Ratings Leak: PUBG Is Coming To PS4... A Year Too Late To Matter

The Korean Game Rating Board posted a rating for PUBG on PS4, leaking the release of a former Xbox exclusive that probably doesn't matter.

The Korean Game Rating Board is becoming a go-to for game leaks lately. After leaking quite a few console ports over the summer, it's spoiled another game. It looks like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is coming to PlayStation 4. Which would be great news, if Fortnite wasn't already dominating and it didn't signal the end of one of Xbox's few exclusive contracts.

The news of PUBG's impending PS4 debut comes from Eurogamer, who in turn got it from a Korean listing rating the port. It's all very standard, unsurprising stuff. The only thing not present is a release date, but the fact that it's been rated means sooner rather than later. Expect to play PUBG on PS4 by the end of the year...if you even care to.

PUBG has already been having a hard time as of late. Its numbers suffered a blow recently when Call Of Duty's battle royale mode released its beta. And then there's Fortnite, which shows no signs of stopping its takeover of gaming culture. Top Fortnite player Ninja is about to be featured on ESPN Magazine, the first pro gamer to ever get that honor. Meanwhile, top PUBG pro player...do those even exist?

The one claim to fame PUBG did have was its exclusivity to Xbox. Microsoft pushed that partnership hard, which made sense as Xbox doesn't really have anything else in this year of God Of War, Spider-Man, and Super Smash Bros Ultimate. It's been almost twelve months since that exclusivity was announced, however, and the news that PUBG will be on PS4 seems to mark the end of the Microsoft contract.

If there is one silver lining, it's that PUBG fans are probably getting a better game. The Eurogamer report points out that PlayStation doesn't do any kind of early access program. PUBG has been taking advantage of Xbox Game Preview and the fact that you can release anything on PC to continue existing as a buggy mess. Once it launches on PS4, it will have to be as a fully-realized product. PUBG might finally become the quality game it always had the potential to be. Too bad it's too late for that to matter.

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