25 Rare Funko Pops You Just Can't Get Anymore

Funko Pops have exploded in popularity, so naturally there are some that are rarer than others. Here are some that can't be found anymore.

Collectors either love or hate them. They stare at them through their small boxes, lining various nerdy store shelves, waiting to go home and join their massive collection. Once they buy one, there truly is no going back. With one single purchase, they will be forever trapped in the bottomless pit that is Funko.

Yes, we’re addressing the company that’s worth millions of dollars all because they created a simplistic design that can be used for all types of characters from various series. Whether it’s a live-action film or an anime, Funko more than likely has the character you’re looking for. Sure, the affordability of these toys is great for those who can’t afford to support their fandoms by buying ridiculously overpriced merchandise. But it’s also a very quick way to run out of room for nicer figures. I’m currently dealing with that problem.

Now what is surprising about Funko is just how many figures in existence are worth a pretty penny. And because of their rarity, some figures are extremely difficult to get, unless you’re willing to fork over a full paycheck. Convention exclusive figures are definitely the rarest in the bunch, since the majority were released in very limited quantities.

So now, we’re going to focus on the Funkos in existence that you just can’t go and buy at a Hot Topic or FYE store. And while we’re at it, we’re also going to discuss the worth of each one. Who knows? Maybe one of these figures is sitting on your shelf, unopened and in mint condition.

25 Pop! Star Wars Holographic Darth Maul

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The Funko Pop! Star Wars Holographic Darth Maul vinyl bobble-head released in 2012 and was exclusive to San Diego Comic Con 2012. If you look carefully on the dark sticker, it notes that only 480 were released. So it comes as no surprise that this Funko is worth over $1,800. It makes me wish I had this laying around so that I could sell it and help pay off some loans. But besides its worth, it’s also nice and shiny. Although, I have never understood why shiny or holographic exclusives exist, but whatever.

24 Pop! Ad Icons Big Boy

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This is the part of the story where I get all remorseful because I’ve never been to a Big Boy restaurant. I know they still exist, but there aren't any of those restaurants relatively close to where I live. Anyway, the Big Boy Ad Icon Funko released in 2016 and was also exclusive to SDCC. It’s worth a little over $1,600, which is quite a bit of money in comparison to being able to walk into any store to buy a Funko for 12 bucks.

23 Pop! Game Of Thrones Ned Stark Headless

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Unlike almost every other nerd in existence, I have yet to watch a full Game of Thrones episode, so obviously, this Funko is a massive spoiler for me. Yay. Here’s a headless version of Ned Stark, because apparently this happens and there’s appeal for fans to take his head from his body. As noted on the sticker, there were only 1,000 of these Funkos distributed. Even with there being more in existence in comparison to Darth Maul, this Funko is still worth over $1,300.

22 Pop! Animation - Planet Arlia Vegeta

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Don’t hate me, but I have yet to watch Dragon Ball Z. Growing up without cable, I had almost next to no access to anime when I was a kid, so I understand that I still have a lot of shows to catch up with. The Planet Arlia Vegeta Funko was exclusive to New York Comic Con and Toy Tokyo. He’s shiny and metallic, which of course makes it extra fancy for any fan. However, if you don’t have this version of Vegeta yet, I hope you’re ready to spend more than $1,500 on him.

21 Pop! Television Skeletor Black Hood

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If you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on an exclusive Skeletor Funko, I really wish you the best. In 2013, San Diego Comic Con released a Skeletor Black Hood exclusive Funko. And as listed on the box, only about 480 were released in total. Because of the limited quantity, Skeletor is retailing for about $850. Sure, he doesn’t have as much worth in comparison to the others already mentioned, but that’s still quite a price to pay for a singular Funko.

20 Pop! Disney Alien Metallic

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You know what I really don’t understand about Funko sometimes? First off, why must they release some figures in very limited quantities? And on top of that, did they really think an exclusive like a metallic alien from the Disney Pixar Toy Story franchise would really appeal to people? But regardless, due to the limited number, this fellow is worth almost $800. If you really feel like it, let the claw decide if you spend that money or save it for another day.

19 Pop! Sci-Fi Martian Metallic

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Okay, I’m sorry to any Mars Attacks fans out there, but this is a Funko that I wouldn’t purchase because it is ridiculously spooky. It even makes me shudder to think about something like that chilling on my shelf, staring me down. No thanks. However, if this creepy martian appeals to you, I hope you’re willing to spend $700 for this one’s dazzling looks. Seriously though, I’d be terrified to buy this Funko, because I know I’d never sleep again.

18 Pop! Marvel Ghost Rider Metallic

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So I’m unsure of all the logistics behind limited exclusives at conventions, but apparently, 480 is the magical number when it comes to San Diego Comic Con. In 2013, Funko released a metallic version of the Marvel comic book character Ghost Rider; and I’ll admit, it’s definitely one of the coolest Funko figures I’ve ever seen. However, I sure as heck would not spend over $600 on it. As cool as it might be, I just don’t have that type of money laying around.

17 Pop! Heroes Batman The Dark Knight Rises Patina

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I can still remember seeing The Dark Knight trilogy films in theaters. Oh yes, the good old days when DC Comics had good films helmed by a fantastic director. For anyone who loves differently colored Funko, here’s a patina version of Batman from The Dark Knight Rises. Now that I think about it, I wonder why they went with a different version for Batman specifically in the last film of the trilogy. It could be because his outfit is completely unchanged from its predecessor film.

16 Pop! Gold Loki SDCC 2012 Exclusive

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Now here’s a Funko for all you hardcore Loki fans. And I know there’s a lot of you out there. However, how many of you are willing to chip in over $800 for a Funko of your devilishly handsome Loki? After all, wouldn’t you like to show your devotion by kneeling and going broke? The only aspects of this Funko that’s somewhat special are his gold armor and exclusivity. Once again, here’s something not all comic book fans can enjoy.

15 Pop! Flashpoint Batman Pop NYCC Exclusive

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This Funko is a New York Comic Con exclusive. It’s Thomas Wayne, or Batman from Flashpoint. The detailing on this Funko stands out, especially with the red accents. But yet again, here goes Funko yet again disappointing its fans by making this a convention exclusive. Sure, most of these go for sale online, but merely for ridiculous prices. After all, I’m not really aware of anyone who can spend $800 on a Funko. But hey, if you can and this appeals to you, by all means go for it.

14 Metallic Blue Batman SDCC

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And yet again I find myself becoming curious about the appeal behind metallic or differently colored Funko. Aren’t you more or less supporting your favorite characters if you were to just get a regularly colored version of them? But hey, if you like to show your utmost devotion, here’s a metallic, blue Batman Funko for you. Oh, and so you don’t get your hopes up, this is another convention exclusive. After all, the majority of this list is convention exclusive Funko that were made in limited quantities.

13 Green Lantern Chase Metallic Exclusive

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It’s more than likely just me, but Green Lantern’s mask just seems so oddly shaped. The mask just looks like it wasn’t made for his head at all. Anyway, for the Green Lantern fans in existence, here’s a limited chase edition of the character. Currently, he’s retailing for about $1,000, which is a pretty hefty price for such a small figure. Although I will admit, his metallic coloring is very nice and it really makes the Funko’s suit stand out.

12 DC Universe Batgirl Black Suit 2010 Metallic Exclusive

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So here’s an interesting story. In 2010, SDCC released a metallic exclusive version of Batgirl in her black suit. It was also made briefly available in a Chase version. But apparently, this figure is so rare that one can’t even find many pictures of her online. But according to a couple of online sources, she is worth around $1,200, which is yet again a lot of money for one small figure. If you have the Batman figure too, your collection will be complete.

11 DC Universe Green Lantern Glow 2010 SDCC Exclusive

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If you thought I was done discussing Green Lantern, well, you’re wrong. Under normal light settings, this Green Lantern Funko looks, well, green. But there’s a good reason for that. This Funko actually glows in the dark, and that’s very fitting for Green Lantern. However, there’s only 240 of these in existence, so it’s no wonder that he’s valued at about $1,300. After all, what nerd wouldn’t want a glowing Green Lantern figure in their room? Just make sure you never turn your lights on.

10 Star Wars 2011 SDCC Flocked Chewbacca Vinyl Bobble Head

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There are quite a few valuable Star Wars Funko out there, which is why I tried to keep Star Wars limited on my list. Here, we have Chewbacca as a flocked, vinyl bobble-head Funko. If you want that realistic feel of a furry animal, flocked is definitely the way to go. But softness comes at a price. This San Diego Comic Con 2011 exclusive is retailing at about $1,500. I can hear the Wookies screaming at their wallets already.

9 SDCC Fundays 2013 Disney Pop Exclusive Clown Faced Dumbo

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At San Diego Comic Con 2013, Funko released a Disney exclusive of Dumbo wearing clown face paint. This Funko is worth about $1,600, and that’s all for a poor elephant being forced to portray a clown. If you’re a sucker for Disney merchandise, then you probably hate that I’ve told you this Funko even exists. I’ll be honest though. I wouldn’t go spending this type of money on any Funko, no matter what series it’s from.

8 SDCC 2011 Exclusive Funko Pop Star Wars Shadow Trooper

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Yes, I’m talking about Star Wars again. But I’m really delving into the large money amounts now. This Shadow Trooper vinyl bobble-head Funko released in 2011 and is worth about $1,900. Bear in mind that all of these values are estimated with the Funko still in its box in complete mint condition. If there’s a single tear or mark, count yourself out of luck. This is the way of Funko collecting after all. Everything must be pristine, pure, and held to a perfectionist’s standards.

7 Silver Batman 2015

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If you thought the Funko I had mentioned before this one were rare in quantity, take a look at this. This silver Batman, released in 2016, only has 108 pieces out in the world. And yet, in comparison to other figures, he’s only valued at $1,600. Sure, that’s still a lot of money, but it rather surprises me that he’s not worth a lot more since there’s a fewer number out there for people to get their hands on. But once again, I find myself not understanding the appeal behind metallic exclusives in the least.

6 Flocked Lotso 2011 (D23 Expo)

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So of course, you can’t have a Lotso Funko in existence without a flocked version of the fluffy and lovable character. Did I mention emphasis on the “lovable”? Anyway, this flocked Funko is actually a D23 exclusive, with 480 pieces in total out and about in the world. Because of this flocked variance and the limited quantity, Lotso is worth about $1,850. Good luck trying to find this guy for anything cheaper than that. And if you think these prices have been ridiculous, just you wait.

5 The Notorious B.I.G. (Metallic)

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The Notorious B.I.G. was an American rapper who is definitely considered a legend in the rapping industry. Because of his fame and fortune, he has his own Funko. However, the metallic version was, surprising nobody out there, a San Diego Comic Con exclusive. Seriously, what’s up with all these metallic exclusives existing? Because there’s people out there who would buy it, Funko would make it. Anyway, Notorious Big is worth almost $2,400, which is a huge chunk of money all for one little figure.

4 1950s Metallic Gold Elvis

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I honestly don’t know why I struggled so much finding pictures of some of these Funko figures. However, I am aware they exist because they’re mentioned dozens of times online. There’s a 1950s metallic gold Elvis figure that’s worth almost $2,500. Sure, I get that Elvis is the king, but would anyone really want to pay that much money just to get their hands on one figure the size of their hand? I mean, I guess there are people willing to pay that much, but still.

3 Superhero Stan Lee

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So I’ll be honest but this Funko seems interesting to me. It’s a Funko, but there’s something about its build that just seems off to me. However, if it wasn’t a legitimate Funko, I don’t think it’d be worth $4,000. This Funko is of the legend himself, Stan Lee, portrayed as a superhero. This is definitely a collector’s item for any devoted Marvel or Stan Lee fan, for sure. The question is, are you willing to put forth that much money?

2 Glow In The Dark Boo Berry

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It comes as no surprise that this iconic cereal icon is a limited glow chase edition. After all, what type of ghost Funko out there doesn’t glow? Boo Berry is the ad icon for the blueberry cereal produced by General Mills, and this Funko is valued at almost $8,000. Yes. You read that correctly. If you’re looking at your shelves and giggling with glee, congratulations. You have a very valuable Funko in your hands, and whatever you do, you better not devalue it in any way.

1 Glow In The Dark Clockwork Orange Alex

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And last but not least, here we have an iconic, but classic character. Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange is pictured here as a glow in the dark variant and is valued at $13,600. Of course, this makes him the most valuable Funko on our list and I don’t know a single soul who owns this gem. Because of its rarity, who’s to say if it truly does exist? What if this is just a circumstance as odd as the original book’s concepts?

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