Ranked: The Best Unlockables In Resident Evil 2 Remake (& How To Get Them)

The 2019 remake of Resident Evil 2 is a fantastic game that enables players to experience the story from the eyes of either Claire or Leon, each with their own insights into the outbreak and unique weapons to fight the undead with.

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While most players will likely be done with the game after ending both plot paths, those players who explore the unlockable content are rewarded with fun weapons, challenging game modes to test skills, and some of the weirdest character skins to be included by game developers in an otherwise serious horror game.

13 Tofu Survivor Mode

Tofu Survivor Mode has the player try to get from point A to point B with only knives and herbs in as short a time as possible. It requires quite a bit of skill and a lot of on-the-fly strategy that makes it a fun challenge.

This mode ranks low, however, because player’s run through this survival mode with a tofu skin. That’s right, a big block of sentient tofu is the character model. It’s good for a laugh-out-loud gimmick as you watch zombies take chunks out of the hunk of tofu, but after the initial surprise, playing as tofu feels underwhelming. To unlock this zany mode, players must beat the Fourth Survivor Mode.

12 Konjac Survivor Mode

Resident Evil 2 Remake continues its tofu joke by creating a more aggressive and angry sounding version of the original tofu. But it’s the same challenge as before, albeit with a flame thrower, grenade launcher, and grenades.

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To play as this angry gelatinous mass, simply beat the Tofu Survivor Mode.

11 Uiro-Mochi Survivor Mode

Yet another tofu mode, this time you’re given a generic tofu character who only has grenades at their disposal. Grenades only is an interesting challenge, but the character is almost identical to the original.

To get this bland, but challenging, mode of play, simply beat the Tofu Survivor Mode.

10 Claire’s Story (Second Run Mode)

Claire’s Second Run Story Mode can be unlocked after beating Leon’s Story, which essentially makes the campaign a little harder with tougher enemies and fewer supplies.

It is nice that the game makers tweaked the story and progression a little to quicken the pace, but it’s little more than a hurdle to more interesting content.

9 Leon’s Story (Second Run Mode)

The same as Claire’s Second Run Story Mode, Leon’s ranks higher simply because his story covered more plot points and felt subjectively more interesting. Unlocked after beating Claire’s story, Leon’s Second Run Mode is a little tougher, a little quicker, and not much else.

It would have been nice to see unique elements to the story or gain more insight into what’s going on, but these modes fail to deliver anything new.

8 Annin Tofu Survivor Mode

Annin Tofu Mode is the exact same challenge as Tofu Mode, but the player runs through the encounter with an M19 Handgun, Quickdraw Army Handgun, Combat Knife, and Herbs. It’s a good balance of weaponry that makes the mode a little more fun than previous tofu modes, but only slightly.

To unlock this skin, beat Tofu Survivor Mode as either Konjac or Uiro-Mochi.

7 Flan Survivor Mode

The last unlockable tofu mode in the game is surprisingly not tofu, but flan. It ranks higher than the other Tofu Survivor Modes because the yellow and caramel glazed appearance is a nice change from bland white, and running with the Spark Shot, Minigun, and Rocket Launcher is much more fun.

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The Flan is also the only female character in the Tofu Survivor Challenge, although she’s still referred to as Mr. Reaper like the others. To unlock this mode, beat Tofu Survivor with Konjac or Uiro-Mochi.

6 Unlimited Ammo Samurai Edge Handgun

The Samurai Edge handgun is a powerful 9mm handgun with unlimited ammo. It’s highly recommended to obtain this weapon before others, as it makes subsequent second run playthroughs and unlockable hunting much easier.

That being said, it is quite the challenge to obtain this gun: you have to beat the game on standard in less than three and a half hours with an S-Rank. Hustle through the levels, grab only what you need as you go, and good luck getting this gun.

5 Unlimited Ammo LE-5 Submachine Gun

This gun’s original model is only available in The Fourth Survivor Mode, as it’s the default weapon of Hunk. For players wanting to use this gun in story mode, they can get the unlimited ammo version by beating the game on hardcore in less than two and a half hours with an S-Rank.

It sounds awful, but if you got your hands on the Unlimited Ammo Version of the Samurai’s Edge handgun, it’s much easier to pull off. In the end, you’ll be rewarded with a highly accurate submachine gun that’s fun to play with.

4 Unbreakable Combat Knife

The Unbreakable Combat Knife is a surprisingly helpful and powerful tool for harder playthroughs. It’s a great way to take down enemies to conserve ammo and can make for some interesting knife-only playthroughs.

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The reason it doesn’t rank higher is that getting the Unbreakable Combat Knife is a bit of a pain if you’re not following a guide or detailed walkthrough. To get it, you must find all 15 Mr. Racoon Figurines in the game which requires at least two playthroughs, as there are some figurines only accessible by Claire or Leon. Another downside to this weapon is you can still lose it when it gets lodged in zombies or bosses, so keep track of it.

3 Unlimited Ammo Rocket Launcher

For players that love Leon’s Rocket Launcher, they can unlock an unlimited ammo version of the gun that’s every bit as awesome as it sounds. With this monster in hand, you’ll be giggling as you free Racoon City from the undead apocalypse in explosive fashion, assuming you meet the brutal requirements to unlock it.

To get this incredibly fun weapon, you must beat Leon’s Story Mode on hardcore in less than two and a half hours, using a max of three saves, and without using any unlimited ammo weapons. It’s a beastly challenge to be certain, but well worth the effort.

2 Unlimited Ammo Minigun

The Unlimited Ammo Minigun is Claire’s weapon of choice and is very satisfying to use in combat. Nothing feels better than cutting through enemies like a hot knife through butter and never worrying about how many bullets are in the belt feed.

This weapon is acquired in the exact same fashion as Leon’s Rocket Launcher, albeit through Claire’s Story Mode. Beat the game on hardcore in less than two and a half hours, with no more than three saves and no unlocked weapons.

1 The Fourth Survivor Mode

The one all tofu modes were based on, The Fourth Survivor Mode introduces a new character called the Hunk, or Mr. Reaper. As the last survivor of Alpha Team, you must escape the sewers to the extraction point topside. It’s a brutal challenge even though the player is given a good array of weapons, including the new LE-5 Submachine gun.

It’s a fun break from playing as Leon and Claire and focuses less on story and more on action. Sure, playing through this same challenge as five different forms of tofu will burn the player out on ever doing this mode again, but that first time as the actual Mr. Reaper was a great reward for beating either Leon’s or Claire’s Second Run Mode.

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