10 Hardest To Find XBOX 360 Games (& What They're Worth)

If you own any of these Xbox 360 games, you may wanna think about selling them. If you're looking to buy them, get ready for some headaches.

Given Microsoft's relatively short time in the games industry compared to the likes of Sony and Nintendo, and their abundance of printed disc-based games, people don't often tend to think of the Xbox 360 as a collector's console. At least, this is the case when compared to machines like the NES and Atari 2600.

Yet, thanks to some obscure releases, elaborate collector editions, and limited printings, this console does come with some surprisingly rare and expensive titles. These can cost hundreds, or in a select few cases, even thousands of dollars.

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With this list, we'll sift through the vast, expansive library of Xbox 360 and pick out the 10 rarest of the rare, including limited edition bundles and localized releases.

10 The Legend of Spyro: Dawn Of The Dragon ($50)

There are a number of reasons this relatively popular platformer manages to be so hard to obtain on the Xbox 360.

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Aside from the fact this Playstation-based franchise never quite found an audience with the Xbox crowd, it was also the last title to be published by Sierra before going defunct in 2008. It's also the last mainline Spyro game to be produced - discounting the Reignited Trilogy remakes a decade later. These factors made it an instant target for Xbox-brand collectors.

9 Marvel Ultimate Alliance Gold ($120)

While the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games have, as a whole, proven to be popular hits, this particular DLC-included pack was short-lived, and thus, quite rare.

The DLC content found on this copy was soon discontinued separately on the XBL marketplace, making this the only way to obtain these extra characters in physical form. On top of this, A "Platinum Hits" rendition of the game was cranked out mere months after this edition, further rendering it into the realm of obscurity.

8 Tales Of Vesperia Special Edition ($70)


Much like with Spyro, this is the type of game that's simply more popular and abundant on Sony consoles.

Considering the console's lack of success in Japan and the Xbox market's lack of taste in JRPGs as a whole, it's easy to see why even the baseline version of ToV would have a limited printing on the 360. But bump it up to the Special Edition, which includes a soundtrack CD? We're talking a pretty rare package of discs.

While it's a pretty slim bundle as far as limited editions go, it can fetch you a pretty penny of $60-$80, assuming it's in good condition.

7 BioShock Infinite Ultimate Songbird Edition ($150)

As far as limited edition packages go, 2K Games really pulled out all the stops. This limited-run Songbird Edition includes a 9.5 inch Songbird statue, a Murder of Crows bottle replica keychain, a lithograph, artwork, a soundtrack, and exclusive in-game goodies.

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This bundle was already quite pricey as it was, but tack on several years of value for this 2013 release, and we're talking nearly $150 for a mint condition package in its original box.

6 Record Of Agarest War - The Really Naughty Limited Edition ($100)

All you pretty much have to do is take a look at this game's heavy Japanese themes and somewhat raunchy content to understand why this limited edition bundle was never printed en masse. Take the relatively limited appeal of a JRPG like Vesperia and tack on tons of scantily-clad anime women, and you've got this obscure game. Add the fact that this bundle was only available for preorder, and you've got yourself a rare Xbox 360 artifact.

The limited edition doesn't just include a soundtrack, but also a rather "curvy" mousepad outlining a lead character's breasts, and a pillowcase prominently featuring another.

5 Fallout 3: Survival Edition ($300)

The Fallout series is one that's been quite popular on Xbox consoles since Bethesda transformed the strategy franchise into a WRPG epic. Yet, this exclusive Survival Edition makes for a pretty rare and expensive find - largely because of the sheer detail and quantity of the collectibles included. You've also got the more recent hyped release of Fallout 4 further adding to the obscurity of this package.

You get a life-size replica of the famed Pip-Boy 3000, in addition to all the bells and whistles featured in the Collector's Edition. This includes a making-of DVD, Vault-Tec lunch box, in-game content, and artwork.

4 DragonBall Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Collector's Edition ($320)

This "collector's edition" of the popular anime, DragonBall Z, is definitely appropriately titled, given its extreme scarcity. This item was limited to the PAL market, and was, in fact, exclusive to the Australian market, until being quietly released through the retailer Zavvi in the UK.

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It is said that only about 10,000 copies of this bundle, which includes a neat action figure of Super Saiyan Gohan, were ever produced. Even the PS3 version can bring in over $200, but the even rarer 360 rendition can fetch well over $300.

3 NCAA Football 14 ($80)

Taking its place as one of the few standalone titles on our list is NCAA Football 14.

When it comes to football games, there is no shortage of choices to be had, at least when it comes to NFL-brand titles. However, if we're talking college football circa 2013? That's a far different story. As a result of issues in licensing and the fact that these college players were basically seeing no returns from their likeness being used, this was the very last game produced under the NCAA name. This exclusivity and significance led to its appealing nature for collectors.

2 El Chavo ($80)

Those in Spain and Latin Ameria may have heard of a cartoon there known as El Chavo. And yet, this charming little kart racer in the vein of Mario Kart is barely even known in the West.

This is basically because the game was virtually never produced in the US or European markets. With roughly 5,000 copies of this obscure racer said to be in circulation in the West, this is one of the rarest games you'll find, at least if you don't reside in Hispanic regions.

1 NBA Elite 11 ($30,000)

To any Nintendo collectors out there - you might consider this the "Stadium Events" equivalent of the Xbox 360. Much like that highly rare title, this coveted gaming artifact is immensely scarce because of a very very short printing which was swiftly cut off by EA Sports.

The game was essentially deemed unfit for an official release following the discovery of a number of bugs, including one where Chicago Bulls' Luol Deng almost never missed from the left baseline. Thus, the game was quickly snatched from store shelves, and, for all intents and purposes, canceled - yet a few survivors do remain.

Those tiny few who are lucky enough to spot one of these endangered gaming species out in the wild can fetch close to $30,000!

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