Sailor Moon: All Sailor Senshi From Least To Most Powerful, Officially Ranked

Sailor Moon became one of the best-selling manga of all time and would later be one of the most popular anime due to airing in international countries. It might be a romance, but there is enough action to keep the story interesting and the relationships between the characters are wholesome and pleasant to watch. The series has provided some pretty strong characters that represent the planets from the solar system and even in different parts of the galaxy. They are known as Sailor Senshi, meaning "soldiers." Most fans in America know them as Sailor Scouts.

Other than Sailor Moon, her inner Sailor Scouts, and the outer Sailor Scouts, there are different Scouts that represent planets outside of the solar system and even asteroids. These characters would be introduced near the end of the story in either the manga or anime. Just like the girls we root for, they are strong in their own way with cool abilities and unique designs.

While some characters might appear first, that does not necessarily mean they are the weakest. If anything, they do have their own strengths, but other Sailor Scouts are immensely powerful due to what they can offer and how they play their roles in the Sailor Moon story.

We all have our preferred Sailor Scouts and to us, they are the best due to how they affect us when reading the manga or watching the anime. Here is the list for all Sailor Senshi from least to most powerful, ranging from the manga, anime, and even some side projects.

25 Honorary Sailor Senshi: Tuxedo Mask

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The reason why we’re giving a slot to Tuxedo Mask is that he has done a lot to help out Sailor Moon and the others if you read the manga and Sailor Moon Crystal. Also, the mangaka, Naoko Takeuchi, stated that only females can be Sailor Scouts.

Is he the weakest? Not necessarily, but compared to the other characters, he is miles behind in competing against the other fighters. Thankfully, Tuxedo Mask has some awesome attacks, especially Smoking Bomber and having his Golden Crystal help out his friends.

24 Sailor Luna

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Sailor Luna appeared in the live-action series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. She can be seen as another Sailor Chibi Moon, but since we do not get to see a lot of her attacks, we decided to put her as the least powerful Sailor Scout. What also makes Sailor Luna pretty weak compared to the others is that she is unable to keep her transformations in different circumstances. If she were to sneeze, Sailor Luna would turn back into her toy cat form.

23 Sailor Quartet

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The Sailor Quartet only appeared in the manga and musicals, (yet appeared in the fourth season of the anime, not revealed as Sailor Scouts) but they have their unique roles in the story. They are responsible as Sailor Chibi Moon’s guardians.

These four are strong when together. However, we only see these four not as much compared to the other characters, so it’s hard to pick out which of the four is the strongest. Due to their roles and strength, they share a spot together.

22 Sailor Chibi Chibi

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Sailor Chibi Chibi is the perfect definition of the phrase, “Don’t believe everything you see.” In the manga and the final season of the first anime, Chibi Chibi is a mysterious character that managed to be powerful despite looking small and adorable.

Another form of her will be appearing later on as well.

Her powers are rather insane and could be compared to the ones in the top five, but since Sailor Chibi Chibi is a disguise, we put her lower on the list.

21 Sailor Kakyuu

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Sailor Kakyuu only appears in the manga, while her civilian form, Princess Kakyuu, only appears in the anime. Despite wanting peace, Kakyuu has power unlike any other. One of her moves is called Starlight Royal Straight Flush. Despite being shown only in the manga, it is a powerful attack that mirrors the best hand in a poker game.

She has a limited role in the story unfortunately, due to getting offed to a duo from the Shadow Galactia. However, it is possible that Kakyuu might have been revived after Sailor Moon defeated Sailor Galaxia.

20 Sailor Star Healer

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Due to a number of differences the Sailor Starlights have, we decided to rank them by overall power. The first of the Sailor Starlights is Healer. As her name suggests, we can assume she is, well, a healer, but there is a lot to her than her name.

Healer has an attack that can be dangerous. Star Sensitive Inferno has the power to take a life, but since Healer never uses its full power, she would use the attack to weaken her enemies.

19 Sailor Star Maker

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Sailor Star Maker, along with Healer and Fighter, come from the planet Kimmoku in order to find their princess. Like Healer, Maker does not have a lot of character to her, being somewhat similar to Sailor Pluto, but that she is strong in her own way.

Star Gentle Creator is her only known attack, and it has been used to eliminate Sailor Buttress in the musical Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, which is based off the last section of the manga and the fifth season of the anime.

18 Sailor Star Fighter

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Out of the trio, Star Sailor Fighter is one of the more developed and stronger of the three, due to her growing and sympathetic relationship with Sailor Moon. If you watched the anime, then he, yes he, was willing to help Sailor Moon and her friends while the other two were against the idea.

Anime controversy aside, Sailor Star Fighter can hold her ground and grow wings alongside her companions. There are some differences for her appearance in the anime and manga, and let’s just say the manga made her and the other Sailor Starlights bite the dust quicker.

17 Sailor Chi And Sailor Phi

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Sailors Chi and Phi are Sailor Galaxia’s most loyal followers, being second-in-command in Shadow Galactica. They only appeared in the manga, as well as the musicals.

Sailor Chi is the one responsible for taking the life of Sailor Kakyuu, but along with Sailor Phi, they also defeated the Sailor Starlights.

Due to their strong loyalty to Sailor Galaxia, the two were tasked as Star Gardeners. While they have taken the lives of Kakyuu and the Starlights, Sailor Moon was able to defeat them.

16 Sailor Chibi-Usa

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It might be strange to see Sailor Chibi Moon above the likes of Sailors Chi and Phi, but the young Sailor Scout has one thing the others don’t, and that is being the daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity.

She is very young (not really) and still has a lot of experience needed in order to become a fully-fledged Sailor Scout. Once she completes her training, it is quite surprising how powerful she will end up becoming. If we were to see her become one, then she could even compete with her mother for being powerful.

15 Sailor Mercury

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Sailor Mercury is the first of the Inner Sailor Scouts, therefore we pin her as the weakest. When it comes to strength, that is the case, but the others would be lost without her incredible brain. She is more of a strategist, so her attacks are not necessarily meant to be strong like Jupiter or Neptune’s. Still, the fact that she is the most popular character from the Japanese audience really speaks for itself. Sailor Mercury is a fantastic role model and deservingly owns that title.

14 Dark Mercury

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This is where we take a dark turn, no pun intended. Dark Mercury makes her only appearance in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, and how she came to be is rather sad. Ami ends up getting brainwashed by Kunzite due to being lonely and wanting Usagi to be her friend.

As Dark Mercury, she has a sword that was originally an icicle and she is fiercer than her normal counterpart. When she hurt Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury was able to overcome her darkness and get back to normal.

13 Sailor Astarte

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Here’s another unfamiliar face to those who have only witnessed the manga and anime. Sailor Astarte only appears in the musical from the Dracul and Lilith of Darkness arcs. She adds interesting elements to the story. Not to mention, she is also a goddess and comes from a line of Phoenicians.

One of her abilities is called Solomon Birth, and it has the power to revive anyone. She is a goddess after all, so being able to revive those who have fallen is pretty sweet. While she is a goddess, she would end up losing her soul to Lilith and become Dark Cain.

12 Sailor Mars

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The next Inner Sailor Scout is Sailor Mars, and while she has a passionate heart and strong warrior in her, she is not really that powerful. Her Sailor Scout form does mirror to her actual occupation of being a Shinto shrine priestess.

Her attacks consistently focus on fire and spiritual powers. While they are gorgeous to look at, they aren’t entirely impressive compared to the other Sailor Scouts. Though she might not be the best, Sailor Mars is able to possess her spiritual powers in her civilian form.

11 Sailor Jupiter

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Sailor Jupiter is the toughest out of the Inner Sailor Scouts and she is even capable of taking care of things herself in her civilian form. While it is nice to have the others alongside her, Jupiter can easily defeat her enemies due to her great strength.

She has the ability to control lightning and the earth itself.

If the Sailor Scouts were to fight in their civilian forms, Sailor Jupiter would easily be the strongest. There is one other Inner Sailor Scout that is slightly better than her, due to having more experience.

10 Sailor Venus

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Out of the Inner Scouts, Sailor Venus has a lot of responsibility and experience. Before joining with the Sailor Scouts, she carried the role as Sailor V. Even though Sailor Moon is the one who would defeat their enemies, Sailor Venus is the leader of Inner Sailor Scouts.

Due to her role in her past life, Sailor Venus also acts as Sailor Moon’s scapegoat if the latter were to be in any danger. Also out of the Inner Sailor Scouts, she is the first to awaken. Other than Sailor Moon, she is the most powerful out of them.

9 Sailor Neptune

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Sailor Neptune is incredibly powerful and can be seen as a stronger version of Sailor Mercury due to their similar powers being associated with water. What makes her stand out among the Outer Sailor Scouts is her incredibly powerful psychic powers.

There is a fan theory that states Neptune being the most powerful Sailor Scout, but we feel that is not entirely true.

She is very powerful, but not as powerful compared to the other characters on this list. Still, Sailor Neptune has her strengths and they are not to be messed with.

8 Sailor Uranus

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Sailor Uranus is destined to be a strong warrior, and she excels that greatly. With her sword, she is able to use her powers based on the sky, earth, and precognition. In many ways, she is similar to Sailor Jupiter, possessing great strength and willpower.

However, Sailor Uranus is more powerful due to being an Outer Scout. Along with Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto, she is responsible to defend the Moon Kingdom from attacks coming from the outside of the galaxy.

7 Sailor Pluto

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Sailor Pluto has a lot to offer for her role as a Sailor Scout. Not only is she the daughter of Chronos, the Greek god of time, she is technically one of the oldest Sailor Scouts in existence.

Since the Silver Millennium, she has been guarding the Time Gate.

Despite having incredibly strong powers with controlling time, it takes a toll on her. If she were to use them at all, it can cost her own life. Because of this, Sailor Pluto is extremely dutiful and follows the rules very seriously.

6 Princess Sailor Moon

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Princess Sailor Moon is a past life in the live-action series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. She is more brutal than her future form, being more destructive and using her powers recklessly. What makes her different to Sailor Moon is that this form is more of Princess Serenity’s cold and vengeful self.

Her grief for Endymion resulted in the world being destroyed.

She wields a princess sword that can create magical attacks and even explosions. Princess Sailor Moon also has telekinesis, and let’s just say she was not dealing with Queen Beryl.

5 Sailor Galaxia

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Being possessed by Sailor Chaos, Sailor Galaxia has done some messed up stuff. With no trouble, she was able to eliminate all of the Sailor Scouts except for Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon, and the Sailor Starlights. Destroying planets to search for the strongest crystal also shows how dangerous she is.

Sailor Galaxia is known to be the most powerful Sailor Scout in the galaxy, but her defeat to Sailor Moon has brought her slightly down on the list. Regardless, Sailor Galaxia is still very powerful.

4 Sailor Chaos

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Being the final villain in the series, Sailor Chaos is a threat that fought against Sailor Cosmos for a rather long time. She dons a similar appearance to Sailor Galaxia, but she is not the same person.

It is plausible that Sailor Chaos is the influence of the villains throughout the series.

In the distant future where Sailor Cosmos comes from, Sailor Chaos brought great destruction to the galaxy, which has caused unfixable damage. When Cosmos left to go back to the past, Sailor Chaos would still create havoc.

3 Sailor Saturn

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With all that she is rocking with, it seems that Sailor Saturn would be the most powerful character in all of Sailor Moon. It is not entirely the case, but being in the top three is no joke. As the soldier of Destruction and Rebirth, Sailor Saturn can even destroy a planet!

While destroying, she also helps rebuild it, which is where her being the soldier of rebirth comes into play. If you think about it, Sailor Saturn can technically be immortal since she is able to come back by becoming an infant, as seen in the manga and Crystal.

2 Sailor Cosmos

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Sailor Cosmos took on the form of Sailor Chibi Chibi, and compared to her disguise, Cosmos is extremely powerful. She comes from the distant future very far from even Crystal Tokyo. Due to battling Sailor Chaos for a very long time, Sailor Cosmos’ endurance is respectful.

Being one of Sailor Moon’s next lives also proves how strong she is.

She can also see the future, so being able to foresee events to come gives her an advantage when it comes to attacks or the futures of those surrounding her.

1 Sailor Moon

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There is no doubt that Sailor Moon would be the strongest Sailor Senshi on this list. Not only did she become powerful with her powers, but as a character, she grew quite significantly. With the power of the Silver Crystal, she can restore anything without any cost.

Despite this, she is a pacifist.

What makes Sailor Moon strong is how she never gives up saving the person she is fighting because there is still hope for them. She ended up saving Sailor Galaxia and restoring peace to the galaxy thanks to her courage and strength.

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