A Definitive Ranking of Every Console Zelda Game

The Legend Of Zelda is a gaming icon. We are ranking every mainline console game from Nintendo's fairy boy from the original to Breath Of The Wild.

The adventure that these games present are some of the best Nintendo has to offer. Thus, it’s only fair that we dive into the definitive ranking of every console Zelda game of all time. Before we start, this list is 100% opinion. Put the pitchforks away. We all know they’re already out and ready to go.

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10 Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link

The most unusual of all the Zelda titles, The Adventure of Link is actually a side-scrolling game with RPG elements.

While the title introduced some mainstays, such as the magic meter, this game is the black sheep of the series, featuring gameplay unlike any other in the series. While it is overall a fun game (albeit, ridiculous to complete without a guide), it is completely distinct from all of its brethren, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

9 The Legend Of Zelda

While it is the original, it certainly isn’t perfect. The Legend of Zelda started it all, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have its problems.

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One that comes to mind is the horrible localization that made aspects of this game completely incomprehensible without a guide. While the secrets of this game might have all been unearthed at this point, back in the day, this game was an obtuse title to get into.

8 The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Skyward Sword. This one. Hm. It’s interesting. While originally a critical darling, it isn’t looked upon so favorably nowadays. The plot is fantastic, the dungeon design is great, the artstyle is fine, the motion controls are meh, it’s a mixed bag.

The game is also completely linear, which while not a bad thing automatically, it does take away much of the adventure elements that make Zelda games so great. Along with that, the sky, one of the main hooks of this game, is devoid of… anything? Sure, it isn’t the worst game, but it is certainly the weakest of all 3D Zelda games.

7 The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

The only multiplayer console Zelda game, Four Swords Adventures is a fun time. As you would expect, the game is the usual Zelda affair, but with the ability to play with up to three other players.

The game is heavily inspired by A Link to the Past (more on that wonderful little lady later) and is actually split into episodes to account for the multiplayer chaos. It’s a fun romp through the usual Zelda formula with a multiplayer twist that keeps things fresh.

6 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Twilight Princess was the Zelda adventure that finally brought the gritty realness to the series that fans had been craving. After the disappointment that was Wind Waker (crazy, right?), fans wanted a more realistic art style for the series.

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Twilight Princess brought that, along with more mature themes and a more involved plot. Overall, while a departure for the series, it took the series in a new direction that fits like a glove. With the same old tight controls and immaculate dungeon design, Twilight Princess is a great Zelda title.

5 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Create a template for 3D action adventure gaming. That’s exactly what Ocarina of Time did when it was released for the Nintendo 64.

The title was the first 3D Zelda title, and with it came tons of new innovations. Z-Targeting, a fantastic camera, and fantastic controls were just a few of the things this game introduced that made 3D titles something that could be done well, and no longer were they just a novelty. While this game did a lot for the series, there are a few games that have bested it.

4 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

The Wind Waker, the first Zelda game for the GameCube, is one of the most striking Zelda games of all time. This title brought beautiful, cel-shaded graphics to the series.

While some fans were disappointed with the art-style, literally who cares because this game is gorgeous, and looks incredible to this day. Sailing the open seas and going from island to island is a fantastic time, and really helps to promote that sense of adventure that every great Zelda game should bring.

3 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

While Majora’s Mask might not have been the most innovative game in the series, the way the development team utilized what they had in a one year cycle was nothing short of amazing. Reusing Ocarina’s assets, the team was able to create a brand new, story-focused game that utilized a 3-day time system in an incredible way.

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The game reused everything that made Ocarina of Time great and brought it to new heights with a fantastic story that no Zelda title has yet to replicate.

2 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

A Link to the Past is the pinnacle of 2D Zelda. The fantastic, timeless pixel art. The absolutely iconic and gorgeous soundtrack.

The beautiful locales, the Dark World, this title has everything. The top-down title blends puzzles, combat and exploration (both in dungeons and throughout the overworld) in a fantastic, fun way that never gets old.

1 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild is the best Zelda game of all time. Totally reinventing the series into an open world, fully explorable game was a fantastic move for the series. Breath of the Wild really does focus on the wild, and allows players to explore, collect and adventure out at their leisure.

You can go anywhere your heart desires, and the landmarks that cover the massive map make every single corner of Hyrule worth a visit. The game brought innovation to a series that had been stagnant for years and did it flawlessly.

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