Ranked: Rage 2 Characters

Since releasing in May of this year, video game aficionados can't get enough of Rage 2's nostalgic gameplay and character storylines.

Rage 2, released by Id Software and Avalanche Studios in May 2019, was met with decent success as its publisher Bethesda praised its nostalgia factor and excellent gameplay. Rage 2 does many things right, including its fast-paced shooter, placed in an open world game, and seamless interchange between missions and action-packed episodes. One of the most important aspects in the Rage universe (both for connectivity between the first game and the recent release as well as engagement with the player) is the intriguing cast of characters the writers have presented. As such, here are the storyline characters of Rage 2, ranked.

9 Erwina Prowley

Erwina Prowley, commander, leader, hardened soldier. She is an ever-present mentor to Walker, and always teaching him what to look for next. With an attitude of “no guts, no glory,” Erwina has earned her commander-hood with many battles fought against the Authority. Though not as physically present as her daughter Lily is throughout the game, Erwina certainly left her mark everywhere Walker steps, and certainly wherever there is a power-giving Ark for the player to find. Data Pads of journals and voice entries are ever present to give more for Walker to look for. Her role as the distant but eternal mentor and general badassery grant her the number one role in the list.

8 John Marshall

John Marshall is one of the first characters Walker meets on his revenge filled journey to take down the Authority. Taken through the town of Gunbarrel and into the depths of a bar, Walker comes to meet one of the most important characters in the Rage series.

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A former soldier, captured and rescued in the first entry of Rage, John Marshall is now a cold, determined person, hell-bent on getting revenge on the Authority. Walker helps Marshall by taking down bandit camps, and in return gives Marshall a Combat Shotgun to continue wreaking havoc. The leader of the resistance, and continual presence in the story, John Marshall is one of the most important figures in Rage 2.

7 Desdemonya Cold

Introduced in one of the most interesting portions of the game, Desdemonya Cold certainly deserves a spot on the list of important characters. Though similar in name to Desdemona, the wife of Othello who has a most unfortunate life, Desdemonya uses others to gain wealth and luck herself. She reigns as the owner and spokesperson of the incredibly popular "Mutant Bash" show, on which Walker finds himself slaying waves upon waves of mutants in order to win amazing prizes.

Not only does Desdemonya make great success at the misfortune of others, but she also plays a great role in showing a commentary on society. From history, it is shown that citizens of society love their entertainment, no matter the cost of lives. Writers Odd Ahlgren and Loke Wallmo might have had this in mind when deciding to write in the importance of a Coliseum-type event in an apocalyptic world. For her insanity and memorable event, Desdemonya earns herself third rank in the list.

6 Antonin Kvasir

Dr. Kvasir, researcher of strange, mutant science, purveyor of forbidden technologies, he certainly leaves a mark on the player’s journey to the Authority. Upon meeting the Doctor, Walker walks through a tower defense game, with lasers destroying enemies and, luckily, noticing Walker is a friend. After gaining entry into the lab, Walker meets Dr. Kvasir riding a mutant fitted to be his legs. Any scientist bold enough to take his weakness and use research to improve themselves is a winner, and Dr. Kvasir definitely wins that case. With a quirky mindset to destroy the Authority, using any forbidden method available, Dr. Kvasir takes the fourth spot in our list.

5 Lily Prowley

Lily Prowley, daughter of Erwina Prowley, is the constant guide and reminding voice in Walker’s trek through the wasteland. Playing a teaching and leading role throughout the story, Lily reminds Walker of the many tasks he has before him, sometimes way too frequently.

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Lily takes some of the hardened attitude from her mother, yet is more of a friend to Walker than a boss. She worries at the beginning of the game whether Walker is ready to take the mantle of a Ranger, but once convinced, she uses her abilities to help Walker take down the Authority any way she can.

4 Klegg Clayton

Klegg Clayton, self-made success, businessman extraordinaire, yet shadowed by a superficial and bully-like exterior. Through a fortune left by his father (who orphaned him at a young age) Klegg claims to have the key to absolute power of the wasteland.

Accompanied by an unknown force, Klegg tries to overpower any that would come in his way, including the mayor of Wellspring Loosum Hagar, who happens to be in Walker's friend list. Only taking in the "winners" of the wasteland, Walker has to earn his way into Klegg's corner, in an extremely short-lived but well-written encounter. In the boss fight of the episode, the writers put in an incredible reference to the character of Klegg, which you'll have to play through to see or watch the released teaser from Id Software. Though Klegg has the potential to be a top tier secondary villain, his story stops short, which unfortunately lands him as number six on the list.

3 Chaz Morass

The publishers at Bethesda praised Rage 2 for having an open-world in which you could explore every valley and mountain using any vehicle you found in the wasteland. They praised it rightly so, as driving a massive variety of vehicles and great vehicle combat is a huge victory for this game. In order to keep the driving even more interesting and competitive, they added racing into the mix. Enter Chaz Morass. The hat toting and seemingly drunken leader of the Chazcar Derby is an interesting idea, with not much else behind him. There's only one mission including Chaz, and, unfortunately, he only has a few sets of lines. Though interesting, he quickly loses memorability and thus has earned his spot as number seven in the list.

2 Loosum Hagar

Loosum Hagar, mayor of Wellspring, has a right to be added to the list for the sake of her role in the Resistance. A much larger part of the first installment of Rage, Mayor Hagar gives tasks to support Walker in his takedown of the Authority. From brief encounters, though, and compared to the quirkiness of the other characters, Mayor Hagar seems a bit dull. She's a great shot with his six-shooter and can out throw any man with a wingstick, but as far as development, she's sort of plateaued at that point. It's important to have her, as she was a large part of Project Dagger that stems from the first game, yet her lackluster appearances give her a measly eight on this ranked list.

1 Martin Cross

It should be mentioned, first and foremost, that Martin Cross as a villain has great potential. The will and desire to reset the planet after it has become a wasteland could be seen as a controversial plan, yet the way he decides to reconstruct humanity is seen as horribly evil and maniacal. With that said, the base of his writing is excellent and something that should have been expounded upon. However, the vast majority of Cross's dialogue is in the prologue of the game, with a lengthy cutscene introducing the plot and the Authority.

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Unfortunately, like other characters, there's not much else to follow up with. During the last mission, there is mocking of Walker and his goal, but not much depth to the words of an evil genius with a plan to save the world as he sees fit. This is expounded upon in the boss fight in which focus is placed on the tools that Cross uses, rather than the evil of Cross himself. Though in human, and written thusly, the disconnect from the main villain of the storyline is an unfortunate side effect of a focus on gameplay and open world exploring. With that in mind, the forgettable features of Martin Cross place him at the bottom in ninth place.

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