Ranked: 10 Best Weapons In Bloodborne

It's been four years since FromSoftware turned the video game world on its head with Bloodborne. Fans both new and old flooded the streets of Yharnam searching for a means to escape "transcend the Hunt." Just like Dark Souls, Bloodborne is brutally difficult and will chew timid players alive. You have to get aggressive, you have to "git gud," and you have to find a powerful weapon.

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That's where we come in, good Hunter. Today, we're going to analyze 10 of Bloodborne's best weapons. Some of these trick weapons will be much harder to obtain than others. So keep your favorite playstyle in mind as you search for your worth in the waking world.

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10 Saw Cleaver

Oh no, we're not joking: the Saw Cleaver is one of the best weapons in Bloodborne. It's flexible, fast, and free! A Hunter can choose the Cleaver at the start of their run and use it all the way through with little incident. Whether you're fighting a single foe or a massive mob, this weapon's got you covered.

The Cleaver scales well with Strength and Skill. As a bonus, Hunters can also coat it with any of the item buffs in the game. Eventually, you'll want to move on when you reach Bloodborne's endgame. But even if you choose to keep maining the Cleaver, you could do much worse.

9 Beast Claw

Let's start off with a weapon that completely defeats the purposes of hunting in the first place. Once upon a time, the Beast Claw use to be a nifty little tool that primarily aided in Wolverine cosplays. Then The Old Hunters DLC released and gave us the Beast's Embrace rune - fundamentally changing the way weapon the Beast Claw works!

The enhance Claw gives users faster attacks, unpredictable moves, and gradually increases Beasthood. The caveat is that you have to turn into the very beasts we've been hunting from the get-go! Aside from taking a hit to your looks, your defense drops the higher your Beasthood rises. You can also only find the Claw in a Chalice Dungeon.

8 Kos Parasite

Here's another weapon that's cosmically missing the point of what it means to be a Hunter. The Kos Parasite doesn't look like much on the surface. Indeed, it's not particularly effective in the wrong hands. However, should you possess the Milkweed rune, you'll transform into a giant piece of cauliflower with cosmic power!

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Like the Beast Claw, players receive a brand new moveset and a monstrous makeover. What gives Kos Parasite the edge over the Claw is the special attacks players can use; press L2 and unleash a devastating AOE attack that melts unwary foes! With enough points in Arcane, a Kos Parasite wielder can one-shot most players and a few bosses! Possibly the biggest drawback to this weapon is its means of acquisition and you'll have to get the Parasite from Kos himself. "No mercy for slimy thing!"

7 Tonitrus

Are you looking to make an Arcane build but don't want to sacrifice your humanity? Well, have no fear for the Tonitrus is here! To get this bad boy, you can either find it in Yahar'gul or buy it after obtaining the Spark Hunter Badge. Getting the Tonitrus won't be easy either way. But for your trouble, you'll get a weapon that can carry Arcane builds through most of the game.

The Tonitrus' moveset is fast and fluid. Its electrical properties also utterly wreck Kin-type foes. Unfortunately, this weapon breaks easily and can't be buffed with any other items. Certain enemies will also laugh off attacks from the Tonitrus, causing it to lose out to more versatile weapons.

6 Whirligig Saw

Speaking of more versatile weapons, let's all give a heartfelt Hunter's Salutation to the Whirligig Saw! Deemed 'the Pizza Cutter of Justice' by the Bloodborne faithful, the community fell in love with this weapon when the first Old Hunters trailer dropped. Read the comments from any of those videos and you'll see fans frothing at the mouth over this stylish trick-weapon.

Thankfully, Whirligig Saw lives up to the hype! This weapon does excellent Serration damage in its transformed mode. It's also pretty nifty in its base state as well. As a drawback, you can't use your firearms while two-handing this baby. So if you like to parry opponents, the 'Pizza Cutter of Justice' might not be for you. Either way, you'll stumble across it in The Hunter's Nightmare.

5 Ludwig's Holy Blade

At the middle of this list is a middle-of-the-road weapon that was severely over-used in its heyday. Ludwig's Holy Blade is one of the best options for Strength and Quality (Strength/Skill) builds in the game. But if you develop your Hunter poorly, this weapon essentially becomes your only viable option.

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LHB has plenty of pros; both of its forms are great, it does decent damage, and it can receive all the buffs! However, LBH doesn't excel in any single field. Heck, you can't even get any of its stats to S no matter how many times you upgrade it. Still, this is the closest you'll get to using the Buster Sword in Bloodborne. Find the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge to obtain this blade.

4 Holy Moonlight Sword

The Holy Moonlight Sword is LHB's older, sexier sibling that lives in the Hollywood Hills and works a seven-figure job. If you're interested in making a Strength/Arcane build that's got more of a magical slant to it, here's your Huckleberry. If you're concerned about the lack of S's on this weapon's stat sheet, disregard all that - the HMS supersedes trivial things odds and numbers!

In its base state, it's a one-handed claymore that your Hunter will sling over his shoulder like a boss. Once transformed, the HMS unleashes its ultimate power! With the press of a button, you can start slinging laser beams around at the cost of your Quicksilver bullets. Tap L2 and lash out with a destructive thrust that can floor some of the toughest foes in the game! The fact that it's a DLC weapon and drains utterly Quicksilver bullets are the MHS's only real downsides. Also, you have to beat Ludwig to get it - which is far easier said than done.

3 Simon's Bow Blade

Throughout the Old Hunters DLC, you encounter a man named Simon numerous times. Unlike almost every other NPC in the game, Simon is level headed, friendly, and sane. Should you befriend him, the two of you will work together to uncover the mystery of The Hunter's Nightmare. Unfortunately, Simon will perish in the process at the hands of the Brador. When the times comes, Simon will give you his Bowblade before he passes away.

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Simon's Bowblade is one of the fastest and most versatile weapons in Bloodborne. Hunters can switch between ranged and melee combat on the fly - keeping foes off balanced with the press of a button. For Skill/ Bloodtinge builds, this will be one of your prime endgame options. It's not the most damaging weapon in Bloodborne, but it's one of the most sophisticated. In the right hands, Simon's Blade can effectively cripple bosses and shred through other Hunters in PvP.

2 Evelyn

FromSoftware intentionally designed Bloodborne to discourage overly defensive play; shields suck, healing options are limited, and firearms do piddling amounts of damage. Or at least they do near the beginning of the game. Should a player commit to a Bloodtinge build and stock up on Bonemarrow Ash, firearms can be quite devastating.

Even with the Old Hunters DLC taken into account, Evelyn is the reigning queen of Bloodborne's firearms. She outclasses and out scales all of the other guns in the game by a mile. Load her up with Bonemarrow Ash, and you can genuinely shoot any of the game's bosses to death! Even if you aren't using a Bloodtinge build, Evelyn is worth keeping as your offhand weapon. Travel to the Cainhurst Castle and fight your way through its denizens to obtain this beauty.

1 Chigake

The Chikage is probably the only other weapon in Bloodborne that's arguably more sophisticated than Simon's Bowblade. Both the Chikage and SBB encourage Hunters to switch between their modes frequently. These two weapons also scale very well off of Skill and Bloodtinge - making them great compliments to one another.

However, the Chikage is a very demanding weapon. Once transformed, this blade begins siphoning health from its wielder! The damage bonus that the transformed Chikage provides is incredible. But an unwary Hunter might accidentally kill themselves in the middle of a heated fight! Once you master this weapon, you'll be able to rack up insane amounts of damage. That being said, the Chikage demands that you use it in a specific fashion. Commune with the Vilebloods and receive this blade as your reward.

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