Realm Royale Advertised For Switch Using Wii Shop Channel Music

The folks behind Realm Royale want you to know that you can now play their game on the Nintendo Switch. They apparently were so excited that they dropped some money to visit a ranch and shoot some silly commercials. The main theme behind these ads is that you can "mount up" anywhere you want thanks to the Switch's portability. Horses play a large role, hence the ranch, as does an unexpected piece of nostalgic music.

Realm Royale is made by Hi-Rez Studios, a developer responsible for several free-to-play games. The games it makes can feel like budget copies of more popular games. Its MOBA Smite operates like many other MOBAs but with more direct control of your character. Paladins, a hero shooter, looks like Overwatch with less production values. As for Realm Royale, well, it's a battle royale. Its selling points are that it takes the hero shooter approach by giving you four classes to use, and that you can ride horses. This is where the "mount up" thing comes from.

Combine that with a team known for close fan contact and meta humor, and you get a trailer that involves a guy dressed as a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con riding a "horse."

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If you stop and think about the trailer, you'd have several questions. For one, why is Hi-Rez so focused on the Switch's portable nature? Does the ranch have great wi-fi that can support playing a battle royale on horseback? Is the rider carrying an amazing hotspot? They did a similar thing with an ad for Smite, where a guy stops his MOBA mid-match to catch the bus, then resumes his game. Who are these people that take their online multiplayer games on the go?

More importantly, is that a remix of the Wii Shop Channel music? Why is that being used during an add for a Switch game? Did they just want something nostalgic? Do they not know that the Switch eShop uses different music? Or is there some greater meta joke in there that I'm just oblivious to?

Whatever the answer to these questions, Realm Royale is now available on Nintendo Switch. Go play it if you want a sillier take on battle royale with more chickens than Apex Legends or Fortnite could ever hope for.

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