Ranking Every Final Fantasy VIII Playable Character From Weakest To Most Powerful

In RPGs, some characters are better than others. Find out where the playable characters stand Final Fantasy XIII.

The Final Fantasy series is home to some of the most valued and treasured JRPGs around, featuring some of the greatest games of all time. Final Fantasy VI, VII, and X are just a few of the many titles that have etched their names in the annals of gaming history. The sheer level of depth, wonder, and overall brilliance featured in these games is nothing short of astounding. However, there's one particular title that never really seems to get the love it deserves. A game whose title should be pretty obvious if you've read the subject of this list.

Of course, we're talking about the hidden gem that is Final Fantasy VIII. Releasing hot on the heels of the breakout success that was Final Fantasy VII, the eighth game in the series had some pretty big boots to fill. While most people thought that the game pretty much delivered on its promise of giving players a magical story set in a high-fantasy modern world, a large portion of gamers felt alienated by Final Fantasy VIII's complex systems and complicated plot.

Regardless of which side you might be a part of, Final Fantasy VIII had some incredibly powerful and vicious party members. To the point where forming a constant party of three was kinda impossible. However, we're here to quell these worries for you by ranking each and every party member in Final Fantasy VIII on the basis of their power levels.

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11 Kiros Seagill

We start off this list by talking about the three party members that we get introduced to during the dream sequences that Squall and Co. are subjected to multiple times over the course of their adventure.

The title for both the weakest party member in this trio and also the entire game is Kiros Seagill. He brings nothing new to the table other than being just another character who's physically weak but tries to make up for it with speed.

Whether he accomplishes this or not is anyone's guess.

10 Laguna Loire

Out of the dream sequence trio, Laguna fits perfectly in the middle with his average speed and strength. However, the fact that he can fit anywhere in the party and use his machine gun to deal the same amount of damage is definitely a plus.

Of course, bonus points need to be given out for the fact that his caricature is pretty much the major reason why the brilliance that is "The Man With The Machine Gun" exists in the first place.

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9 Ward Zabac

Ward Zabac might be a forgettable character whose name might be alien to you if you haven't played Final Fantasy VIII in a while.  He easily becomes the strongest, but also the slowest party member in the dream sequence trio.

Part of the reason why this is the case is because of the fact that Ward's Limit Break has an attack power of 150, which is a figure that is stronger than Squall's Lion Heart. Of course, this move only hits once, so it definitely loses points in that department.

8 Edea Kramer

Serving as the pseudo-antagonist of the first half of Final Fantasy VIII, Edea quickly redeems herself in the eyes of players after it's revealed that her body was nothing more than a puppet for the real big baddie, Ultimecia.

Edea joins the party temporarily with really high magic stats, however her physical stats are pretty dismal in comparison. She essentially takes on the role of a Sage, but albeit a very poor one.

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7 Seifer Almasy

Another antagonist of Final Fantasy VIII who fans absolutely love to hate has to be Seifer Almasy. There are times when this character can be controlled, performing way better than the party members you actually have at that point.

It would've been interesting to see Seifer's character growth throughout the series, but we never really get to control him further on in the game to exactly see what he can accomplish.

6 Quistis Trepe

Finally. It's high time we get to talk about the main party members and rank them in terms of strength. First up is Quistis Trepe, the unofficial Blue Mage of the party who, as is the trend with Blue Mages in the Final Fantasy series, ends up being the weakest member.

Part of the reason why this is the case is that Quistis doesn't really have any other remarkable abilities aside from the Blue Mage abilities she can cast by accessing her Limit Break. It's incredibly situational and not all that great, to be honest.

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5 Selphie Tilmitt

Next up on the list is Selphie Tilmitt, one of the most annoying characters ever to feature in a video game. Oh well, she's not really all that powerful so you don't really need to see her stupid face all that often until you're forced to.

Honestly, the only reason why Selphie even makes this list is that her Limit Break, while completely unpredictable, can prove to be insanely powerful at times. The End is especially an excellent move, dispatching any enemy in the game, including the behemoth that is Omega Weapon.

4 Rinoa Heartilly

The love interest of Squall Leonhart also takes her place as the fourth-most powerful party member in Final Fantasy VIII, with a Limit Break that is quite damaging if you're lucky enough.

If you manage to unleash Wishing Star on your enemy, then the damage dealt can be nothing short of insurmountable, causing most bosses to be taken care of in a pinch.

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3 Irvine Kinneas

The last member to join your party also happens to be somewhat forgettable, with Irvine's only important moment being when he reveals the major plot twist in the story, which in itself is a topic up for some serious debate.

However, Irvine is no pushover. If his junctions are maintained properly, then using Fast Ammo during his Limit Break will deal an insane amount of damage to enemies.

2 Squall Leonhart

The main character of Final Fantasy VIII finally rears his scarred head. It's easy to understand why Squall takes up such a high spot on his list, with a Limit Break that is iconic in every sense of the word.

Unlocking Lion Heart and fitting Squall with the right junctions makes him an absolute powerhouse, dealing insane amounts of damage and taking care of enemies in one fell swoop.

1 Zell Dincht

Anyone who's playing Final Fantasy VIII can attest to the fact that Zell is the king of DPS in this game. After all, the Aura spell makes Limit Breaks easy to spam, which is where Zell's Duel Limit Break comes into play.

By using a technique that fans call "Armageddon Fist," Zell's damage output can reach way higher than any other character on this list by a mile. It might be boring though, so it's totally up to the player as to how they want to go about with Zell's Limit Break.

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