• In Red Dead Redemption 2, there are a total 16 Legendary Animals that can be hunted across the vast landscape. 1 / 9

  • The find the Legendary Buck, first we go far, far West, at the base of Mt. Shan, North-West of Strawberry 2 / 9

  • As with all the other Legendary Animals, they do not appear by chance. Finding them is a deliberate action to show your skills as the greatest hunter 3 / 9

  • Activate Eagle Eye and pay attention to the top left of the screen. It should clearly say that you have entered Legendary Animal territory 4 / 9

  • Follow the droppings and tracks until you locate the Buck, and take it down quickly with powerful weapons and ammunition 5 / 9

  • Failing to kill the animal will spook it away, and you need to rest for 72 hours at camp before looking again 6 / 9

  • If successful, take the pelt and carcass to the Emerald Ranch to the Fence and Trapper 7 / 9

  • Each will award unique prices or craftable recipes. 8 / 9

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