8 Reasons Apex Legends Might Be Crashing

Apex Legends beat the odds and became one of the most popular battle royale video games to date. Since its release, it has competed with the giant that is Fortnite and held its own. Unfortunately, the surprise hit game is experiencing setbacks these days.

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From PCs to consoles, Apex Legends has been experiencing a string of game crashes. Players across the globe have complained about the problem, but the issue continues to persist. These crashes might seem arbitrary, but there are a few things you can do to try and prevent them from happening. Read on if you want to know the possible reasons Apex Legends is letting its players down.

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8 Your System Does Not Meet The Game's Minimum Requirements

If you play Apex Legends on a console, be it PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you're stuck with the system you have. However, PC players have options when it comes to assembling their system. One of the reasons Apex Legends might be crashing on you is that your system does not meet the minimum requirements for playing Apex Legends. These requirements range from what OS you are currrently using to how much free space is left on your hard drive. Be sure to check out EA's list of minimum (and recommended) requirements before attempting to play their battle royale again.

7 Your System Overheated While Playing

Overheating your game system is an issue that can affect players across the board. Severe overheating is a potential cause for game crashes. While playing Apex Legends (or any game for that matter), make sure your system is not in an enclosed space. Shelves designed to house CPUs or consoles can look fine and dandy, but if they trap the heat your system produces in a tiny space, they are not helping your gaming experience. Computer fans can only do so much to keep your system cool. Don't overtax your poor fan while attempting to play Apex Legends. That is a sure way to suffer a total system crash.

6 Your Game Files Are Corrupted

Your free-to-play battle royale fun might be interrupted if the game files that house it are corrupted. This particular problem can only be addressed by PC players of Apex Legends. When a file on your computer is corrupted, that's a fancy way of saying it is damaged and must be fixed if you want it to work properly.

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You can try repairing your game files directly from your game library settings on Origin. Origin, for those who don't know, is the gaming subscription platform on PC you need to play Apex Legends. If trying to fix the game files that way does not work, you may have to consider reinstalling Origin or the game itself.

5 Your Video Card's Sync Features Are Not Disabled

PCs come with a video card. These devices are what assist in producing images on your display. Certain video cards can come complete with sync options, such as FreeSync or G-Sync. These allow you to have synchronization between your monitor and whatever game you are playing. One potential reason that Apex Legends may be crashing for you on PC is that you have this feature enabled.

Your own synchronization options might clash with the game's Vertical Sync, which can be enabled or disabled in the game's menu. Disabling your own sync options might improve your gaming experience when it comes to halting Apex Legends' tendency to crash.

4 You Use An AMD Phenom Processor

EA, the publisher behind Apex Legends, has admitted on several help forums for their crashing game that Apex Legends does not run on a PC using an AMD Phenom Processor. All other fixes for the game are useless if your processor is of this type or older. This is unfortunate for those with no plans to upgrade their processor. If Apex Legends calls to you with the strength of of a siren's call, consider upgrading your processor if you still have an AMD Phenom Processor or something older. If Apex Legends is not the be-all, end-all game for you, then just let it go. However, upgrading your CPU is something any PC user should do down the line, and there's no time like the present.

3 Your Driver Is Not The Recommended Version

An updated driver is what makes a PC look and run so smoothly. It's good advice to update your driver whenever you can so you can play games to the best of your ability. If you find that Apex Legends is stuttering, freezing, or crashing, be sure to check if you are using an updated driver. Nvidia, AMD, and Intel all release updates for their video drivers quite frequently.

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If, however, you recently updated your driver and that's when your game started experiencing problems, consider downgrading your driver to the previous version. You might find that this simple fix can take care of your issues.

2 You Have Not Installed The Latest Patch

EA and Respawn Entertainment, the developers behind Apex Legends, are as eager to fix the issue behind these game crashes as their hapless player base. Since Apex Legends' launch, Respawn has released several fixes and patches meant to improve the gaming experience for Apex Legends. It is up to players, however, to remain up-to-date on these patches. If you are one of those players experiencing unexpected and unwanted game crashes, make sure to check whether or not Respawn has rolled out a patch that you have yet to install. One single patch could be all that stands between you and an uninterrupted game of Apex Legends.

1 Connection Or Server Issues Outside Your Control

The sad truth is that you can't fix Apex Legends every time it crashes. Some problems will remain outside of your control. If you are finding that you have connectivity issues, the most you can do is get in touch with customer service for the game and lodge a complaint. These issues will have to be addressed by Respawn Entertainment and EA in the future. The most you can do if your connection to the servers times out in the middle of a match or your game inexplicably crashes for no discernible reason is either try to get into the lobby again or start playing a game that is less plagued with issues.

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