The 30 Rarest Funko Pop Figures (And How Much They're Worth)

Funko Pop collectibles have taken the world by storm, but there are some that are rarer and more expensive than others.

Every day there are new things popping up in pop culture and making people go crazy over them. Nowadays, one of the biggest things that movie buffs and game lovers have been going wild over are Funko Pop toys. These cute, and sometimes creepy, little action figures started being released around 2010-2011 and since then they have only increased in popularity. Some of them are super common and you can pick up most of them for under $20, but others are super rare and can go up into the thousands price wise. There are literally Funko Pop toys for everything that you can imagine, even some of the older Disney movies like Aladdin and Dumbo have their characters turned into Pop figures.

In 2016 alone, according to an article on Forbes, Funko Pops generated a revenue of $425 million, this is not including the rare ones that people buy and resell for an even larger amount of money. If you are an avid Funko Pop collector then your best bet to get some of the most coveted figures is to visit San Diego Comic Con. That seems to be the place that most rare ones are exclusively released. They cost regular price here but if you wait and buy them from another seller expect to pay more than double their regular price!

But once you have the Funko Pop figures, how do you know which ones are worth something, and which aren't? Some of these Pop Figures are a lot rarer than others, and we're here to break it down (and their prices!) for you readers.

30 Two Face: $170

Two-Face is the cheapest figure on the entire list, but just because his price is low doesn’t mean that he is not rare or coveted by many collectors around the globe. It is no surprise that Two-Face is one of the most coveted and popular figurines, seeing as Batman has a number of figurines on this list alone and is also one of the most popular superheroes of all time. Two-Face was one of the earliest Batman villains to become a Pop figure in 2011, so only those who started collecting early in the game were able to get their hands on this figure without a problem.

29 Zombie Merle Dixon: $180

Merle Dixon Funko

The television show The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on air right now, so it only makes sense that some of their characters would be turned into the most popular collector’s items out right now. This particular figure was released way back in 2013, when The Walking Dead was just starting to get popular. Since then there have been a number of different The Walking Dead lines in the Funko Pop collections. This figure was always a hard one to get your hands on, but if you are determined enough you should be able to pick one up for under $200.

28 Shazam: $260

via popvinyls.com

Superheroes are always fan favorites when it comes to Funko Pop figurines, probably because of all of the history behind the toys. Shazam was one of the most beloved DC superheroes of all time yet he only received one version of a figurine that was released way back in 2011. There are others like him, for example, Aqua man and Martian Manhunter.

In his Pop figure, Shazam rocks his classic comic book look that many have grown to associate with him.

If you want to have a Shazam in your collection, you will have to hunt down this rare figure that came out almost a decade ago.

27 Khal & Khaleessi: $300

via ebay.com

Now this is technically two Funko Pop Figurines, but it is one of the hardest packs to find. These two figures were released in 2014 as an exclusive to ThinkGeek. If you are trying to build up your Game of Thrones collection, then these two are a great addition as they are relatively low in price compared to others yet super rare and hard to find. If you have these in your collection, then you will be sure to wow other collectors. You can pick up the pack of both for around $300-$400 if you are determined and search extensively online.

26 Indiana Jones: $300

via cardboardconnection.com

Indiana Jones is another Funko Pop Figure that is on a lot of collector’s lists. He is pretty popular in pop culture, even years after his latest movie was released. This figure was released pretty recently at San Diego Comic Con in 2016. Although he is pretty cheap as far as price goes, he has only risen in price consistently over the past couple of years and will most likely be one of the most coveted as the time goes on. If you plan on growing your collection in the upcoming years, then it is probably a good idea to scoop him up now while his price is still relatively low.

25 Red Skull: $310

via kirinhobby.com

When Funko Pop Toys were first starting to rise in popularity, way back in 2011, the company was experimenting with a bunch of different characters and personas to see who the public reacted to them.

This Pop Figure was released with a wave of other Marvel characters and was released around the same time as the Captain America: First Avenger.

Only true fans of the movies and comics will truly appreciate this Pop Figure and want to add them to their collection. He is pretty hard to get a hold of but will not break your bank too bad with a usual price tag of under $400.

24 Chesire Cat (Blue): $320

via popinabox.co.uk

If you were a kid in the 80s and 90s, then the Cheshire Cat was probably a staple in your household at some point. The Cheshire Cat is famous for its role in Alice In Wonderland, which is one of the most popular animated films to date. This figure features a whole different take on the Cheshire Cat, as its coloring is very different then the original character. This figure was also released at San Diego Comic Con in 2012 and only 480 figures were created. Currently, 241 of these are accounted for, whereas the whereabouts of the other ones are unknown.

23 The Amazing Spider-Man (Metallic): $340

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A superhero whose metallic version is super popular and hard to get a hold of. The Amazing Spider-Man metallic version Pop Figure was released in tandem with the movie in 2012 and was also another San Diego Comic Con figure.

The Amazing Spider-Man films came to an end after the 2012 movie which only made this pop figure even more valuable.

When this figure was released, there were only 480 created and that number has remained true since then. There are 218 accounted for as of now, and the whereabouts of the rest of them are a mystery!

22 DJ Sona (Concussive): $340


This Pop Figure was part of the Pop Games collection and was released in 2016. DJ Sona: Concussive is actually a figure of an exclusive skin of a character from League of Legends. This toy was a bit of a surprise for fans and collectors so there was a lot of buzz once it was released.

In the game, this character has three different forms with concussive being just one of them.

This toy has been seen and given out as a prize at the League of Legends World Series 2016. This toy has not been seen much since the World Championships.

21 Phoenix: $350

via comicsalliance.com

This little lady was released at a time when Funko Pop Figures were becoming popular but were not too hard to get a hold of. However, even during this time she was pretty impossible to get your hands on, because she was exclusive to Seattle’s Emerald City Comic Con in 2013. Phoenix is a beloved character from the X-Men that many people have coveted over the past couple of years. Those who were unable to make it to Seattle Comic Con this particular year have been trying for years to add her to their collection, some have proven successful and others not so successful.

20 Boba Fett (Droids): $380

via: retrozaps.com

This Funko Pop toy is from the Star Wars collection and is yet another exclusive figure that was released at San Diego Comic Con. However, this figure was also part of Star Wars Celebration in Europe. This figure is Boba Fett featured in his “Droids” colors and there are only 480 Boba Fetts like this in existence. For those of us who are not huge Star Wars fans, Droids was an animated television show that aired in 1985. This show told the adventures of R2-D2 and C3PO, it also starred Boba Fett in this outfit. Although it is not the most expensive on the list, it is pretty hard to get a hold of.

19 Freddy Funko (Kylo Ren): $400


If you are an avid collector of Funko Pop Figures, then this little guy may look a bit familiar. Freddy Funko is actually the Funko Pop Mascot, but for this edition he has decided to don Kylo Ren’s garbs.

This Freddy Funko is not as evil as he may want to be perceived in this outfit and is instead only evil to those who wish to add him to their collection.

This figure was limited to 400 units, and exclusive to Funko Fun Days in 2016. This is another Funko Pop Figurine that is only expected to increase as time goes on.

18 Harley Quinn (Silver): $400

via poppriceguide.com

Now most people hear the name Harley Quinn and shiver in fear, as she is the trusty sidekick and girlfriend of one of the most evil men on the planet, The Joker. Her and her man are always messing with people and wreaking havoc everywhere they go, yet her Pop Figure is one of the hardest to get a hold of.

This variant of Harley Quinn was limited to just 144 units in total and released in 2016.

These were given out to Hot Topic employees in one of the most limited releases of all time. The price of Silver Harley Quinn is only expected to rise as time goes on.

17 Bloody Rorschach: $400


This little guy was released in 2013 as an exclusive at San Diego Comic Con. Rorschach is part of the Pop Movie lineup and is limited to just 480 pieces worldwide, like most other figures released as part of a San Diego Comic Con exclusive. If you are hoping to add a Rorschach to your collection, then good luck finding one, and if you are lucky enough to find one on Amazon or eBay, he will not set you too far back as you should be able to grab one for under $500. Not too bad compared to other figures.

16 Blue Chrome Batman: $470

via anenglishmaninsandiego.com

This Funko Pop figure is one of the newest figures on this list to be released, as it was released just last year in 2017. This shiny version of the Dark Knight was released exclusively at San Diego Comic Con and Toy Tokyo. It was originally sold for under $20 at both of these locations.

Since it was released, the price of these interesting and appealing Batman figurines have only escalated in price consistently.

Nowadays you can pick one up online for around $500; pretty impressive seeing as it has not even been on the market for a year yet.

15 Mr. Incredible (Blue Suit): $500

via: ebay.com

If you pay any attention to pop culture and the world around you, then you probably have heard about, or may have even seen the new Incredibles movie that was recently released.

This Funko Pop figure that features one of the main characters, Mr. Incredible, in his original super suit is one of the rarest out there.

This Funko Pop figure was first introduced in 2011 at San Diego Comic Con as an exclusive; only 480 were released to the public. The price for this figure will most likely increase with the release of the new movie this summer.

14 Lotso (Flocked): $540

via popinabox.us

You may remember this little cutie as the evil bear from Toy Story 3 who tried to capture and hurt some of our favorite toys like Woody and Buzz Lightyear. However, at the end of the movie everyone made it out alive and well, so no harm no foul. This specific Lotso is a little bit different than others of its kind, as the normal vinyl material used is replaced with a softer, velvet material to really give the impression that he is a cute and cuddly teddy bear. This Lotso was released in 2011 at D23 Expo and was limited to 480 units in total.

13 White Walker (GITD): $600

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The Game of Thrones figures prove to be increasingly popular, yet extremely hard to find. The Glow in The Dark White Walker is no exception to this pattern. Although he is lower in price then the Headless Ned Stark, he is still one that many collectors are hoping to cross off their list.

This figure was released in 2013 as part of an HMV Exclusive, and you can pick one up for your very own collection for somewhere around $600.

They are pretty rare, as they were part of an exclusive, however after doing some shopping and research online you should be able to find one.

12 Ned Stark (Headless): $610

via: collectibles2017.com

If you are very into Pop Figures, then you know just how rare the Headless Ned Stark is. Ned Stark is from the Game of Thrones collection and this figure was released in 2013. This figure was a San Diego Comic Con exclusive that has stains on its chest and a removable head.

This guy really can’t catch a break and just by looking at him you may feel a bit queasy.

This specific edition of Ned Stark is limited to only 1008, and has a lot of small details that aren’t seen in other variations of this character.

11 Metallic Batman (Yellow Symbol): $690


Unlike other Batman figures, this one is sporting he iconic yellow symbol on his costume. This figure is closest to what the 1996 Batman looks like, and may be the reason that it is so popular. This figure is part of the limited edition Chase collection and is about as close as possible to the Batman Returns and Batman: The Animated Series Batman. So if you are super nostalgic and love to get figures that remind you of your childhood or a simpler time then you will definitely want to scoop up this little guy for your collection! He is pretty expensive but not the most expensive Batman figure out there!

10 Genie (Metallic Blue): $700

via snapdeal.com

Another figure that is based off of a Disney character that is pretty valuable is the famous Genie from the original Disney movie, the metallic version of this figure is worth more than the regular blue and can be picked up for around $600, whereas the regular blue version can be snatched up on Amazon for around $400. However, this little guy was originally released in 2013, as part of an exclusive San Diego Comic Con release, with the typical number of 480 released to the public. The metallic version of this figure has a really nice coloring and a lot of detail to the genies face and outfit.

9 Silver Superman: $700


This Funko Pop Figure is another one that was a Hot Topic exclusive. The Silver Superman was given out to Hot Topic employees who were doing particularly well in their jobs. As a result, this Superman, along with the Harley Quinn mentioned before, were never actually released in stores, so they are super hard to find. There were only 144 Silver Supermans produced and released, so if you are able to add one of these to your collection then consider yourself pretty lucky, as they are one of the hardest Pop Figures to come across. Although it is rare, this one will set you back less than some of the others.

8 Batman (Blue Metallic): $790

via poppriceguide.com

There are a couple of different Batman Funko Pop toys available, but the blue metallic one is pretty rare. This is the classic Batman Funko Pop vinyl that was released in 2010. It is one of the very first vinyl exclusives that the company released years ago and goes for around $800.

There was a limited number of these made, only four hundred and eighty, making them even harder to find.

This Pop Figure is not an easy one for collectors to get their hands on and requires a lot of digging in order to find one in perfect condition.

7 Batgirl (Metallic): $800

via poppriceguide.com

It only makes sense that Batgirl would be on this list, seeing that a few different variations of Batman were on here. This Metallic Batgirl is pretty hard to find, and if you are lucky enough to get your sights on one be prepared to send at least a couple of hundred dollars on her, they are all priced around $780-$800 but have been known to go a bit high depending on where in the world you are located. The price of this Pop figure seems to be on the rise, as it has steadily increased over the past couple of months.

6 Planet Arlia Vegeta: $820

via ebay.com

Planet Arlia Vegeta is from Dragon Ball Z and is priced fairly high. The reason that this Funko Pop toy is priced so high, and the prices only seem to be rising, is because it is a Toy Tokyo exclusive from Comic Con. As a result, there were only a limited number made, therefore if you want one then you most likely had to buy it from a second party seller. Even though it is a Comic Con exclusive, it is still priced higher then any other of the exclusive Funko Pop toys that were exclusives to this event. The price has not stopped people from buying them, as it is pretty hard to find one under $1,000.

5 Green Lantern (GITD): $1140


This is a bit odd that this one has made the list and is one of the higher priced figures, because the 2011 film did not do well in the box office at all. It basically bombed, leaving fans and actors disappointed around the globe. However, the Glow in The Dark edition that was released as an exclusive at San Diego Comic Con has proved to do increasingly well with collectors around the world. Many have speculated that it is because this specific pop figure is very aesthetically pleasing to look at. There were only 240 of these made and they go for an upwards of $1,670 nowadays on the internet.

4 Loki (The Avengers): $1200

via comicbook.com

Loki is the adopted son of Odin and the brother of Thor, so he has quite the family name to live up to. Maybe that it why this Pop Figure goes for around $1200! Loki got a full Funko Pop makeover when this version of the figure appeared at San Diego Comic Con in 2012. Originally Funko made a line of Avengers figures that covered all of the main heroes; however, fans were not satisfied. So, they were granted their wish when a complete set of characters were released at Comic Con, including the villains. If you weren’t lucky enough to grab one at that year's Comic Con, then you may have trouble getting your hands on one.

3 Star Wars Shadow Trooper: $1500

via pinterest.com

One of the rarest Funko Pop Toys ever is the Star Wars Shadow Trooper who is yet another San Diego Comic Con exclusive. This Funko Pop Toy appeared a while back in 2011.

This is definitely one that you will want to add to your Star Wars Funko Pop collection as it is one of the rarest and hardest to find.

The Star Wars Shadow Trooper was not produced very much, and there are only 480 distributed. As you can imagine, it is pretty hard to get a hold of one of these. If you are lucky enough to grab one of these it can set you back almost $2,000.

2 Silver Batman: $1600

via ebay.com

Yet another Batman to make this list, this time it's the coveted Silver Batman. This is yet another figure that was released as a reward to Hot Topic employees who have done exceptionally well at their job. Silver Batman was released in 2015.

Although this Batman may be a bit small, he will cause your wallet to take quite a hit if you wish to add him to your collection.

The cheapest Silver Batman that we were able to find online went for around $1600. Since they were only given to employees and never had an official release, they are pretty rare and hard to come by.

1 Dumbo (Clown Face & Gold): $2500

via pinterest.com

Now this one may seem a bit strange because, well, it is Dumbo, the elephant that had ginormous ears and decided to use them as wings to impress all of the other animals. But this specific version of the figure is actually one of the hardest to find.

There is a total of three different kinds of Dumbo Pop figurines: the clown face, the gold version and the metallic blue.

There were only 48 pieces released of both the clown face and gold versions whereas there were 480 released of the metallic blue. If you are looking to get either the gold or the clown face figures, then expect to pay well over $2,500 a piece.

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