Ranking Every Possible Member Of Batman's Pokemon Team

With Pokémon and Batman being two very popular and beloved properties it only feels right to consider what could be created if the two worlds ever met

Batman is one of the most popular superheroes and penetrated mass pop culture in a way only a handful of other comic book characters have. In nerd culture, there has been an ongoing thing where fans like to do mash-ups with their favorite properties and characters across nerd media.

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With Pokémon and Batman being two very popular and beloved properties it only feels right to consider what could be created if the two worlds ever met. Let's look at and rank the 10 best possible members of Batman's Pokémon team.

10 Gengar

At first glance, Gengar may seem like a reach in terms of being considered for Batman's team of six pokémon, but it has a case. First, as a creature known as the Shadow Pokémon, it seems tied to the types of ways Batman likes to maneuver.

Secondly, as a ghost-type pokémon, it can help with reconnaissance as it can move through material objects. Lastly, it's known for frightening people and causing fear among humans which is exactly what Batman would need and demand out of a partner pokémon.

9 Guzzlord

Guzzlord may be a bit more difficult to come by for the caped crusader as it happens to be one of the Ultra Beasts. That being said, it may be worth the effort simply because of how powerful, large, and terror-inducing Guzzlord is.

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In many ways, it looks like the final product of Batman coming in contact with either Hulk's radiation/blood or the Venom symbiote coming in contact with his skin. The large dark/dragon-type would send criminals sprinting away in fear of their lives coming to an end.

8 Banette

Banette may have a rough first impression on Batman as the first four letters of its name are identical to the man who broke Batman's spine. Banette falls into the category of pokémon who were designed solely with the idea of terrifying children in mind.

If Batman decides to add Banette to his team of six he might want to consider getting his hands on Banettite, the item that would allow him to Mega Evolve his Banette in battle and display the larger more intimidating form of the Marionette Pokémon.

7 Chandelure

It's hard to make a case as to why Batman should have a living breathing chandelier on his team, but let's go ahead and try. First, from a purely aesthetic standpoint, Chandelure is very gothic and resembles a lot of the furnishings that line the inside of Wayne Manor.

Also, as a ghost and fire-type, it can easily use fear to its advantage and also provide a source of light when Batman is in need. For it being a living light fixture, Chandelure does have a strong case to make Batman's team.

6 Darkrai

Batman's primary motive is to strike fear into his enemies in an effort to deter criminals from continuing their life of crime. In the world of Pokémon, there aren't many other creatures to fear more than Darkrai.

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This legendary beast is known to live in the dreams of humans and pokémon alike and causes its victim to have never-ending nightmares. This seems like the type of fear Batman would welcome on his crew any day of the week. It may also be too cruel in Batman's eyes as well.

5 Crobat

Crobat happens to be one of two bat-inspired pokémon that made the cut for Batman's potential team of six. Crobat doesn't rank higher on the list because of two strong flaws that hold it back. The first is that it is a smaller pokémon that is aggressive and tough, but due to its size isn't really intimidating.

The other is that it happens to have the same colors as Batman's arch-nemesis Joker. Crobat is a silent flyer though, which makes it super valuable to the team in many circumstances.

4 Umbreon

We all know by now that Batman has an affinity for black cats. In the world of Pokémon, there actually happens to be a creature that not only is very similar to a black cat but it also feels like it belongs to Batman's team.

Umbreon is one of several evolutions for Eevee and happens to be the dark-type of the bunch. The black coating and gold accents give it a real sleek look. It also happens to be known as the Moonlight Pokémon, which is precisely when Batman is in his element.

3 Greninja

Batman is known for many things, with stealth and swift covert ops being among them. Greninja happens to have the type of skillset it's capable of clearly stated in its name. There's no doubt that Batman would welcome a Greninja to his team as it can work alongside him in any case he's working on.

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It may be harder to come by, but Batman may want to try getting his hands on the shiny form as it happens to be mostly black. Having a large blue ninja-like frog with you might make you an easy spot.

2 Noivern

When coming up with a list for the pokémon that fit the most with the shadow of the night you have to start by looking at all of the bat or bat-inspired creatures out there. Noivern isn't only one of the larger bat pokémon in existence, it's also one of the more intimidating of the bunch.

It also happens to bear a striking resemblance to Man-bat, so Batman might find that pretty comforting. Its sonar capabilities could also come in handy if the enemy Batman is tracking shuts down his tech with an EMP.

1 Detective Pikachu

Now, this may be cheating since it's a specific character and not just a pokémon, but there isn't a better choice out there for Batman. He's often considered the world's greatest detective, so it only seems right to pair him up with the best detective the world of Pokémon has to offer.

The idea of a new animated DC film that stars Batman and Detective Pikachu as they solve a mysterious crime would be incredible. As we've learned though, Detective Pikachu may not be worth much in an actual battle.

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