Rebellion Has Purchased The Bitmap Brothers, Intends To Revive Old Series

Rebellion Developments has acquired UK developer The Bitmap Brothers with the intention of reviving classic IPs.

Bitmap Brothers Chaos Engine Speedball Cover

The Bitmap Brothers, one of the former giants of the UK gaming world, has been bought by Rebellion Developments with the intention of reviving some of its old series. The Bitmap Brothers was a company best-known for producing games during the 16-bit era in the United Kingdom.

Nintendo and Sega might have been battling it out in North America and Japan, but there were other video game systems in the United Kingdom that were prominent during this period of time -most notably the Amiga-. The Bitmap Brothers produced numerous classic games for Amiga and PC, including Xenon, The Chaos Engine, Gods, and the Speedball series. Its main bread and butter, though, was ports of its classic games to PC. That's about to change now.

According to MCV UKThe Bitmap Brothers has now been purchased by Rebellion, which intends to port the classic games from The Bitmap Brothers library to modern systems. Rebellion is also eyeing on reviving some of Bitmap's own series.

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Xenon Cover

The most obvious game that is due for a comeback is Speedball. A violent sports game set in a dystopian future, the series would spawn Speedball 2, often regarded as one of the best games on the Amiga. There have been attempts to revive the franchise in the past, albeit unsuccessful ones.

The Chaos Engine was another incredible series developed by The Bitmap Brothers. The gist is that a couple of steampunk scientists blasted their way through hordes of enemies a la Smash TV. The original game in The Chaos Engine series was like a much better version of the Jurassic Park game on the Super Nintendo and is still fondly remembered by fans to this day.

The process of re-releasing these classics titles has already begun. Just last year, GODS Remastered was made available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. The library of The Bitmap Brothers still holds up to this day and it will be exciting to see these games remastered for modern systems and mobile phones, as well as possible revivals for franchises that have laid dormant since the '90s.

Source: MCV UK

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