Record Breakers: 20 Video Game Speeds Runs You NEED To See To Believe

“Rules are meant to be broken.” How many times have you heard this phrase? How many times have you lived by this? Consequences aside, humans have a natural inclination to want to break the rule or push the limits of what is possible. This idea is related to record breaking. The Olympics, Guinness Book of World Records (do they still even make those?), even you and your friends obsess over beating or setting a “new world record.” If there is one place this applies to, it is video games. Speedrunning is the act of trying to complete a game as fast as you can, but you probably already knew that since you are here. The first widely known speedrun was from 1982 (yes, the same year Thriller dropped). Mr. Todd Rodgers set a world record run on the game Dragster that was thought to be impossible by Activision, the company responsible for the game. He was even flown out by the company to prove he could beat the original time stated by Activision, and he did at 5.51 seconds, three-hundredth of a second shorter than Activision’s test time. Back then, you had to redo your record in front of someone to prove its validity. Today, Mr. Rodger’s (the irony of his name cannot be lost on you), could have fired up his Youtube or Twitch account to capture history. Today, we can cover the craziest and most epic speedruns in history in real time with the help of live video streaming. So, get ready for some extra work distractions by checking out our list of 20 shocking speed run videos you have to see to believe.

20 Super Mario’s First 120 Star Speed Run

via polygon.com

Some games are more susceptible to speedrunning than others, and Super Mario 64 is the grand daddy of them all. Because of this game’s popularity in speed running, many have tried to complete it in the fastest time while catching all 120 stars. The first person to do this was Siglemic who did it in 1 hour and 43 minutes with 100% completion. The video is notable for kicking off Siglemic’s later dizzying attempts to best his record and his adulation at finally besting the record. Two of the most amazing things about this video: the sound of his insane button mashing (it does not feel like it is humanly possible to navigate a controller that fast) and the fact that he beat the final course and boss fight in approximately three minutes.

19 Ever Beat A Video Game Blindfolded?

via huffingtonpost.com

It’s easy to beat your friend in a retro video game with full vision, but imagine having to own them while blindfolded. Well, that is what a speedrunner did in June 2015 by becoming the first person to complete Super Mario World while blindfolded. The YouTuber memorized every move, enemy, and jump as well as calculated the timing needed to go from one world to the next. The high level of precision and practice necessary for this is nothing short than amazing. He also did this while streaming the playthrough live, quieting any haters who may think it was faked. As a result, his video is one of the most viewed blindfolded speedruns of all time. Think about this the next time you think you “own” Super Mario World.

18 Learn To Beat An “Infinite” Game

via HughEbdy.deviantart.com

There is much discussion about Skyrim’s never-ending plotlines. It is a huge game that at times feels “endless.” A YouTuber named gr3yscale not only figured out how to beat the game in under 1 hour and 20 minutes, but he also decided to provide his knowledge through a tutorial for those interested in doing it too. Obviously, this run is not a 100% completion of all missions or items collected, doing this would have made it nearly impossible to complete the game since one mission can easily lead to another. However, part of the charm of Skyrim is its almost endless gameplay and the fact that it always makes you feel like there is more to discover, so while you may be interested in running through this for the fun of it; you more than likely desire the “infinite” experience.

17 Wrap up Dark Souls In Under 50 Minutes

via gugo78.deviantart.com

Much like Skyrim, Dark Souls is another experience that is best served as an “epic and long” story, but Twitch broadcaster, Kahmul78 accomplished a 49:55 run for this game that can take upwards of 100 hours to complete. He is smart and efficient with his time, even changing inventory during an early game boss without experiencing sudden death. It is something to see! There is one more legendary thing about this run…He did not use one glitch to beat the game. Many players have exploited a regular glitch to move forward, but this guy did it without any cheats or “assistance.” It also goes without saying that he would have had to avoid a lot of deaths to make this time. So basically…this guy is a freakish Dark Souls master.

16 A Mirror’s Edge Parkour Master In One Hour

via thegamescabin.com

Have you ever dreamed of jumping over buildings in France, the birthplace of Parkour? Perfectly securing a landing off of an abandoned café while downing a chocolate croissant and fancy French coffee? Me either (except for the chocolate croissant part), but Electronic Arts saw fit to give us a chance to experience something we probably never would…parkour! The game is beautiful, but also challenging, requiring numerous quick responses to enemies who make it difficult to defend yourself. Well, at the 2017 Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) an event that raises money for charity, someone was a showoff and beat Mirrors Edge Catalyst in one hour and five minutes. Since it is for charity, we will forgive this showing off video game bravado. Wait…He did it glitchless? No, that is unforgivable!

15 Super Mario World In Under 16 Minutes – Flawlessly

via youtube.com (Games Done Quick)

There is something about knowing that people are watching you which can make you utterly choke. Think about it, that time when you could drop three pointers at half court, but could not even make a layup when your teammates showed up, or the time you could tell that amazing joke until someone was listening. People who can get the job done in front of spectators deserve mad respect. Again at SGDQ, a player completed Super Mario World in 16 minutes without any powerups. This would have to mean a perfect run as “little Mario” to avoid multiple time-eating deaths. The run starts at the 7:45 mark and reveals how far people are willing to push the limits of what is possible in video gaming.

14 Two Sets Of Hands…One Controller

via steamcardexchange.net

At this point, people are getting excessive! There is a sticky controller game called Octodad that requires the player to control every extremity of the " octopus person," with a different button. It seems to be very similar to titles like I Am Bread, which heaps on the difficulty level. Two gamers at SGDQ (starting to see a trend here?), were up for the challenge and decided to do a speedrun of the game. However, the catch was that each one would control one side of the controller. This run is entertaining because you can watch the players expertly control the right and left sides of an octopus man. They also take the time out to carefully narrate their actions throughout the run while flinging him across the map.

13 Bottle Rocket Into The Deku Tree

via lindepet.deviantart.com

Imagine streaming for ten hours straight to find the perfect glitch in a game. Now, add to that the fact that you have no idea if this glitch even actually exists in the first place. Welcome to the lives of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time speedrunners. Each year, players are testing theories through hours and hours of game play to shave off at least a minute of time from the standing world record of 18 minutes. Last year, skater82297 was able to cut a full minute off of that by using one item: a bottle. Getting a bottle inside the Deku Tree blew the route open and allows players to “wrong warp” into Gannon’s Castle. The actual glitch is incredibly complex and almost requires a degree in computer science and game design to understand. It sounds more fun than school anyway.

12 Stealing Cars And Taking Names 24 Hours A Day

via Youtube.com (GTA Marathon)

Instead of this entry focusing on one record breaking attempt, it profiles a group of people who have created a Twitch “marathon” of speedruns. The game in question is Grand Theft Auto. The first marathon occurred in 2014, and by popular demand, they have kept it going during select weeks throughout the year. They stream popular runs from older marathons, and will even showcase new GTA speedrunners. On their page, they have been known to hold events for live speedrun races for those who want to join in on the fun. Now, your criminal activities and questionable driving can be displayed for the world to see 24/7. Also, you have something extra to binge watch on those lazy weekends and holiday breaks, just make sure to keep the volume down a bit.

11 Who Said You Cannot Beat Two Games At Once?

via Youtube.com (TASVideosChannel)

Ever tried that pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time deal? Honestly, who can do this? Well, if you thought that was next to impossible, check out neo_omegon. He, like many of the other people on this list, is a speedrunner, but unlike others on this list, he decided to beat two games at one time. In a tool-assisted run, he was able to play and complete Final Fantasy 5 and 6 simultaneously within four hours. Other than the tool he used to be able to play the games at the same time, it does not seem that he exploited any other glitches. His usage of “cutscenes” is masterful. While dialog is occurring in one game, he uses that time to progress in the other. This run is nothing short of remarkable, and it requires some laser-sharp focus.

10 Chopped…The Quake Version

via spawnhost.wordpress.com

One of the coolest things about speedrunning is how it requires gamers to push the boundaries of what is possible. As a result, gaming communities set rules for what people can do. An earlier entry had a rule that the player could only complete Super Mario World without any powerups, and another later on in this list is even more insane. One of the first gaming communities to utilize this widespread was Quake. Some argue that Quake was one of the first modern games to bring speedrunning into the mainstream, and since they have conducted every speedrun known to man, they started enacting rules to make things a bit more interesting. One unique one is a player who completed the game in 40 minutes while only using an ax.

9 No Kill Run Of Ninja Gaiden

via wtfgamersonly.com

Ahhh, Ninja Garden, a brutal and painful game that some probably still have not beaten, even though it was released in the late 1980’s. It is a side-scrolling action game that almost requires you to pull out your sword for some retro ninja slashing. Well, here we go with those pesky rules again. At an Awesome Games Done Quick Event (AGDQ) in 2013, gamer Sinister 1 felt it necessary to take one of the essential elements out of the game: killing. He completed a pacifist run of Ninja Gaiden in around 16 minutes. His perfectly timed jumps to evade enemies is a must-see. The only time he pulls his sword is a requirement to kill a boss. After the feat, he then saddles up again to race another gamer in completing Ninja Gaiden 2…showoff.

8 Metal Gear Solid 2 In Under 1 Hour And A Half…Without Kills Or Being Spotted

via androidpolice.com

Youtuber, AnonymityHope, turned Metal Gear Solid 2 into a militarized Hitman. He completes the game in under 1 hour and 30 minutes without killing (only essential bosses or actions needed to make the story move) or being spotted. This run was set on the highest difficulty and was also the European version which was known to be more challenging than the American release. His precision and speed are nothing short of artful. You can tell this person has studied every movement of every enemy and the adequate response needed to avoid capture. Commenters on the video are stunned at the showing. It is a four-part video worth the watch. At the end, you will be scratching your head still stuck on the first exquisite evasion.

7 No Konami Code For This Contra Run Through In Under 14 Minutes

via contra.wikia.com

Contra is brutal. It is a retro run-and-gun style game, so on paper, it should not be that bad, but it does not change that fact that it is. You die if receive a hit by another enemy, a bullet of an enemy, cannot complete the stage in time, or fall in the bottom of the screen. Sounds like standard fare for a game like this, but you only get three lives in the entire game. Therefore, it makes sense why gamers stumbled upon the legendary Konami Code. Players used it to get through the stages of the game more easily. In 2007, someone from the account Toad Speedgaming beat the game in under 14 minutes without the help of code or glitch. Think about that the next time you use your Konami training wheels.

6 A Blindfolded Punch Out Race

via Youtube.com (SpeedDemosArchiveSDA)

By this point, you have realized that AGDQ is a huge event in the speedrunning world, and has created an almost sports-like spectator platform for speedrunners to show their stuff. Because people know they are "on air," there are some extreme liberties people take in their performances. A familiar guy to the list, Sinister 1, takes on Zallard 1 in a game of Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. What’s the catch? Sounds like a typical friendly competition, well both guys are blindfolded for this match up. Neither can see what the other is doing to know if they are winning, they only have the sounds and memorization to guide them. Now you and your friend have another way to settle petty disputes, fire up the ol’ NES and slap on a blindfold.

5 The Stuff Of Nightmares…Outlast 2 In The Dark

via shadowdee.deviantart.com

I’m sure you can remember two things about Outlast, how loud you screamed when the mad doctor relentlessly pursued you through the asylum halls, and that you will never again attempt to play the game alone in the dark. Outlast 2 was not much different with the scares if anything they were more intense: a religious cult, cornfields, and some angry hill people make for one of the most terrifying experiences in gaming. It is scary enough on its own, but you know speedrunners have to be all about “pushing the limits of gaming.” So one brave soul decided to speedrun the game on nightmare difficulty without batteries for the camera…So basically in the dark. The run through lasts two and a half hours, which is epic for a game that is twice the size of its predecessor. It is worth a look if you dare.

4 A Meaty And Satisfying Run

via stramboz.deviantart.com

Chainsaws, reaction times, and wall jumps…To call Super Meat Boy challenging would be an understatement. The first few levels trick you into thinking you have got this down, and that each stage will be this easy. Quickly you find out how wrong you are. It plays on how fast you can respond to various situations that you encounter as meat boy. MatteSMB took this challenge by the horns and beat the game in one hour and 31 minutes while completing 106% of the other in game activities. It is the new world record for the game that was set January 2017. Watching this person float above sharp objects and rhythmically bounce off walls without fail makes you wonder how much sanity he has left after this run.

3 Spelunky In 6:45…Need I Say More?

via bleedingcool.com

I can hear your jaw dropping to the floor from here. I can also feel your brain trying to comprehend how this is possible. Let’s add another bit of information you will not be able to understand; they did it in Hell Mode. Don’t lose it just yet; there is an explanation for this sorcery. D_tea, the player who accomplished this feat, made use of the robbery technique to steal a few helpful items from the Black Market to respawn in other areas upon death. However, the tricky part of this game is that each level is randomly generated, so there is no way to memorize where certain items or markets are. This person had the eagle-eye vision to notice jet packs and market entrances early in the game to help themselves later on. Once the person reached Hell, they were described as “just playing really fast, no special tricks or glitches.” Let that sink in a moment.

2 The Stuff Of Nightmares Part II…Beating Daylight In Under 35 Minutes

via dealspwn.com

Games from the Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, or Donkey Kong franchises are a bit easier to speedrun because they follow a familiar formula. The Goomba is going to be in the same place it always has been, and that ring loop will still be there for Sonic, even after twenty years. However, games like the horror title Daylight can be difficult to navigate and speedrun since the items and layout are randomly generated at the beginning of each new session. Couple that with the fact that this game is beyond scary, and is projected to take two to three hours to complete. Well, a Eurogamer writer chose to push the boundaries to 32 minutes. He provides helpful tips for speedrunning the game, one notable one being to mute the volume, since the scariest part of this game is the audio. There are others who have done it faster, but this one describes the method behind the madness.

1 Resident Evil 7…Knife, Madhouse Mode, No Deaths

via Youtube.com (Quizzle)

Resident Evil 7 is considered by many to be one of the best game releases of 2017. Not only was the game good, but it was also legitimately scary. An abandoned home and a cannibal family never spell “good vacation.” This game is known for its difficult boss fights and limited inventory. A YouTuber by the name of Quizzle decided to do what many walkthroughs had not done within the first week of the game’s release: beat the game as fast as possible on Madhouse Mode, with no deaths. This is crazy by itself, but he also decided to forgo any guns or ammo and beat the game using a knife only. He streamed the run live, and you can hear him rattling off the positioning of certain enemies and the amount of heals he would need to make it to the next stage. He beat the game in three and a half hours — amazing.

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