Ranked: Every Pokémon Generation

Ranking the best Pokémon Generation is a never-ending debate amongst Pokémon fans. There are so many factors to consider. Which Generation has the best starter Pokémon? The best environments? Most innovative? It's safe to say there's no right or wrong answer to this debate. Each Generation has unique characteristics that make Pokémon special.

Pokémon fans were over the moon when the Eighth Generation of the series got announced just a few weeks ago. While we all dream about our adventures in the Galar region, it's the perfect opportunity to reflect on the other 7 Generations. For this list, we are going to consider a variety of things such as new Pokémon, environments, and new features. Here is every Pokémon Generation ranked.

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7 Generation V

Generation V is a mixed bag amongst fans. You either love it or hate it. This Generation didn't bring a whole lot of innovation to the series. For starters, the games released on Nintendo DS which was outdated hardware at the time. The games had a very similar look to Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, making it hard to stand out. 

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Generation V is also lacking in the starter department. Oshawott, Snivy, and Tepig are arguably the least memorable starting trio in the Pokémon series. The new Pokémon in this Generation are often highly criticized by fans for poor design and lack of uniqueness.

6 Generation VII

The most recent Generation certainly made a lot of strides for the series but didn't do enough to stand out on top. Pokémon Sun and Moon introduced us to the Alola region. A tropical region filled with islands and beautiful scenery. The environments make Generation VII amazing. Whether you enjoyed that gameplay or not, it's hard to argue the joy you felt when exploring the Alola region for the first time.

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Alolan forms are also something that stands out with this Generation. Alolan Sandslash and Alolan Ninetales are proof of that! A few other notable features include the omission of HMs, the Rotom Dex, and Poke Pelago.

5 Generation IV

Much like Generation V, the fourth Generation doesn't introduce a whole lot of memorable Pokémon. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl did make a massive leap in gameplay. Thanks to the power of the Nintendo DS, we got a whole new look for Pokémon. At this time, this was the coolest thing for fans. Wasn't exploring Snowpoint City so amazing? The best addition to Generation IV was online gameplay. For the first time, players could battle and trade with trainers all over the world. Completing the Pokédex was never easier!

4 Generation VI

Generation VI introduced us to the Kalos region. As the first Pokémon game on Nintendo 3DS, this Generation made some huge visual improvements. The new graphics gave the game a whole new feeling, which is something the series desperately needed at the time. Pokémon X and Y added a ton of new features to the series. Fairy-type Pokémon, the ability to fully customize your trainer, and Mega Evolutions have all proven to be excellent additions. Notable new Pokémon from this Generation include Greninja, Sylveon, and Tyrantrum.

3 Generation III

Whether you think the Hoenn region has too much water or not, it's hard to argue its importance to the series. Generation III forever changed the battle system of Pokémon. The introduction of double battles, Pokémon natures, and abilities all contributed to the Pokémon competitive scene.

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Pokémon Contests was also a new feature introduced with this Generation. For the first time, players could compete in something other than battles with their Pokémon. Contests brought a whole new competitive scene to the series. The Legendary Pokémon in Generation III are also amazing too. Who doesn't love Rayquaza?

2 Generation I

Generation I introduced us to the wonderful world of Pokémon for the first time. The Kanto region has some exciting areas like Lavender Town, the S.S. Anne, and Celadon City that fans will remember forever. Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur are no doubt the most memorable starting Pokémon in the series. Pair that with Mewtwo and the Legendary Birds, and you have some of the greatest Pokémon of all time.

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There's no denying the nostalgia of the original 151. Pokémon Red and Blue have proven to be amazing over and over again even with the countless remakes the games have received.

1 Generation II

Arguably the best games in the series, Pokémon Gold and Silver improved on its predecessor in a way no other entry has been able to do. The ability to play through both the Johto and Kanto region is such a pleasure. This feature adds so much more depth to the series and is something fans have been begging for in new games ever since.

The introduction of the day and night cycle is such an underrated element. This feature is so simple, yet it manages to give the games a unique feeling when capturing Pokémon. Generation II introduces 100 brand new Pokémon, all of which are amazing. Lugia and Ho-Oh are some of the coolest Legendaries in the series. Here's to hoping we get a Let's Go remake of this Generation!

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