Ranking The Main Cast Of Undertale

One thing that makes Undertale such a uniquely wonderful game is the diverse and engaging characters that fill the world. No two characters are alike.

Undertale is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best games of the decade to be released. Featuring fantastic writing, design, and music, this narrative-driven game manages to be hilarious, heartwarming and dangerously emotionally crippling all at the same time. Much of this is due to the main cast of the game.

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All of the characters that you meet throughout the game are written in their own incredibly charming way, which makes them all extremely memorable. Today, we’re going to be ranking all of these different characters. Without further ado, let’s jump into it!

8 Flowey

Flowey is (spoiler alert) the main villain of the game. Not only does he attack us immediately after our first meeting, but he is also the reason behind one of the most intense boss battles in modern gaming history.

And though we can identify with the more tragic nature of his story, that still does not excuse his actions.

7 Asgore

Asgore is kind of a bad monster. Of course, he was driven to his motivation to break the barrier between humans and monsters to cause a war due to the loss of his biological son and adoptive human child (there’s way too much going on in that sentence wow), but that doesn’t excuse what he plans to do next.

Collecting the souls of fallen humans in order to break the barrier. He needs seven to break the barrier and cause a war, which is exactly his intent when he and Frisk clash. He only wants to cause the war because humans are the reason that he lost both of his children. In the end, he’s just a sad man who lost everything in his life. Can you really blame him for his actions?

6 Frisk

Though Frisk (MC) does rank a bit higher on our list than Asgore, it is only just. The issue with ranking Frisk is that the character's personality is entirely dependent on how the player chooses to play them.

A pacifist run version of Frisk would rank higher on our list than a more sinister version. But player intervention aside, Frisk seems like a curious and helpful young child. Which are rather lovely (though slightly boring when compared to other characters) traits to have.

5 Alphys

Our anime watching yellow lizard (?) queen, we have Alphys. Alphys has an odd role in the story, as she essentially inserts herself into the plot and makes challenges that she and Frisk can work together to defeat, as revealed by Mettaton. While this certainly isn't admirable, she does apologize.

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Along with that, Alphys certainly did her best to try and help the monsters of the Underground in other situations. She's a social recluse who wants to break out of that box she painted herself into. And her relationship with the next character on the list? Too cute for words.

4 Undyne

Undyne is a lot. Like a LOT. Remember that one time that her house set on fire during a cooking lesson? Fantastic. Undyne's wonderfully aggressive nature in just about everything that she does (including the time that she throws a spear at you in the name of friendship) really just makes her a great character to be around.

She's no joke on the battlefield either. Her boss battle on the pacifist run is the stuff of nightmares. However, her soft side is what really makes her stand out. The fact that she gives Papyrus cooking lessons so he doesn't feel sad about not joining the Royal Guard just goes to show that she really cares about her friends. And her and Alphys are truly the couple that we DESERVE. What legends they are.

3 Sans

Come on, our boy actually made it into Smash, how can you not love him? Sans, the interdimensional time continuum crossing (yet somehow lazy) skeleton is one of the highlights of the game. While his wise-cracking jokes are always spot on in delivery, he has a lot more to offer than just that.

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He seems to have some sort of knowledge of the other timelines (and, by extension, Deltarune) and makes sure that you're aware of that. Besides that, his love for his brother and his strange little relationship with Toriel really just make you want to love Sans. Once again, this boy is an interdimensional time continuum crossing skeleton. That's basically just every buzz word you'll ever need to create a fantastic character. Plus, he is the reason that Megalovania exists, so how can we not stan?

2 Toriel

Ahhhh, Toriel. The sweetest person in all of the underground, Toriel takes you in after you fall into the ruins. She even offers to mother you as you come to accept your new home that you leave without hesitation only seconds later. Toriel would never hurt you, and everything that she ever does is to make sure that you'll be able to make it on your own in the underworld.

The woman calls you to ask you which type of pie you would prefer less than an hour after meeting you, how could you not love her with your entire soul? Toriel is the absolute heart of the Underground, and wants only the best for everyone around her. If her little speech about learning how to text a smiley face doesn't make you burst into tears with ease, you're basically just a monster and you cannot be saved.

1 Papyrus

Papyrus. Sweet little Papyrus. Where can you even begin with Papyrus? A wonderful little skeleton that wants nothing more than to join the royal guard and work with Undyne, he's just horrible at his one and only goal. But hey, he is working on making his spaghetti the best it can be! As long as you're always working toward being the best version of yourself that you can be, you're great in Papyrus's book!

He'll always believe in you (even when you dare to commit a great atrocity that cannot be mentioned here), no matter how little you deserve to be believed in. He'll give you puzzles to accomplish, he'll go on dates with you to make you happy, The Great Papyrus just wants to be your friend. He even furnishes the jail cell that he tries to keep you in! Sure, he may have made the bars a bit too easy to squeeze through, but everyone makes mistakes. Papyrus is a skeleton with standards, he is a skeleton that wants you to be your best, a skeleton that wants to be your friend. Papyrus should be treated as The Great Papyrus that he truly is. If Undertale has given us anything in this life, it is the gift of Papyrus.

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