or across a doorframe. Then, activate the glasses, and get rid of any advantage that may have given them.

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