Ranked: Every Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Character So Far

Leading up to its release, Arc System Works’ Dragon Ball FighterZ generated quite the bit of hype. The fluid gameplay along with manga-inspired design and animation had fans drooling. The game did not disappoint and is still thriving a little over a year after its release.

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Aside from the base roster, DLC characters have been brought into the game, with many being fan favorites. With more on the way, it might be the right time to look at the DLC roster thus far and see how they stack up against each other.

11 Jiren

While Jiren tore things up in Dragon Ball Super, his FighterZ counterpart isn’t faring as well. Fans of the anime might not be too happy with this ranking but at the end of the day, this is a pretty fair spot for Jiren.

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Jiren isn’t the most versatile fighter in the game. He does a good amount of damage and his powerful ki blasts are something players should take advantage of. But all in all, you can find better characters that have similar damage with much more ease of use.

10 Android 17

It might not be the most popular opinion, but this fan favorite lands pretty low in the rankings. Android 17 may have played a big role in the Tournament of Power, but his FighterZ counterpart isn’t the most reliable fighter on the roster.

17 is a pretty technical fighter. To say that he takes some getting used to is a given, but it’s also worth noting that his level of execution for most moves is higher than a lot of other fighters. He’s got a pretty weak ranged game as well and the majority of his normals put him in disadvantageous positions.

9 Broly

While most fans associate Broly with raw power, there’s not all that much this Saiyan berserker has going on in FighterZ. It’s easy to assume that just because Broly is strong that he should be considered among the best DLC characters in the game. But that just isn’t the case. There’s a lot more that goes into it than that.

The biggest knock on Broly is how big his hitbox is. Broly is a massive character and that definitely affects how easily opponents can strike him. It’s a big disadvantage that skilled players will easily exploit for an easy win.

8 Goku GT

Not surprisingly, Goku has the most variations of anyone on the entire FighterZ roster. That’s to be expected though, as he’s not only the most iconic character in the franchise but one of the most recognized of his medium.

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Still, popularity can’t make up for the mediocrity that is GT Goku. One great thing about the character is that he probably has the smallest hitbox in the game due to his short stature. But that’s about it. He’s a very short ranged fighter and is practically useless when it comes to long-range combat.

7 Base Goku

It’s weird to see Goku where he is on this list, as Dragon Ball fans have pretty much gotten accustomed to seeing him as the strongest character in the series. But while that may apply to the manga and anime, this isn’t the case in FighterZ.

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While Base Goku does possess a pretty unique skill set, that isn’t doing all that much for him. His damage is only average though he does have a solid command grab. What really hurts him though is his reliance on assists. He’s not the worst of the DLC characters but can take time to get used to without much payoff.

6 Cooler

Undeniably a fan favorite, many were ecstatic when Cooler came to FighterZ as a DLC character. Though non-canon in the anime and manga, Cooler is a character many in the fandom probably wouldn’t mind seeing receive the Broly treatment.

Cooler is a bit on the slow side and struggles to put together blockstrings. But he’s got some incredible range on his attacks. With a decent amount of distance between him and his enemy, Cooler can more than compensate for his shortcomings.

5 Zamasu (Fused)

Zamasu was a pretty interesting villain that sadly couldn’t pull Super out of its early arc slump. But the character did become pretty popular with fans and stood out as a truly fearsome foe. His FighterZ counterpart is a solid character that players of all skill levels can enjoy.

Zamasu stands out in part because of his orbs, which allow him to extend combos and blockstrings pretty efficiently. Although he does lose them when forced to block, given how effective they can be, it’s well worth the effort of keeping them up.

4 Vegito SSGSS

Consisting of both Goku and Vegeta, there’s no question that Vegito was going to land pretty high in the rankings. Vegito is an exciting character who is loads of fun to play and someone capable of dominating enemies with ease.

Vegito is a very versatile fighter that can match-up favorably in most situations. He’s incredibly useful when sparking and it can compliment his ridiculous strength. There are tons of cool combos you can employ in Vegito’s repertoire as well, making him a headache to try and plan around if you’re going against him.

3 Videl

Surprised? While she may not be the strongest human in the Dragon Ball universe, Videl’s FighterZ counterpart is probably one of the best DLC characters you can get right now. Not only that, but she’s incredibly fun to play as well.

Videl can pretty much do everything pretty well. She doesn’t pack the strongest punch, but more than makes up for that with her counters, super counters, and mixups. Barring a nerf, expect her to be a pretty popular character for the foreseeable future.

2 Base Vegeta

Well, it may seem a little strange to series veterans, but it looks like Base Vegeta has the edge over Goku in this one. At least so much as FighterZ is concerned. Though an incredibly fun character, Base Vegeta does carry some baggage.

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Following his level 3 nerf, Base Vegeta just isn’t the same as he once was. He leaves himself open a lot of the time. But of course, the tradeoff is that he can dish out some pretty nice damage. He’s a quick character, so if you can maximize that in tandem with his strong combos, you can really cause some headaches.

1 Bardock

A fan favorite for years, many are probably happy to see Bardock top this ranking. Though his character did get a bit of a raw deal in the anime, Bardock comes out on top among FighterZ DLC characters. If you’re going to choose just one of the DLC FighterZ talked about on this list, let it be him.

Bardock isn’t hard to use and doesn’t take all that much execution for most of his moveset. He’s a quick and nimble fighter who can play both long range and close combat nicely. His Super is quick and can be pulled off pretty easily, making dealing damage to your opponent less of a hassle.

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