ReBoot: 20 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Hexadecimal

ReBoot was the first CG cartoon series that debuted in the 1990s. While we spent more of the episodes rooting for the good guys, Bob, and his friends, the enemies were still incredibly charismatic. Mainframe only had three primary villains: the game cube, which was a non-humanoid antagonist, Megabyte, and his sister Hexadecimal. Megabyte was pure evil and wanted strived to control the Sprites and city of Mainframe. Though the series focused on him fighting Bob, his sister also interested viewers.

Hexadecimal wasn’t as power-hungry as her brother Megabyte, but she still had fun creating chaos within Mainframe. She wasn’t your typical villain. Sure, she had a crazy smile and frightening laugh, but she wasn’t trying to destroy everyone. Hexadecimal was much like a harlequin, a demonic yet comedic figure that debuted in 16th Century France. She loved to watch others suffer, but would immediately lose her interest and move onto the next trick.

What made Hexadecimal such an intriguing character? If you weren’t interested in her appearance, you wanted to know more about her motives. Viewers wondered if she hated her brother or just wanted attention from her sibling. Luckily, the ReBoot writers did a great job at developing her character over the years.

We’ve compiled some crazy facts you may not have known about Mainframe’s female villain. This list contains major spoilers from all four seasons of ReBoot. Keep reading if you’re ready to be hexed by Hexadecimal.

20 The Slug Wrangler

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Nulls are the colorful, small slug-like creatures that roam around Mainframe. To survive, they have to draw energy from Sprites or other living creatures. Otherwise, they're quiet little creatures that don't bother anyone. These creatures originate from Game Cubes and are usually created when the User wins a game. Hexadecimal can control these slugs to drain power or cause a distraction. When she feels like causing mayhem, Hex will command the creatures to swarm large items to drain their power or temporarily distract them. When Hex is in trouble, they will also swarm to help her. Hexadecimal may not benefit the Nulls in any way, but they still are attracted to her power and the safety of her refuge in Lost Angeles.

19 Mirror, Mirror, Who Is The Evilest Of All?

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While other characters in ReBoot relied on using video window pop-ups, or VidWindows, to communicate, Hexadecimal used a stylish mirror instead. Using her looking glass, Hex was able to spy on the residents of Mainframe without their knowledge. When Megabyte was attempting to take over Mainframe, she helped him find the Super Computer by using the looking glass. She also uses it as a mirror when she wants to change out her expressive masks. Hex can make the looking glass appear at will. The origin of the looking glass is unknown, but even with Hex's infinite abilities, the mirror's powers are not powered by Hex. The mirror is powered by the Web, so Hex can, and has, found herself in trouble by the power the mirror holds.

18 Sibling Rivalry Turns Deadly

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Hexadecimal and Megabyte were both born from the same virus. They're siblings but have clashing personalities. While Megabyte demands global domination of the Web, much like a real virus, Hex is more laid back. She prefers to watch chaos-in-action. Both siblings realize how much power their sibling holds. Megabyte once wanted to destroy his annoying sister by sending her a mask embedded with a bomb. Hexadecimal may seem silly, but she's also brilliant. She didn't fall into her brother's trap. Megabyte often doesn't get wrapped up in his sister's affairs either. He's so wrapped up in his fight against Bob that his sister is an afterthought. He does want her powerful abilities but doesn't go out of his way to take them.

17 Creating Non-Bias

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When Bob went missing, Enzo did his best to take over as guardian of Mainframe. Things didn't go well at first. In a Mortal Kombat-inspired game, Megabyte damaged his eye. Enzo and his best friend turned girlfriend AndrAIa traveled from game to game to become stronger and quickly aged up the pair. These travels made Enzo, now Matrix, develop an extreme hatred for all viruses, especially Megabyte.

In the final series, Hexadecimal tries to make things right with the younger Enzo. They both become friends. Their friendship is so strong that he doesn't want her to go away. She touched his icon and turned it black and red as a parting gift. She hoped it would keep him from developing a hatred towards viruses like Matrix.

16 Doesn't Care Enough To Infect You

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There's no doubt that Hexadecimal is a villain. When she first appears, she uses her abilities to torment the residents of Mainframe. She is a virus which lives in the ruins of Lost Angeles. Don't be fooled by her melodramatic personality. Hexadecimal is wild and loves chaos, but doesn't seek to destroy others (except for Megabyte on occasion). Hexadecimal is a benign virus. She is mostly harmless and often has fun in her refuge with her pet, Scuzzy. Hex doesn't infect other Sprites and doesn't try reign supreme, unlike her brother. She prefers to annoy people and watch from her looking glass as the heroes try to contain the mayhem. When Hexadecimal is in a lousy mood, Mainframe suffers, but otherwise, she stays out of the way.

15 A Forbidden Love

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Hexademical was immediately interested in Guardian Bob as soon as she met him. He's handsome and grabs the attention of most of the females of the show, except AndrAIa. She spends the first two seasons flirting with him, but most viewers were hoping he and Dot would get together. Bob doesn't hate the virus, and he has helped her several times. The most significant thing he did for her was using Glitch on her face. It restored her so that she no longer needed to wear a mask. The event made Hex fall for Bob, more than just a crush. During the last series, she was willing to do anything for him, even getting rid of an entire Guardian Armada threatening Mainframe. In the end, she knew that Bob loved Dot and Mainframe more than he would ever care for her.

14 Masked Her Emotions

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Hexadecimal's masks stand out on her red and black skin-tight outfit. Each white mask displays a different emotion. Hexadecimal can talk, but her mask's mouth does not move. Each of her masks changes off-screen, so for several episodes, we have no idea what's underneath them. Hex's mask is her biggest weakness. Knock it off, and she'll panic. Not only will she feel naked, but the mask s the only thing that can contain her infinite powers. Hex will scream when her face is gone, so it must be excruciating for her to be maskless. Bob may dislike evil Hex, but he will help her when he sees her suffering. He cut and pasted her a new mask, but eventually restored her face to look and act like a real face.

13 Is A Crazy (Spy) Cat Lady

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Being evil is lonely. Hexadecimal's home base is in the wreckage of Lost Angeles. Within her home is Scuzzy, a round orb that acts similarly to a cat. Scuzzy isn't a pet as much as it is a henchman working for Hex. The cat-like machine will act as a spy and replay scenes on the screen on its head. Scuzzy roams Mainframe whenever it wants, but enjoys hanging around with Hex. She also takes comfort in the small animal. Scuzzy is aware of how much power Hex wields. He follows orders but is aware that Hex is a bit crazy. The pair remains close for the first few seasons until bob instructs Mike the TV to stay with her. Though Mike provides a fun distraction, Hex and Scuzzy remain best friends.

12 The Stone Age

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Hexadecimal may act crazy but she's also extremely powerful. She created a viral bug called the Medusa and placed it inside of a box. She purposely let Megabyte steal it so he would activate it away from Lost Angeles. To her amusement, when he opened it, it infected his arm and turned it into stone. He was unable to cure it, to the delight of his sister. The Medusa Bug then went on to infect Mainframe. Hexadecimal watched from her looking glass in delight as the bug infected everything it touched, except for Bob. Instead of coming up with an antivirus, Bob played mind games with her. He thanked her for making Mainframe so quiet and predictable, two things that Hex hates. With a snap of her fingers, she restored the disorder of Mainframe.

11 Enjoying The Suffering

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Hexadecimal is a benign virus. While she doesn't try to infect Sprites or take over Mainframe, she enjoys watching others suffer. She has created viruses meant to cause chaos in Mainframe, like the Medusa Bug that turned everyone into stone.

In "Painted Windows," she felt bored and decided to paint the Sprites of Mainframe into paintings in the sky. Sometimes her antics get her into trouble, but her chaos is often contained by Bob and his friends within a single episode. On the other hand, her brother Megabyte is willing to hurt and destroy everyone in his path. He is even willing to hurt Hex to achieve his goals. Hex is happier making Sprites miserable for a few hours instead of long-lasting peace and happiness.

10 Proved Herself Worthy To Phong

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In the last two seasons of ReBoot, Hexadecimal was beginning to change her evil ways. She was getting closer to Bob and less of a threat to the rest of Mainframe's citizens. When Mainframe began to crash, the user took notice and was going to perform a virus scan. The virus Hex was in danger of being erased for good. Bob begged Phong to register her with the Principal Office and gave her an icon. Phong didn't want to save Hex. He knew of her past misdeeds and couldn't believe he was registering a virus to the database. After the virus scan was performed, Hexadecimal has restored thanks to her icon. Hex was thankful to be saved and commented the virus scan only tickled.

9 Betrayed By Her Own Kind

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Hexadecimal and her brother Megabyte don't always get along. They both try to destroy each other, though Megabyte often had more cruel intentions. In her quest for chaos, she helped him take over the Principal Office. She ended up getting wounded by a power surge from a Game Cube. It almost deleted her, but one of Megabyte's henchmen, Herr Doktor, collected her body and rebuilt her. Along with a slight change of appearance, she wore a slave collar. When she didn't follow Megabyte's orders, he sent a jolt of energy to wound her. Otherwise, he kept her trapped in a globe-shaped prison until he needed her assistance. She was eventually able to free herself and retreat to her Lost Angeles lair.

8 Quite The Nuisance

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Hexadecimal watches the citizens of Mainframe from her looking glass. In Nullzilla, we realize how much power the mirror holds. When a high-pitched opera singer breaks the mirror, we find out that it's powered by the Web's never-ending power. Through the broken glass, a baby Web Creature climbs through and infects her. The Nulls of Mainframe sense the surge in power. They attack the infected Hexadecimal to try and protect Mainframe. The mass of Nulls created Nullzilla instead. Phong was prepared and ordered Bob and his friends to take it down with a Giant Robot. Nullzilla was defeated by their combined efforts. Hex, who was trapped in the center of the monster, survived the ordeal. Though she was weak, Bob said she would be fine after some rest.

7 More Powerful Than Anyone Gave Her Credit For

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Megabyte is intelligent and powerful. He even looks frightening. But looks can be deceiving. Though he often clashes against the heroes of Mainframe, his sister, Hexadecimal has more power than he ever could obtain. His weakness against his sister enrages him so much that he often tries to have her deleted.

Hexadecimal's powers have no limit. She can keep using her abilities unless she's defeated. Her powers range from flying, energy beams, and taking a significant amount of damage. One drawback to her powers is that she has trouble controlling them. She can use her looking glass with the power of the web but is in danger if the glass breaks. Her body contains a large amount of power, which is only contained behind her mask.

6 Hail To The Queen, Baby

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Everyone in the ReBoot has a purpose. Bob introduces himself as the Guardian of Mainframe in Season One and Two's introduction. Dot is the brains behind the business and later, a master tactician. Enzo starts off an annoying little brother to one of the strongest rebels fighting against the enemy. Megabyte was the evil antagonist who wanted total control of the web. Hexadecimal is also a virus, but she's not as evil as her brother. She is the "Queen of Chaos," and is willing to see people get hurt for her amusement. Things may change when she becomes a Sprite, but she still holds her original values. When she says her last goodbye to Bob, her last, haunting words ring true: "Chaos will always triumph over Order; it is the way of things."

5 Turned In Leather For Lace

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Hexadecimal is powerful, and her abilities have been taken advantage of over the course of the series. Megabyte even enslaves her so that he can have more power to back up his attacks. When she uses too much of her energy, she becomes weak. In the last season, her weakness causes her to be hit by a virus scan. Almost immediately afterward, she is plunged into her very first Game Cube and rebooted using the icon Bob gave her. After winning the game, she was able to transform into a Sprite. Though she changed from red and black to white and gold, she loses all of her viral abilities. The only ability she retains is controlling Nulls. She eventually regains her powers, and becomes viral again, thanks to the power of the Core.

4 From Girl's Best Enemy To Best Friend

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Does Hexadecimal enjoy a bit of mayhem in the streets of Mainframe? She lives for it. Hex doesn't want all of the Sprites to be killed by Megabyte because it would mean her only source of entertainment is gone. She still enjoys to torture Bob. In the last two seasons, Hex takes Bob under her control. He noticed that her mask was damaged and fully restored her face to the point of making it behave normally. Thanks to this kind act, Hex begins to become more friendly with Bob and his friends. It was also the point when Hex's playful flirting blossomed into a one-sided love. Though she retains a bit of her attitude from her viral days, she begins to become more heroic towards the end of the show.

3 Was One Crazy Piece Of The Puzzle

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ReBoot makes it clear that Megabyte and Hexadecimal are siblings. They're not related by having the same parents. They were once part of the same Super Virus named Gigabyte. Gigabyte was a combination of Hexadecimal's unlimited power and Megabyte's intelligence.The virus is so powerful it can destroy systems. They were first scheduled to be deleted by the Guardians but ended up killing Bob's partner. They were eventually split in two and the force of the separation destroyed Lost Angeles. Both siblings merged together again in the series against their will. Though the heroes try to fight him off, he can quickly recover from any damage. Bob, Mouse, and Dot trapped Gigabyte in a tear. Using Glitch, Bob split Gigabyte up, restoring Hexadecimal and Megabyte to their normal, evil selves.

2 Let Chaos Rule In The End

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Hexadecimal is a virus, so she has a bad reputation. When she was given an icon and turned into a Sprite, she lost her destructive powers. Her power loss came at a bad time when Daemon infected Mainframe. Hexadecimal wanted to save her friends, especially her love interest, Bob. She decided to work together with Matrix and use the Core to regain her powers. With her abilities back, she fights Daemon but isn't powerful enough the defeat her. In one final brave act, Hexadecimal decided to sacrifice herself. By taking the virus cure from Little Enzo's icon, she fragmented herself into the Net to undo Daemon's damage. Hex knew that it would destroy her. She confessed her feelings to Bob and saved Mainframe.

1 Gun Running Nuns And A Virus Share A Voice

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Hexadecimal has a low, seductive voice that can turn into a shrill scream at any second. Her voice is provided by Shirley Millner, who played the role for the entire series. Millner can combine Hexadecimal's psychopathic personality with a seductive tone when Bob's around. She continues to speak about her role as Hexadecimal, even appearing at a Canadian Anime Convention 2009 for a ReBoot panel. She still delights audiences by quoting the female virus at events and also on a home video alongside her grandson in 2015.

Hexadecimal may be her most famous character, but she isn't the only role Millner is known for playing. She also portrayed Sister Yolanda in the English dub of Black Lagoon from 2009-2013 and had a role in the 1994 Mega Man animated series.

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