10 Reasons Farming Simulator Games Are So Head-Scratchingly Successful

It is not for everyone, but some can still be convinced to appreciate its unending beauty.

The first Farming Simulator was released back in 2008, and it has been a hit ever since. Several people question as to why the game is so popular among gamers as they see it as boring and a waste of time. They don't see its value and would never spend money on a game with this concept.

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Luckily, we have laid out the reasons as to why this game is so successful so you can help explain it to your friends. It is not for everyone, but some can still be convinced to appreciate its unending beauty. Keep reading to learn about ten reasons Farming Simulator games are so head-scratchingly successful!

10 It's Relaxing

The biggest thing people say about this game is that it is relaxing to play. There is little stress involved, especially when you already had a grueling day at work. It is very different from shooter games where you are constantly being targeted and having to fight for your life, while this puts a focus on you and the success of your farm.

Some people enjoy and crave competition, and others prefer something more subtle that gives them a break from the pressure and competition of their everyday life.

9 You Learn About Different Farming Tools

There are so many different tools in this game that players can use to expand their farms. You can cut down trees, harvest fields, fertilize seeds, and so much more. These people generally have always had an interest in tractors and other machinery, and this game gives them the opportunity to drive them around in the form of a simulation game.

It is nowhere close to being the real thing, but it is second best to not being able to play with these big machines and other tools at all.

8 Players Manage A Budget

Players are responsible for managing a budget, which adds an extra dimension that people love about this game. You alone can make or break your farm based on your financial decisions, and many people have had to start over or take out quite a few loans before figuring out what worked for them.

It gives you a goal where your aim is to become wealthy and have a farm with several successful operations. It can be easily managed with a delicate touch, but some are more successful than others.

7 You Really Can't Lose

There is no definite win or loss, except of course if you bankrupt your farm. This isn't the same though as a shooter game or any other game for that matter, because it doesn't really affect your life.

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You do not feel stressed about it, because all you care about is tending your fields and working toward making a living. It can be disappointing when you lose a farm to debt, but unlike other games, you are prepared to make changes to your strategy in order to make a better farm the next time around.

6 There Are No Time Constraints

There are no time limits or specific goals you have to reach by a certain time, and this is something gamers who love this game appreciate. They know they can leave the game for months at a time and come back to it with the same passion because nothing has changed

It is still their farm, with the same number of fields and neighbors, and they are responsible for making it better. There are no commitments you have to make and you don't feel obligated to play every night either.

5 Buy Your Favorite Brands

This game has so many different real-life brands, and each year they manage to recruit more and more onto the game. One of the new brands they added this year was John Deere, and players were ecstatic to finally have access to the machines created by this company.

It brings the game into reality with this detail and educates players on what all of the companies have to offer real-life farmers in today's day and age.

4 There Is No Right Way To Play

This game is open to your own interpretations and preferences because there is no right way to play. Some avenues of income generation are easier than others, but no two farms are every alike in the way they progressed.

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New players can look online for tips from professional virtual farmers on what they should do, and they will still find the information that varies based on who you decide to seek assistance from. It will take a few tries to figure out what works for you, and at the end of the day, it will feel like your own personal accomplishment.

3 You Are Your Own Boss

You are the owner of the farm which means that you are your own boss. No one is telling you what to do, or where to go, and this is an aspect that players adore. Many adults go to work every single day and answer to a boss who signs their paychecks, and this game gives them a break from being an employee.

They make the decisions, control the finances, and even drive around a cool vehicle or two. You might have to answer to the bankers if you default on your loan, but that is part of the pressure of being the boss.

2 Your Friends Can Play With You Too

This game doesn't have to be played alone, because you can play online with up to four of your friends. You can all create a single, giant farm, or create your own individual farms and help each other out now and then with a harvest or other tasks.

Some players even choose to play as rivals and compete for land and paydays to beat the other player for an added challenge to the game. It is so much more fun to work as a team and create the farm of your dreams.

1 Who Doesn't Dream Of Farming?

This is probably the thing that most people think before they even buy the game. They have probably dreamed of always becoming a farmer, despite having no training in the field or any chance of gaining the funds to become a successful one.

It allows them to live their dreams of tending fields and livestock, without having to put their livelihood on the line in pursuit of a fantasy. It puts players into a farmer's shoes as they realize how much work goes into this profession, and it makes them appreciate the people who enter into this kind of work.

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