10 Of The Rarest Limited Edition Consoles

Limited edition versions of consoles really got their start back in the 1990s and have only grown since then. Limited edition consoles can come in a lot of different variations and can either be themed after a certain game or character or simply created in a special color.

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Over the years, some limited edition versions of consoles have become really rare and highly sought after for video game enthusiasts and collectors. A lot of them are really hard to find and can fetch hundreds of dollars on auction websites like eBay. To see 10 super rare limited edition video game consoles, keep reading!

10 Toys "R" Us Exclusive Gold Nintendo 64

This limited edition Nintendo 64 bundle has become even rarer and valuable for collectors of video game consoles in recent years because of the fact that Toys "R" Us has closed its doors. The limited edition gold Nintendo 64 was already rare on its own, but this specific bundle has become even more sought after.

This bundle was exclusively sold in North America in Toys "R" Us stores and, unlike the Japanese version of the gold Nintendo 64, came with two controllers. In its original box and in good condition, this console can go for up to $1,000 or more!

9 Hannah Montana Lilac Edition PSP

There are video games made for just about every movie and TV show that gets made. This was particularly true with kids' shows and movies back in the mid and late-2000s. While some of them are a lot of fun, some are just unusual.

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The popularity of the Disney Channel show Hannah Montana inspired Sony to release this limited edition lilac PSP. The bundle version came with the PSP, the Hannah Montana: Rock Out the Show game, and a pink and purple PSP carrying case. In its original box, this bundle can go for up to $600!

8 Pikachu Edition Sega Pico

We all know that Pokémon games come on Nintendo consoles, right? Whether it's the Nintendo 3DS XL with games like Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon or the Nintendo Switch with games like Pokémon Let's Go Eevee! and Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu!, it's always Nintendo consoles that get Pokémon games... Except for that time that it wasn't.

In the 1990s, a limited edition version of Sega's educational kids' console the Pico was released exclusively in Japan with Pikachu's face on it and a Pokémon game to go with it! This console is so rare and sought after that it's hard to even put a price on it.

7 Persona Q Edition Nintendo 3DS XL

When it comes to limited edition versions of consoles, it seems like the first console that many people think of is the Nintendo 3DS XL. There's a good reason for that, too! Each time a really popular game is released on the console, Nintendo bundles the game with a limited edition console.

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This Persona Q version is designed to look like a book called Le Grimoire du Coeur. In order to pick this console up new in the box, a Persona fan will have to shell out up to $400!

6 Nintendo 64 Pikachu Version Orange

Two different versions of this Nintendo 64 were released. In North America, a vibrant blue Nintendo 64 was released and had the same slightly wider design with a large Pikachu sitting on top. While that console is rare, this bright orange version that was exclusively released in Japan is even more difficult to find.

If a collector wants to get this console new in the box, they're going to have to pay up to $400 for it!

5 Game Boy Light Famitsu Skeleton

Several different versions of the Game Boy were released. It came out in so many different colors and with different brand or character logos on it, and a lot of them are still pretty easy to get your hands on. Because so many different Game Boys came out, a lot of them are really not that rare.

But this Game Boy Light is a total exception to that! Only 5000 copies of this particular model were released back in 1998 and were exclusively sold in Japan. To get one in its original packaging, a gamer is going to have to pay up to $800!

4 Nintendo Wii U The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Deluxe Set

Because The Legend of Zelda is such a huge franchise, Nintendo has released a ton of special edition versions of consoles and other collectibles that gamers just can't help but try to get their hands on. Even though the Wii U wasn't exactly Nintendo's best-selling console, this special edition bundle has still become very collectible.

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This Wii U bundle was released in 2013 and comes with a code for a digital download of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD. To get one new in the box, a Zelda fan will have to pay $500 or more!

3 Hatsune Miku Edition PS Vita

Hatsune Miku is the name of a virtual pop star that has become hugely popular in Japan. She has become popular all over the world and has even been used in advertising campaigns for brands like Dominoes in Japan and Toyota in the US.

A PS Vita was even released in Japan. For the most intense and dedicated fans of Hatsune Miku, this Project Diva limited edition PS Vita is a must-have. But in order to get one new in the box, a fan will have to pay up to $600 or more!

2 Pokemon Stadium Battle Set Edition Nintendo 64

There have been a ton of Pokémon games released for different systems over the years. Some involve just having the player roam around the region to collect or battle Pokémon, while others have a more unique playstyle.

This limited edition version of the Nintendo 64 is the Pokémon Stadium Battle Set. It came with the console, Pokémon Stadium, and other accessories like a controller and a Pokémon card. This bundle is incredibly rare and a new one is almost impossible to find. A complete version in good condition can go for up to $500.

1 Nintendo 3DS XL Yellow Pikachu

There are a lot of different Pokémon-themed Nintendo consoles. The Nintendo 3DS XL has received so many different color variations and different limited edition consoles that it can be hard to keep track of all of them. Some of them, like this Yellow Pikachu system, have become particularly rare.

To get one new, it can set a collector back up to $300. Considering even getting a used one in its original box is still around $200, this price is pretty crazy!

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