Razer Paid To Play Program Suspended

Razer is suspending its Paid to Play program indefinitely.

Last March, Razer introduced a novel rewards program that gave players cash for playing games. Well, not really cash, more like gift cards that they could only spend on Razer products. It was a marketing gimmick that essentially bribed players to use Razer’s Cortex software to play their games.

Cortex is a lot like nVidia Experience— it’s a software suite that allows you to launch games, tweak their settings, manage your library, and also stream to Twitch or YouTube. All you had to do was boot up Cortex and launch your game via the suite. Then the Paid to Play program kicks in and for every minute of gameplay you’d earn 3 zSilver points.

It sounds like a sweet deal, but there’s always the fine print. Players are capped at 900 points per day (so all-day gaming sessions weren’t any better than a mere five-hour power play session) and good Razer merch was pretty expensive. A mechanical keyboard cost 220,000 points, meaning you’d have to play 240 days for five hours a day just to be able to afford it.


It looks like enough people complained about the program that Razer decided to close it up. On the Paid to Play website Razer says they received “an increasing amount of negative feedback on the program,” so they’re taking the whole thing down and heading back to the drawing board. The program is set to end on March 1st.

Razer isn’t being a total heel about it though. Any zSilver points earned will remain on the player’s account for 12 months (which is the standard expiration date for points), and they note that if you’re close to actually earning something with the points you’ve accumulated there’s a number of other ways to get yourself enough to buy a new mouse.

  • Using Razer zGold to pay for your gaming purchases
  • Being an active contributor on Razer Insider
  • Logging in daily on Razer Cortex
  • Syncing your Steam account with Cortex: Deals
  • Subscribing to Cortex: Deals newsletters

No word on when or even if the program will ever return, so spend whatever points you got.


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Razer Paid To Play Program Suspended