The Rarest Skyrim Weapons From Weakest To Strongest, Officially Ranked

Skyrim is a game about a lot of things, taking the player on a fantasy adventure on a scale that they're unlikely to find anywhere else being the main one. That being said, the way that it builds a lot of tension is through combat. Sure, there's a narrative there that a lot of people enjoy, but it's taking people down that really gets the blood pumping! That's why people are interested where the items are that will help them take down the enemies as fast as possible.

What we've done is pull together a list of some of the rarest items out there, and while they're all pretty good at doing their job, some of them are arguably weaker than the rest, so we've put them in a handy list for everyone. It's important to remember that better items are better for different characters, but we think people will be able to figure that out for themselves. We want everyone to have a chance to see which items will work best for them, while also putting in the work to make sure that every player out there knows about some of the rarer items, the ones that are harder to find!

Want to know about the rarest items in Skyrim? Think it's about time to upgrade that weapon to something which can take people down a lot faster?! Well, If everybody is ready, then we think it's time to get started!

22 Okin

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This unique item is a war axe, one that comes with a legendary story. It was supposedly the item that Kvenel The Tongue would use when he went into battle!

It can be found in the ruins of Volunruud, after the player is able to take down the Kvenel The Tongue.

Considering that players can grab it after a mission, we don't consider it to be that much of a rare or powerful object, but it's definitely worth a look to see if it's better than what you have on hand!

21 Dawnguard Rune Axe

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A lot of Skyrim is about taking down enemies with various items that are found within the world, and that's why items like this one are incredibly powerful!

As part of the Lost Relic mission, the player will be able to pick up this axe that does extra points to undead enemies.

However, it's special because it continues to gain power the more undead enemies are taken down by it, meaning that people can end up doing quite a lot of points with it by the end game!

20 Rueful Axe

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Like a lot of RPGs, Skyrim offers a bunch of different ways for players to play, mainly based on the way that they want to take on their enemies.

For example, this axe is for people who don't care much about speed.

Despite the fact that this unique item can end up causing a lot of pain, it swings slower than pretty much any other item out there. It's for the sort of people who like playing like a real tank!

19 Daedric Warhammer

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Anyone who has played the Elder Scrolls series for a long time at this point knows that this item has been around for a long time, having been in the games ever since Morrowind, and we can only assume that it will be in the next game as well! It has the highest base damage of any item in the base game, although it is also a two-handed item, meaning that it does a lot of damage but causes the player to remove the option of using their other hand for something else.

18 Gauldur Blackblade

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This ancient Nord sword can actually be found during a quest called Forbidden Legend, found by defeating Mikrul Gauldurson. Not only does it cause a good amount of damage, especially when paired with another item, it also has a special enchantment that continues to increase while the player continues to level up. This enchantment allows the player to absorb the health from whoever it is that they're attacking at the time!

17 Soulrender

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This unique item looks brilliant, as it's actually a Scimitar rather than a standard item like a lot of other things we've included in this list.

To get this item, the player will also have to get their hands on an Ancient Nordic Pickaxe, making it harder than some others, but for many, it is worth it!

It's a fairly good item on its own, but it's also much better when paired with the Bloodscythe, meaning players will have to duel-wield to get the best out of it.

16 Wuuthrad

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All we really have to say about this one is that it was an item that traveled so far during a war, did so much destruction, and proved to be such a powerful item that it had to be split into numerous pieces, meaning that the player has to bring those pieces together to be re-forged. If something is so good that people have to break it apart to ensure that it can't be used in a similar fashion, then you know you're definitely onto a winner!

15 Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow

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In a world that is filled with things that want to end your life, it's important to make sure that there are items in your arsenal that let you take them on from a distance!

That being said, these items often end up being weaker as they offer the player the chance to keep some distance!

However, that's where this brilliant crossbow comes in, as it ignores 50% of the armor that your enemy has on.

14 Windshear

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This is a scimitar that asks players to pull out a combat technique that they're likely not been using much throughout the game, which is block bashing!

Yes, whenever anyone block bashes with this item, there is a 39% chance of paralyzing an enemy for 0.1 seconds.

This may not sound long, but the paralysis forces the enemy to rag doll to the floor and it takes numerous seconds to actually get back onto their feet to attack the player.

13 Miraak's Sword

When we're taking on different enemies, we're always thinking about our health, but the thing to bear in mind when not using magic is that your stamina is just as important, otherwise you'll quickly end up defenseless against the person that you've attacked. That's why items like this are brilliant, as they actually absorb stamina from the people that are hit by it. Throw this into one hand and one that absorbs health into the other. You'll be unstoppable!

12 Volendrung

This is another item that takes on stamina, which is smart, as it takes a lot of stamina to swing this thing into enemies!

It's no surprise either. Just by looking at this thing, we can see that it will take a lot to swing it around as an item.

In fact, it's so big that the developers actually put in a piece of dialogue. A guard actually comments on how large the hammer is when you walk past them with it equipped!

11 Blade Of Woe

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Anything that literally sucks the life out of someone else is pretty dark when you think about it, but at the same time, it's something that is very helpful to have around when in the Skyrim world. Not only that, but when compared to the rest of the daggers in the game, this is an item with a huge rate of pain, so we recommend it to anyone that likes their items small but effective.

10 Harkon's Sword

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Okay, so it's harder to suggest that everyone pick up this unique item, as it doesn't exactly fit the bill for every single build out there, but for some of you it's a must-have.

Anyone that is playing as a vampire has to pick up this little baby, and we'll tell you why.

When used by a vampire, this item is able to drain stamina, health, and magicka from the person that it hits. That is an amazing item that all vampires should have in their arsenal.

9 Mace Of Molag Bal

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This one can be a bit of a risk, and only of any worth to people who regularly like to trap the souls of the enemies, but there's enough there to make it worthwhile.

Not only will this item trap a soul if taken down within three seconds, but it will also deal destruction to both stamina and magicka alongside health.

It doesn't absorb any of these things like some of the items on this list, but it still takes them down for you.

8 Chillrend

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We would think that a glass sword wouldn't be of any worth, as metal is of much better use when crafting an item that can take down an enemy, which is why we don't often see many glass swords in the real world.

However, this proves to be a brilliant item for anyone looking to freeze their enemies right where they stand!

Yes, not only will this sword do frost damage to anyone that the player manages to hit, but it also has a chance of paralyzing enemies for two seconds, as well.

7 Mehrune's Razor

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The whole point of taking these items with us on our journey, making them part of our arsenal, is that they might make taking down enemies just that little bit easier.

This is why we think this is one of the best items on the list so far.

Whereas other items are relying on people choosing them because they can help chip health down, this dagger actually has a chance of taking out enemies in a single hit!

6 Zephyr

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The important thing to bear in mind when choosing a bow is that these things have to move fast, as it's important to get as many arrows out there as quickly as possible.

We use them to pick at enemies, to take them down from afar.

That's why we think this has to be one of the best bows in the game, as it fires 30% faster than any other bow, giving players the chance to really take down some health in a small amount of time.

5 Bloodskal Blade

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Anyone who has played Skyrim knows that there is more than one way to take on an enemy, and this includes being able to do two distinct attacks.

Whenever a player decides to do a slower, but stronger, power attack, it throws out a powerful attack that takes out nearby enemies.

It's a risk, but it's worthwhile if it hits the enemies that are around the player!

4 Dragonbane

Some of the most difficult enemies in the game are the dragons, which is why it's a great thing that items like this exist as it deals extra damage to them. Not only that, but if used on other enemies, it manages to do shock damage as well, meaning that you can keep it equipped even when dragons manage to get away. Throw in the fact that it builds up with the level of the character, and you've got yourself a great item here.

3 Nightingale Bow

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This bow also levels with the player, meaning that it can end up doing a lot of damage and being worth a lot of money if the player manages to get it quite early on.

There's a Thieves Guild mission that leads to being rewarded with this bow, so this is where people should be starting if they want to grab it.

Bear in mind that the Thieves Guild missions can be difficult if you're not playing a character that has stealth skills.

2 Dawnbreaker

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Not only will this item burn any enemy that the player chooses to use it on, but it also works so much better when used against the undead.

There's a chance when taking down an undead enemy that the undead will explode in a ball of flames, that then takes down or harms any nearby undead that get caught in the wave.

We have always loved this unique one-handed weapon..

1 Auriel's Bow

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Any bow that people say was once used by an elven God has to be worth looking for, which is why we're putting this one at the end of the list.

Yes, anybody who plays Skyrim should definitely be looking for this rare item as soon as they can!

Not only does it do twenty points of sun damage to enemies that it's used on, but it also causes undead targets to take triple damage from any arrow that is fired.

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