18Assassin’s Creed: Unity

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We have to start this list with the biggest failure of the franchise, both mechanically and publicly. Unity was supposed to be a revamp of the franchise from top to bottom, but served more as a teachable moment than blockbuster game. The game was glitchy and felt rushed, not just

in the mechanics of the game, but in the new multiplayer Ubisoft built from the ground up for this title.

It was by far the largest game ever released in the franchise, with that same attention to detail when it comes to recreating a city as previous titles. Sadly, the game just tried to do too much all at once. The glitches, that are now memes, are all anyone really remembers about the game though. It did try to expand the assassination system and it did attempt to create puzzles that needed more than simple platforming abilities. There are just were too many issues that rendered it unplayable for even some diehard fans, which is a shame for the period because it was an excellent choice.

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