Ranking The 10 Best Grand Theft Auto V Mods

07Grand Theft Auto V was the most financially successful video game ever to release, and yet fans still went above and beyond to create more content for the game. The amount of fine detail put into Grand Theft Auto V explains why it sold more than 90 million copies and earned over $6 billion in revenue consisting of game sales and microtransactions.

Putting aside the positives of Grand Theft Auto V, it's worth noting that the game has flaws. Mods that are mostly accessible on PC can drastically change your play experience. Mods enhance gameplay and provide a customized playthrough. The best mods fix some of a game's most apparent problems. Today, we're going to rank the 10 best GTA V mods.

10 4K Satellite View Map Bundled With Radar Mod & Zoom Script

Comparable to Google Earth, 5Mods user "Designerappz" added an absurdly detailed Grand Theft Auto V map. The mod transforms the original Grand Theft Auto V into a satellite map. It must have taken a while to get all the land's features packed into this map. The city of Los Santos is a fictional place that is inspired by Los Angeles and other Californian cities. "4K Satellite View Map Bundled With Radar Mod & Zoom Script" is a minor but neat mod to download. It is undoubtedly the best map mod available for Grand Theft Auto V.

9 Corona Begone 1.3

Removing the corona makes the appearance of vehicles more appealing. It's a relatively small mod that can be downloaded for under a megabyte but significantly improves the look of your car. The corona doesn't disappear when you add this mod. It does, however, remove most of the light that obscures your vehicle. This mod works with every car in the game and has been tested by its creator. It is no wonder why "Corona Begone" is one of the most popular mods available for download.

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8 Iron Man MK85 (Endgame)

The realism associated with the "Iron Man MK85 (Endgame)" mod is beyond belief. In this Iron Man mod, players can use Iron Man's rockets to fly and also use his attacks. Iron Man MK85 doesn't have all of Iron Man's techniques, but the creator did an excellent job adding popular ones. A separate mod allows players to visit Tony Stark's home. Using a mod like Iron Man MK85 opens up the possibilities for hero showdowns. Characters such as Hulk, Goku, and Ultron are playable with mods.

7 Script Hook V + Native Trainer

You won't be able to use this mod in GTA Online, but it remains one of the best mods of all time. The sheer amount of mod customization makes it worth choosing the single-player mode. "Script Hook V + Native Trainer" allows you to utilize native script functions. This means that you can customize the appearance of your character with great detail, change your wanted level, add money to your bank account, and many other functions. For anyone who prefers single-player or wants to play around with Script Hook V, it is well worth the download.

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6 2014 McLaren P1

The coolest feature of the 2014 McLaren P1 mod has to be its active rear spoiler. While accelerating, the rear spoiler activates, raising to a higher level. Rear wings can be used to prevent a car from flying, but often spoilers exist for vanity purposes.

The McLaren P1 has eye-opening scissor doors that are too cool. The work that this mod creator did to bring one of the hottest vehicles in GTA history is incredible. So, what are you waiting for? Download this mod today!

5 Gun Sounds Overhaul

Grand Theft Auto V had a budget of approximately $265 million when it was originally developed. Although the game is far from perfect, mods can help drastically in terms of performance enhancements and realism. Mods seek to improve gameplay experiences by changing subtle and apparent details. This mod has proven to be exceedingly popular with Grand Theft Auto V players and massively overhauls the game's immersion factor.

4 Open All Interiors

Throughout the game's files are interiors of buildings that are blocked off from the rest of the game. With almost a million downloads, "Open All Interiors" is one of the more popular GTA V mods. In some places, pedestrians will walk around the interior of buildings. For an immensely expanded game, you'll want the Open All Interiors mod. After installing the mod, you will have access to hospitals, factories, stadiums, sheriff departments, and buildings under construction.  There are at least sixty-five locations that are opened because of this mod.

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3 Skin Control Source Code

Without a doubt, players will always want to customize their character to give the most personalized experience. Using "Skin Control Source Code," you can choose to make the character look like you are someone else. Opting for the latter opens up huge possibilities given the detail included in this mod. Skin Control Source Code's creator is no longer making improvements, yet the mod remains one of the most liked and downloaded mods out there. The mod only requires 67 KB, so you should download it right away.

2 2015 BMW i8 (I12)

The BMW i8 is a futuristic plug-in hybrid that costs upwards of $100,000. For most people who don't have the money to buy a BMW i8, installing this mod and driving in Grand Theft Auto V is a better option. First-person gameplay makes riding in the BMW i8 a thrill-ride. The sleek, radiant design of the BMW i8 is a head-turner. Be sure to look up the exterior appearance of this vehicle if you don't already know what the BMW i8 looks like. It's difficult to tell if this image is of a real car or an in-game render. It's no wonder why this is one of the most popular vehicle mods in GTA V.

1 Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement

"Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement" changes the habits of the police to make the game more enjoyable. Included in the long list of features behind Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement are citizens who need to phone the police to raise your wanted level, easier police AI, slower police cars, and faster times for losing your wanted level.

Most players eventually grow to be frustrated with GTA V's long wanted level wait times. The fact people will have to phone to give you a star means there is a window of opportunity to stop the civilian from dialing 9-1-1.

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