Ranked: Every “Wii Series” Game Nintendo Made From Worst To Best

When the Wii first hit North American markets in 2006, it brought a few friends along: Wii series games. These titles, created by Nintendo for both the Wii and the later released Wii U, featured similar design themes, casual gameplay elements, and a crazy crew of Mii characters.

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While only ten major titles have been released, the series is one of the best-selling video game series of all time with over 200 million units purchased. Most Wii series games have been wildly successful, but some have definitely been more victorious than others. Here’s a ranking of the best Wii series games.

10 Wii Play

This party game taught players how to use all the features of their Wii remotes through a series of nine lively minigames. Competitors got to guide their Mii avatars through a variety of games including Table Tennis, Laser Hockey, Fishing, and a Duck Hunt-style Shooting Range.

While the game acted as a fun introduction to the console, the limited options made Wii Play feel repetitive fast. Despite this, it remains the fifth best-selling Wii game of all time and also holds a spot on the top twenty best-selling video games of all time list.

9 Wii Play Motion

Much like its predecessor, which taught players how to use the Wii Remote, Wii Play: Motion taught players how to use the Wii Remote Plus Controller through a series of twelve new minigames. The game was bundled with the updated controllers, which were designed to more comprehensively capture motion.

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While the game offered quirkier minigames that had players skipping stones, scooping ice cream, and capturing ghosts, many critics still believed it lacked adequate depth.

8 Wii Sports Club

This HD remake of Wii Sports brought tennis, baseball, bowling, golf, and boxing to the Wii U. The major differences outside of the updated look were the online gameplay capabilities, enhanced controls, additional training modes, and Wii U GamePad capabilities.

The game was fresh and fun, but let’s be honest: does anything beat the original? While the individual sports were at first available as downloadable software for purchase or rent, all five games were later released together on a disc.

7 Wii Sports

Wii Sports — which came bundled with the Wii and holds the best-selling Nintendo game of all time title — contained the five original athletic activities that were later revamped for the Wii U’s Wii Sports Club.

Whereas Wii Play taught players how to use the Wii remote, Wii Sports offered first-time Wii users a more comprehensive introduction to the system. The games made use of all the motion capabilities of the Wii remote, which, at the time in 2006, made the game’s release all the more exciting. While the games were basic, the package was comprehensive and with a few friends along, did it ever get boring?

6 Wii Party U

The sequel to Wii Party traded its expansive set of minigames for 80 fresh ones and new Wii U GamePad capabilities. The fresh gameplay modes made this edition of the game not just a remake, but a whole new party adventure.

The minigames were once again the major focus, making it the perfect game to be played with all your friends. On the upside, it’s charming, cooky, and far more fluid than Mario Party 10. On the downside, it’s definitely not a solid single-player game.

5 Wii Music

Wii Music is arguably one of the most creative games in the Wii series, allowing players to choose from sixty-six instruments and join a band. Your Miis could play from a collection of 50 songs including traditional songs (like “Ode to Joy"), Nintendo songs (like “The Legend of Zelda”), and licensed songs (like “Material Girl” by Madonna).

Players could record their tracks at a variety of creative locations, design their album covers, and play them back later. Additionally, minigames let players conduct an orchestra, join a handbell group, and perfect their pitch. The imagination put into this one makes it a win, even if the song library could have been more expansive.

4 Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports Resort took all the fun from Wii Sports to the next level. New and creative activities including canoeing, archery, basketball, parachuting, and swordplay were added to the mix.

Each sport had multiple single-player and multiplayer modes, letting gameplay options feel unlimited. Additionally, every event took place on the tropical Wuhu Island. Special challenges and secrets gave the game even more depth. It remains the third best-selling Wii game of all time. Who’s ready for a vacation?

3 Wii Fit/Wii Fit Plus

Wii Fit introduced the Wii Balance Board to players through health-centric minigames. The expanded Wii Fit Plus added additional balance and aerobics games to the mix. Both versions also included yoga and strength-training exercises.

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While the game was full of entertaining activities, it additionally encouraged people to get in shape by tracking weight and keeping calorie information. This earned it an endorsement by the American Heart Association. Who would have guessed?

2 Wii Party

Wii Party was the Mario Party made for Mii characters — but a whole lot wackier. The game featured three main game modes, many of which utilized a handful of Wii Party’s 80 minigames. The Party Games mode let players compete in an island-themed board game, a globe-trotting adventure, a wheel-spinning gameshow, and a larger-than-life bingo match.

The Pair Games let a set of two take a friendship quiz, balance Miis on a boat, and play a crazy matching game. The most unique mode — House Party — had players interacting with the Wii remotes in their own environments. One of the most popular in this category was a game of hide-and-go-seek featuring the Wii remotes in your living room. The fast-paced gameplay and imaginative minigames make this game one heck of a bash.

1 Wii Fit U

Topping off the list is Wii Fit U, which took the Wii Balance Board fitness and balance games to new heights. While a handful of the original Wii Fit games were removed, new aerobic and balance games were added, as well as an entirely new dance category.

While the health component of Wii Fit U and its predecessors isn’t for hardcore fitness buffs, the friendly style of the game encouraged an active lifestyle. The competitive aspects and colorful animations made it feel less like fitness and more like fun.

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