25 Really Creepy Grand Theft Auto Fan Theories… That Totally Make Sense

These disturbing Grand Theft Auto theories take things too far. Rockstar has us fooled.

Grand Theft Auto remains one of the most successful franchises in gaming history. Every release has gotten bigger and better with the open-world of Grand Theft Auto V and it's online component is the best yet. Not only can you control three different characters through an immersive storyline compiling some of the series best missions, but GTA V allows you to cruise the streets in a variety of modern vehicles, equip yourself with a range of high powered weapons, and interact with a massive cast of non-playing characters. You also have the game's extensively detailed environment. Any franchise this popular is bound to amass a huge fan base and GTA is no different. Similar to the dedicated fans of Game Of Thrones, GTA players often speculate about wild conspiracy theories concerning what's taking place in the game world.

Some of the theories are fairly easy to digest, such as the police being a racist organization and The Epsilon Program being a parody of the religious cult Scientology. Others take a little more thinking and connecting the dots, like the Karama Theory, the existence of sea monsters, and Ratman and Goatman. In a game so large, with so many missions and characters, there are bound to be unanswered questions about everything you see and do. This is one reason why fans have come up with a variety of strange and wacky theories for what is happening in the GTA world. To help you understand some of these conspiracies, here's a look at 25 really creepy GTA fan theories that totally make sense.

25 It Was All A Dream

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The addition of GTA online gave what was already a fantastic game extra longevity, but what if it's all for nothing? A long-held theory insists the character you create in the online world is actually a character existing before the events of GTA V (a fact that has been proven correct). It's theorized your character in GTA online either dies or is sent to jail before the events of GTA V, with some fans even suggesting the online world is all a dream.

This makes quite a lot of sense because your online character crosses paths with GTA V main characters such as Lamar and Trevor but is never mentioned in the actual game, leading fans to believe your character never makes it to the game alive.

24 Michael's Two Identities

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After being shot and left for dead by his former girlfriend Catalina at the beginning of GTA III, protagonist Claude fell in with the mafia and finally got his revenge before disappearing for good. Or so players thought. A theory outlined by Neoseeker member Tommy Vercetti claims Claude is actually Micheal De Santa. After the events of GTA III Claude leaves Liberty City and gets mixed up with the psychotic criminal Franklin. After a number of years working together, Claude wants out and makes a deal with the FIB, who place him in witness protection and relocate him to Los Santos where he takes the name Micheal De Santa, marries a gold digger with a couple of kids, and does his best to live a normal life.

It might sound a little far-fetched but Claude and Micheal look similar, with Micheal sporting a number of scars on his chest that could be bullet wounds from when Claude was shot in GTA III.

23 It's The Sound Of The Police

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Just like the real-world, racism is rife throughout the GTA universe. The earliest signs of this are present in GTA IV. When Niko attempts to cross any bridges or use the subway system while the terrorist warning is in place, the police shoot first and ask questions later while you automatically receive a 6-star wanted level. NPCs can also be heard taunting Niko for being Eastern European while walking the streets.

Things are much worse in GTA V, where numerous fans have claimed when playing as Franklin the police will often attack without reason. The further out of the city you go the more often Franklin will receive abuse from both citizens and police officers. Rockstar has disputed these claims of racism in the game (and rightly so) but it's hard not to agree with this theory, especially when you hear one police officer yell, "I will lynch you!" at Franklin.

22 Na Na Na Na, Ratman!

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One of the longest standing conspiracies in the GTA world is the existence of the infamous Ratman. The creature appears to have the body of a human and the face of a rat. Ratman is said to live in the sewers and is known to attack players without warning before swiftly disappearing into the darkness.

It sounds far-fetched but there are a number of clues pointing to Ratman being a real character in the game. Dried orange blood can be found in the subway and sewer systems while strange noises and voices have often been heard by players when investigating the underground network of tunnels. There's also references to a rat infestation in GTA III and an advertisement for "lab-rats" in GTA V, making a solid case for the phenomenon known as Ratman.

21 It's A Generational Thing

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One of the most widely accepted theories in GTA is the three main characters - Michael, Trevor, and Franklin - all represent different generations of GTA games. CitizenWolfie was one of the first people to put this theory forward via Reddit.

He proclaimed Trevor represented the original top-down versions of GTA as he's the oldest player, very much a loose cannon, and is often involved in violent side missions recalling the "kill frenzy" missions of past games. Franklin represented the transition to first-person games (GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas) with characters coming from nothing focused on building their own criminal empires. Michael is the cornerstone for the latest entry into the series, featuring a character who's done it all and is trying to find redemption for the terrible things they've done. Rockstar lent credence to this theory by confirming the three main characters were designed to showcase the different generations of GTA.

20 He'll Get Your Goat

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Just like Ratman, Goatman is another mythical creature said to roam the GTA world. Standing upright, the Goatman is said to have two large horns protruding from his head and is covered in hair. Generally seen at night, when spotted, he immediately flees into the darkness and can't be found. Although there has only been one notable photo taken of the Goatman, that hasn't kept people believing he exists.

The Goatman is no doubt based on the original legend concerning a creature attacking people in Maryland, but the game version is said to be some form of evil demon. Throughout San Andreas, there are religious shrines containing goat skulls, with many found near the camp of The Altruist Cult, and the presence of a goat face in the Alamo Sea, representing Baphomet (half-man half-goat occult deity), may point to the Goatman being a nefarious creature in the game.

19 Scientology Is Everywhere

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The Epsilon Program feature heavy in GTA V as a cult-like organization whose members are trying to achieve enlightenment by following the 12 tenets of Kifflom, their spiritual deity. Like any good religious cult, nothing comes for free and members must cough up a small fortune to stay in the good graces of Kifflom. Many players have noticed the similarities between The Epsilon Program and Scientology and believe it's Rockstar's way of spoofing the ridiculed quasi-religion. This is one theory that's hard to dispute, with rich and misguided people happy to give away their fortune for a so-called better life both in the game and in real life. The only thing missing is an appearance of Tom Cruise spouting the cults virtues.

18 Trevor Isn't Human

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Trevor is certainly a psychotic character in GTA but some fans think this is due to the fact he's not actually human. Reddit user Drinkcoffeeplaygames believes Trevor is actually a demon. Unlike the other two main characters Micheal and Franklin, Trevor enjoys committing violent acts and causing mayhem and destruction. Drinkcoffeeplaygames suggests Trevor's mother is a demon due to her yellow eyes and details how Trevor becomes virtually indestructible when using his special ability. He also randomly shows up at Micheal's and torments him for the rest of the game, something a demon would certainly do. Did I mention if you choose to kill Trevor he's engulfed in flames before dying?

Although there is no indication demons exist in the GTA world, this is a great theory that goes a long way to explaining Trevor's sadistic streak.

17 NPCs Are Out For Blood

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Ever since Rockstar released the bikers downloadable content for GTA online, players have been convinced NPCs are out to get them. Fans first noticed how drivers would erratically change lanes as more and more NPCs driving cars began ramming into players.

The most obvious reason this happened is due to an update Rockstar made to the online world that is affecting the way NPCs act, but some players think it's more devious. There's a theory that Rockstar has purposely made NPCs more violent on the roads so players are forced to purchase shark cards (in-game credit) so they can upgrade their vehicles and weapons to overcome the hazards the NPCs create. Others think GTA online might have become self-aware and is getting back at players for all the destruction they have caused. Each theory is plausible, but I'm leaning towards the AI getting smarter as I've no doubt the robot uprising is on its way.

16 Island Nation Violence

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Reddit is home to the majority of strange fan theories and the one perpetrated by JizzCreek is no different. JizzCreek believes the GTA universe is so violent because each game is set on an island. Ok, that doesn't make much sense but bear with me. He goes on to say that historically island nations, such as Britain and Japan, have long and sordid imperialistic histories with violence ingrained in the culture. As the GTA world is often cited as a reflection of America, this take has some legs, with the United States not only having been involved in some of the largest and most brutal wars of the past 100 years but is today a country currently divided amongst its self.

15 Violence Can Co-Exist

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The GTA games extend to three different universes over the the course of 15 games. The multiple universes consist of 2D (GTA and GTA 2), 3D (GTA 3 and its spin-offs) and HD (GTA IV and GTA V), but did you know many of these connect with other Rockstar games?

Redditor DrTatertots suggests that some of Rockstars biggest titles exist in the same universe. A book found in GTA V entitled Red Dead Redemption is written by one J. Marston, who it's assumed is the son of Red Dead Redemption main character John Marston, connecting the two worlds. Another example is the game Manhunt, set in the fictional Career City that's located close to GTA's Liberty City. This type of crossover in games illustrates the detail Rockstar go to when creating their worlds and provides fans with ample ammunition to create theories and discuss them.

14 Vice City Is The New Loch Ness?

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Most of the earth is covered by water and the world of GTA is no different, so it's no shock there could be something lurking below the ocean. One long-running theory concerns the appearance of a sea monster in GTA Vice City. Players have claimed to have spotted the creature in numerous locations throughout the game, particularly during bad weather. Multiple descriptions of the beast compare it to the famed Loch Ness Monster, with a long elongated head and humps. A number of fan sightings have been recored but there has never been any photographic evidence of the creature. Even so, it's hard not to believe there could be something in the unexplored ocean around Vice City, and with so many people claiming to have seen the sea monster, I, for one, believe there is something out there.

13 Insurance Company Tracker Implants

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This interesting theory from Reddit user gallagher222 begins by stating when you kill a civilian in GTA you normally get a 1-star Wanted rating, even if you killed them with no witnesses. gallagher222 believes the reason behind this is that insurance companies are monitoring players heartbeat and vital signs remotely via a tracker implanted in the character's body.

He goes on to provide a reason for the trackers, explaining that people in the GTA universe most likely pay lesser fees in return for handing over their personal information. As the murder rate is likely high in the GTA universe, by monitoring players, the insurance company can immediately alert the police if a player loses their vital signs, giving the police a greater chance of capturing the perpetrator. He also believes this would cut down the rate of unsolved endings and result in insurance companies suing the attackers of their clients instead of having to pay out on their life insurance. Smart move.

12 Coming This Fall To A Theater Near You!

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You have to love the passion GTA fans have for conspiracy theories involving the game and Redditor kitterpup has one of the more extensive takes on the game. kitterpup thinks GTA V is actually a movie and breaks down the game into a number of sections explaining the reasoning behind this.

The theory delves into subjects like the variation of cars driving throughout the city and the likelihood of finding weapons like rocket launchers and machine guns lying unattended in alleyways. The post also explains how the protagonists of each game have backstories and personalities too extreme to be real, coupled with the fact you hear famous actors voicing characters in the game. This take on the game is very interesting and well with checking out.

11 Put The Pedal To The Metal

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Ever wonder why you can burn rubber down the freeway without ever getting pulled over by the cops? TomJSlade thinks this is because you're never actually going over the speed limit. He goes on to say that every second in the game is equal to one minute, therefore you are driving ridiculously slow and will never be stopped by the police. Strangely enough, this makes sense, even if it feels like I'm driving like a maniac most of the time.

Interestingly, if one second is equal to one minute, then one entire day in GTA is only 24 minutes long. This would account for why day turns to night so quickly in the game and you sometimes feel like you've been playing for days on end.

10 Interesting Island Metaphor

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Every modern incarnation of the GTA franchise is set on some form of an island. The most common reason for this is so players can be confined to one area where the game takes place, but Reddit user angrypuppy thinks otherwise.

This person believes the island setting is Rockstar's way of commenting about the decline of American culture, particularly GTA V. Los Santos is full of self-obsessed characters fixated with celebrity culture and social media, with angrypuppy believing this is a reflection of the current state of America. People in the real world are just as arrogant and self-obsessed and live in their own bubble, or island, as is the case here. The only difference is in GTA you can quit and escape, while in real life you have to deal with the problems facing our culture on a daily basis.

9 Cat Got Claude's Tongue?

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This theory is relatively simple to explain because Claude never speaks during any of his appearances in the GTA franchise. The protagonist of GTA III, Claude never mutters a word, only grunting or gasping "oh" when injured or killed. Some speculate he was born this way while others believe the bullet wounds he suffered at the beginning of the game affected his ability to speak. He even appears as a minor character in GTA San Andreas where he creeps out Carl Johnson because he remains silent when spoken to.

Unfortunately, Rockstar put a damper on this one when they came out and said the reason Claude didn't speak in GTA III was because they had other pressing issues in the game to worry about. They kept Claude as a non-speaking character in San Andreas for continuity reasons and because it affected the way Carl felt about him.

8 A Dystopian Future

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As far as fan theories go Redditor Zpopee's take on the GTA universe is one for the ages. His idea is based on the failed 1993 Business Plot. For those unfamiliar, the Business Plot involved a number of bankers and Fascist party members banding together to overthrow the American Government and replace then President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The plot was thought to be a hoax but many believe America was only a revolt away from turning into a dystopian nightmare.

If the plot had succeeded Zpopee theorizes the wealth distribution amongst people would be changed and pro-consumer legislation would then be passed to make people spend more. Corporations would rise and take over, controlling people through subliminal messages and monopolizing the wealth. In the GTA universe, people are obsessed with money and materialistic things, a by-product of the Business Plot. People are willing to do anything to make a buck, leading to television shows such as Americas Next Top Hooker and Gold Diggers Of Liberty City, along with people airing their dirty laundry on talkback radio. The worrisome thing is the real world already feels eerily similar to this theory.

7 Everyone Place Nice

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This one has been speculated by a number of GTA players who think if you play the game in a "good" way without compromising your character's integrity it will affect things in the game. Some of the main rules of the theory include not killing NPCs, not visiting night workers, no hijacking of vehicles, not robbing other characters, and generally trying to be a nice guy.

A number of Redditors (including Grandmasterkupo and ISawThatPatchToo) have given thorough accounts of how to play the game in a positive manner. Players think doing so might also reveal the famed jetpack or some other form of reward. Sadly this isn't the case as nobody who's played abiding by the Karma Theory has reported receiving any form of prize.

6 Welcome To Hell

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The GTA universe is complex and compelling and one full of violence and mayhem. You can get up to all kinds of mischief; be it stealing a car and going for a cruise to killing dozens of unsuspecting pedestrians as they go about their daily life. Even if you are captured or die, you respawn and continue your life of crime, leading to the theory that GTA V is actually set in hell.

Due to the fact that you never actually "die," many players agree that GTA could be the video game version of hell. It's an overblown and exaggerated take on the real world where players can fulfill their evil fantasies in the crime fuelled, self-obsessed cesspool that is Los Santos. Adding weight to this theory is that fact you can never escape the city as it's played on an island.

5 Rockstar's Real Online Motive

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GTA fans are a devoted yet impatient bunch. It's only been four years since GTA V hit the shelves and gamers are already demanding the release GTA VI. No doubt knowing fans would be wanting more, Rockstar created the online component to the game. The online world is continually being updated and improved to enhance the longevity of the game, but what if it's being done for an ulterior motive?

Many in the GTA community think Rockstar are using GTA V and the online world as a testing ground for the next installment. This theory is probably true, as collecting data from the way players navigate the online world will most certainly help improve the next release. The only worry is that Rockstar is accessing too much of players private information, although we're sure they aren't that kind of company.

4 School's Out For The Summer

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Notice how there aren't many children in the GTA universe? In fact, the only kids to appear are Mary-Beth Williams and Jill Von Crastenburg, both in GTA Vice City Stories. Fans have speculated the reason you see no kids is because they are kept inside by their parents as GTA is such a violent world. Another theory ties in with the game Bully, explaining all the kids in GTA are sent to Bullworth Academy, the school in Bully. Both of these reasons make sense, but overall fans agree the lack of children is probably due to the graphic violence you can take part in. Rockstar has never come out and said this, but violence against children is a line not even game developers are willing not cross.

3 Paranormal Activity 6: Sandy Shores

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The abandoned Blaine County Motel is a large derelict building located near Sandy Shores in GTA V. The majority of rooms are boarded up but the few that are accessible are said to be haunted. During the day the motel is home to bums and drug addicts but at night it becomes one of the games most haunted locations.

It's been said you can see ghosts roaming the motel while strange sounds can be heard during the dead of night. Inside the motel, you can hear scratching and knocking noises as well the creepy sound of a baby crying. A small scrap of the letter from the Lenora Johnson murder mystery can also be found at the motel, which could explain why the motel is such a haunted location.

2 The Almighty Dollar

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Redittor Choppy_LaStach is another fan with too much time on their hands, suggesting each of the main protagonists in GTA V are virtual representations of currency. Rockstar Games said during the lead up to the game's release it would have a heavy focus on money, and Choppy_LaStach has found many signs pointing to this. The main thread put forward for this theory is the color the screen goes when each character uses their special ability (Michael/Silver, Franklin/Green, Trevor/Gold). Other evidence includes how characters qualities reflect currency forms and little tidbits such as Micheal having silver specks in his hair and Franklin being associated with the Grove Street Families, who's gang color is green. There might be a few holes in this one but I think there's some truth in it.

1 A Paradise Of Continuity

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So I discussed earlier how all the games in the Rockstar universe are likely linked, but another take on this alludes to every Rockstar title being part of the GTA world.

As stated previously, the book Red Dead can be found in Franklin's house, but instead of being a history of what happened in the past, the book is pure fiction, just like Red Dead Redemption. Other Rockstar titles such as Max Payne and LA Noir are just a film and television show that occur in the GTA world. I enjoy this one but prefer to think all the games are connected to the same world in hopes of John Marston's grandson turning up as the main character in GTA VI.

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