Ranked: Every Sims 4 Stuff Pack, From The Worst To The Best

With 15 stuff packs already out for the game, it's no wonder gamers are feeling overwhelmed. Which stuff pack gives you the most bang for your buck?

The Sims is pretty much everyone’s favorite life simulation game. There’s something weirdly addictive about controlling fictional lives, making them as realistic or wildly out of control as you please. The Sims 4 reflects many aspects true to life: varying moods, relationships, careers, and… stuff. An abundance of stuff. And if you’re not committed to the minimalist life, stuff packs are there to further bury your Sims in material goods. Since The Sims 4’s release in late 2014, there have been fifteen of these packs released, adding more options in objects, clothes, and décor.

What you make of these packs can really depend on play style; are you more of a builder or a family legacy player? All things considered, here’s our take on the stuff packs, ranked from worst to best.

Updated November 27th, 2019: The Sims fans we treated to a handful of new releases in 2019, we've updated the list to reflect the new additions to the franchise.

15 My First Pet Stuff

via: Origin

Who doesn’t want to see a dog in a spacesuit? Alongside cute outfits, this pack adds small pets, like hamsters and hedgehogs. There’s even a new way for your Sims to sleep with the fishes—literally—if they catch ‘Rabid Rodent Fever’.

The major downside is that you need The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs expansion pack to enjoy all the features. This is the first stuff pack to be tied to an expansion, and the lack of immediately available features left some fans feeling ruff, earning it the lowest rank.

14 Cool Kitchen Stuff

via: SimsVIP

The best part of this stuff pack is the ice-cream maker. It has an impressive variety of choices: types, flavors, and toppings. There’s also a good amount of stylish new Create-A-Sim options.

As for kitchen-related items? It’s surprisingly lacking. And the limited options aren’t very unique. If you’re an ice-cream enthusiast or just want more outfits, it’s a decent pack, but otherwise, it feels a bit unnecessary; so it's just above last place.

13 Luxury Party Stuff

via: Origin

The most luxurious element of this pack is the Create-A-Sim options: dazzling outfits and fancy hairstyles. It also includes a fountain that can be used for chocolate, cheese, and drinks, and the buffet tables are pretty useful. There is, however, a lack of exciting build-mode objects, making parties surprisingly lackluster if not for the posh outfits. This gives the pack a low spot on our list, but if you fancy having ‘bougie’ Sims, you might like it.

12 Fitness Stuff

via: SimsVIP

Made for the fitness fanatics out there, this pack adds fun tweaks to your Sims’ workouts. The rock-climbing treadmill steals the limelight, featuring different challenges, including a literal fire at the bottom to keep Sims climbing! As is standard, there are new outfit options, with earbuds being a first. The modern, nature-inspired décor is nice, too. But the treadmill being the most exciting thing on offer gives this pack a pretty low rank.

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11 Spooky Stuff

via: Origin

The goths out there will get a kick out of this one. The spooky curtains, lamps and other decorations make for a great Halloween party, or a house fit for the Addams family. The pumpkin carving station is cool, and the tricky candy bowl can give Sims a fright. The strength of this pack is in outfits, with just under forty Create-A-Sim items. It’s pretty specific, which gives it a somewhat low ranking, but—if you’re a spooky Simmer—a welcome addition.

10 Toddler Stuff

via: Instant-Gaming

Perfect for players who love to create families, this pack adds great new hairstyles and outfits for the little tykes. You can also host play dates with other toddlers – a fun new event type. The playground objects are bright and cheerful, including slides, tunnels and a ball pit. Sadly the ball pit is a little disappointing, with a jarringly 2D, grainy appearance. That and the specific nature give it a slightly low rank, but if little Sims are your thing, it’s a decent pack.

9 Bowling Night Stuff

via: Amazon

There’s nothing quite like a game of bowling with friends. With this stuff pack, you can create bowling alleys for your Sims to enjoy, with plenty of retro-modern furniture and decorations. The bowling skill is added, which is fun, and your Sims can perform trick shots as they get better. The wealth of décor and the new radio station add a great feel to bowling alleys and homes, but this pack isn't as varied as others, so it earns an average rank.

8 Romantic Garden Stuff

via: Fanpop

Have you been wishing for a beautiful garden? You might just get it with this pack. The main feature is the wishing well, which could grant your Sim’s wish, or turn it upside down. Romantic Garden Stuff focuses on plants and items to help you create beautiful, elaborate gardens, complete with ornate water fountains. The floral fashion is hit and miss, but if you’re a garden-focused Simmer, this one’s for you. It's a good all-rounder, securing a medium rank.

7 Moschino Stuff

While at first, this pack seems to be incredibly dull, due to its theming around the much-criticized Moschino collaboration, the contents save it from the bottom of the pile, especially the use of the overhauled photography skill.

It's the first stuff pack to include a career, the freelance photographer career, and while there are some weird clothes, there are also several which are much more versatile than expected. The stunning industrial loft themed build and buy objects also make this a solid choice for Simmers who enjoy playing in Del Sol Valley and San Myshuno especially.

6 Laundry Day Stuff

via: Origin

This pack is pretty interesting in that the fans chose it. Players went through six rounds of voting on ideas, and eventually, Laundry Day Stuff was born. It’s got some interesting features; when your Sims wash clothes manually their fitness skill improves, and others Sims notice freshly scented clothes. The best part is the new rustic décor. Despite the seemingly mundane nature, this is a favored pack for its realism and cozy country themes, so it earns a solid rank.

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5 Movie Hangout Stuff

via: Origin

With a giant projector screen and popcorn maker, this pack allows your Sims to host an awesome movie night. There are lovely, colorful new objects, like lanterns, that really spruce up any space.

Strangely, this pack appears to be two things in one – the other half being bohemian-style fashion and décor, with vibrant patterns. If you happen to love both movies and boho fashion, it’s a winner. But it’s got good features either way, earning a decent spot in the ranking.

4 Perfect Patio Stuff

via: Pinterest

This pack is ranked highly thanks to its general nature; it has plenty of items you’re likely to use. Attractive furniture items, including grills, flesh out the options to create the perfect outdoor space. The key feature is the hot tub: a favorite of many Simmers. It’s great for outdoor hangouts—holding up to eight Sims—and if you get a couple alone, they can even ‘woohoo’ in it. Woohoo!

3 Kids Room Stuff

via: Carl's Sims 4 Guide

Another age-specific pack, though this one is more exciting. The puppet theatre is charming, and so is the array of decorations. Once again, new options for hairstyles and clothes are a strong point. A cool new feature is battling with ‘Voidcritters’: the game’s throwback to Pokémon. Sim children can even search for cards outside, finding various rarities. This pack adds a new element of playability and fun, placing itself in the top three.

2 Vintage Glamour Stuff

via: SimsVIP

Perfect for Sims who desire the luxurious life, this pack features butlers: Sims who perform a huge list of errands, and maybe even misbehave. This pack’s strength is furnishings – the most glamorous, of course, but also functional. A favorite is the drinks station within a fancy globe. The extravagant fashion is another plus, despite a somewhat small selection. Overall, this pack adds a whole new glittering dimension to the Sims’ lives, securing its spot as second best.

1 Backyard Stuff

via: Origin

The summery vibe of this stuff pack is what makes it so great. The clothes, the outdoor furniture, bird feeders, and waterslides create the lovely feeling of a warm summer day. Your Sims can even enjoy lemonade on the porch as the sun sets, accompanied by the peaceful sound of wind chimes. The colorful garden decorations and interactivity of the items make this a firm favorite among fans, achieving the top spot on our list.

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