Razer Respawn "Review": It's NOT An Energy Drink, You Guys

During a huge event like E3, there are plenty of smaller announcements that might go unnoticed by the masses. Who's going to notice a random indie game or line of VR floor mats when Keanu Reeves is standing there looking all breathtaking? That's why sites like TheGamer exist. We go to E3 and check out the booths to find the products you may have missed. Such as a line of "Mental Performance" beverages made by Razer. Yes, the name brand known for keyboards and mice have a drink now. Just don't call it an energy drink.

via: Razer

Respawn is the name of the focus-enhancing drink "created for gamers, by gamers." If it sounds like a joke, that's because it was at one point. Back in 2010, a team at Razer created Project Venom, an April's Fools joke. They brought the gag back in 2018, with a video showing how a Razer-made energy drink would turn you into a literal gaming machine. The thing is, the team actually unironically liked the idea.

This team worked for years to make the drink a reality, eventually spinning off into its own corporate entity. They even consulted pro gamers to get the effects and taste just right. Their main focus was not making another energy drink. Respawn isn't about loading you with sugar to give you a sudden jolt. Its ingredients were chosen to increase your mental focus, hence the "Mental Performance" label.

So what does a totally-not-energy drink taste like?

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A bar at E3 was giving out tiny samples of Respawn. Shots, if you will. All four "desirable" flavors were available, those being Pomegranate Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Tropical Pineapple, Green Apple. In the name of journalism, I sampled them all.

Don't buy Tropical Pineapple.

It tastes like "yellow" in a way that only a very artificial drink can. The taste, and its Gatorade-esque glow, make me question the whole "no sugar" thing.

Green Apple is okay, it might vary depending on how you feel about the flavor. The standouts are definitely Blue Raspberry and Pomegranate Watermelon.

As for the effects, I didn't feel particularly focused, although a small shot was probably never going to deliver. That said, it also didn't give me the jittery feeling I get from energy drinks, so maybe there is something to Razer's claims.

If you want to try for yourself, you can order from RazorStore.com, with Amazon availability coming soon. Just do not get the Tropical Pineapple. Do not.

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