This Real Life Ace Of Spades From Destiny 2 Might Be The Coolest Prop Ever

The Ace of Spades, the most iconic gun from the Destiny franchise, now exists in real life.

Ace of Spades

What you are witnessing might be the coolest video game prop of all time.

For those unfamiliar with Destiny 2, what you’re looking at is the Ace of Spades, arguably the best hand cannon in the game. You get it from an exotic quest available at the end of the Forsaken DLC after it’s former owner… um, well, becomes slightly indisposed.

There are two reasons why the Ace of Spades is so good. First, it's absurdly powerful. It already has extremely good base stats, but the exotic abilities Memento Mori and Firefly make it into a true powerhouse. Extra AOE damage, faster reload, extra rounds in the magazine, and full radar even while aiming mean that the Ace of Spades is second to none in almost any form of activity.

Second, it looks freakin' sweet. The gun's frame is menacing, but what really puts it over the top is how the cylinder will glow blue and emit blue smoke when Memento Mori is active.

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For these reasons, and because it was already an iconic weapon in the first Destiny, the Ace of Spades is practically THE Destiny weapon. And this prop basically remakes it in real life.

The real-life Ace of Spades is the brainchild of Nick, who goes by @WardcoProps over on Twitter. He made a full Hunter costume for Halloween, and the Ace of Spades is the centerpiece.

Just as in Destiny 2, the cylinder glows blue and emits blue smoke when active. How did Nick do it? We have no idea. Science, probably. All we know is that it looks super cool.

Sadly, this looks like it’ll remain a personal possession and won’t be available for sale on Nick’s Etsy store. At least, for now. Check back after a few years and maybe Nick will have to move and won’t have space for a prop gun. Or maybe he’ll mount it on his wall and as a showpiece. That’s what we'd do.

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