Ranked: The 5 Best Attack Skins in Overwatch (& 5 Worst)

Legendary skins span from amazing to abominable. The great skins are carefully thought-out, impeccably designed, and feel true to the hero.

Overwatch has an increasingly growing character pool. New characters have consistently been added throughout the game. At a current total of 16 characters, offensive Overwatch heroes undeniably have the lead over both Tank and Support heroes. It comes as no surprise that such a large number of heroes would also lead to a large number of skins available for each hero.

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This article will try to focus on legendary skins, (with one exception) as they are, understandably, the ones most often under critique by players. Legendary skins span from amazing to abominable. The great skins are carefully thought-out, impeccably designed, and feel true to the hero. The bad are often filled with a mix of bad haircuts, poor character representation, and the occasional other taboo. See for yourself in the 5 Best Attack Skins in Overwatch (& 5 Worst).

10 (Best) Pharah, Qinglong

Qinglong is another amazing Lunar New Year skin. Pharah is a true powerhouse in Overwatch, and the dragon is a perfect symbolization of her character. The Dragon is strong, proud, graceful and fearless, just like Pharah.

The details that make the skin great are more subtle for Qinglong. The gold and turquoise colors really pop, especially with her glowing eyes and detailing. The whole look feels powerful and elegant.

9 (Worst) Mei, Mei-rry

Generally speaking, Mei’s skins are cute. To be honest, Mei-rry is no exception to this. It’s a fun and cheerful holiday recolor of Mei’s normal look. But, that’s just the problem. Mei-rry is a legendary skin, yet is a recolor of her regular attire.

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Sure, there’s the cute addition of a Santa hat, but that isn’t enough to warrant such a high rarity. At most, Mei-rry should be an epic skin, which is why it has upset so many players- and ended up on this list.

8 (Best) Soldier 76, Grillmaster 76

Soldier 76 has long been considered the dad of the Overwatch family by many fans. The Grillmaster 76 skin brings this vision to life. As the name implies, Grillmaster 76 brings our favorite soldier out to the backyard barbecue.

Complete with a stocked apron, a Hawaiian shirt, and the classic socks with sandals combo. This skin completes the meme dream that players have had for years now.

7 (Worst) Pharah, Security Chief

There’s nothing directly wrong with Pharah’s security chief skin. Looking at Pharah’s skin lineup, she always has bright and colorful outfits. Whereas Security Chief feels dull with all it’s shades of brown, as well as having only slight changes to the armor.

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That being said, it makes sense, living in Egypt desert camouflage would be the go-to for military designs. Unfortunately, desert camo just isn’t very fun to look at.

6 (Best) Gengi, Baihu

Genji has a few amazing skins, but Baihu stands out among them. A silver suit of armor with a ghostly flair. The tiger designs were part of the Lunar New Year event and act as a great symbol of Gengi himself, as he is strong and determined much like the powerful feline.

The final touch that makes the Baihu skin special, are the colorful and ghostly mists emitting from the suit. And let’s not forget the special ultimate dialog Baihu brings to the table.

5 (Worst) Soldier 76, Cyborg 76

Steadfast and uncompromising, Soldier 76 instills a sense of strength and bravery. He’s a serious soldier who commands respect, and generally, his skins represent that. There is, of course, one skin that seems to defy most of what Soldier 76 stands for.

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Cyborg 76 is a disaster. The Terminator gone wrong; Cyborg 76 makes our favorite soldier look like a joke. However, fans might have been more understanding of the skin had it not included Soldier 76 with a shaved head.

4 (Best) Symmetra, Dragon

As an architect, creation is a natural part of Symmetra's work. This carries over to her work in Overwatch as she creates turrets and portals on the battlefield. However, don’t let her creation abilities fool you- Symmetra is just as deadly as the other attack heroes. The skin, Dragon, was released as part of the 2017 Halloween event.

Dragon, as the name implies, gives Symmetra a fierce and powerful new look as a mythical dragon. The skin acts as a reminder of just how dangerous she can be. Adorned with horns, scales, and glowing eyes; Symmetra’s recreation as a dragon is stunning, and it is little wonder that is so beloved by fans.

3 (Worst) Tracer, Lightning

This list was intended to focus on legendary skins; however, an exception must be made. Tracer’s lightning skin is controversial at best, and downright awful at worst. For an epic skin, players have a lot of opinions about it.

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While there are some people who genuinely like the skin, many can’t stand it. The issue? Tracer’s blond mohawk. It’s far too light-colored and unfortunately, it just looks ridiculous. Making it just another instance of how bad hair can ruin a skin.

2 (Best) Hanzo, Okami

Hanzo’s Okami skin is a well-known fan favorite, and it’s not hard to see why. The wolf plays a large role in Japanese folklore- known for being quick and fierce. While these traits are both fitting for Hanzo, there’s more that makes the skin great.

Mainly, the amazing design, the wolf is integrated perfectly with the outfit by having it be worn as a pelt. Even Hanzo’s ultimate takes on the form a wolf as opposed to his usual dragon.

1 (Worst) Sombra, Talon

Sombra’s talon skin is one of the best examples of how a bad haircut can ruin a skin. The Talon outfit itself isn’t great, but it isn’t the worst either. The dress concept is good, but the execution falls short of vogue and looks a little plastic-like.

But, as said before, Sombra’s hair is what really ruins this skin. The hair cut looks like a rip-off Rihanna combined with a soccer mom. The look does not represent the stylish and sassy Sombra, and is quite frankly, unpleasant to look at.

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